Hi, I’m Michelle and, you guessed it right, I love to eat.

I’m an architect with a passion for digital marketing, social media and, of course, all things edible.

I started Michelle loves to eat in February 2017 to share my experiences eating out and to use it as a platform to support local businesses everywhere we went. Since then this project has grown and now I share my foodventures and restaurant recommendations in town, my insights on the best places to dine when we travel around the globe, edible gift ideas, my favourite food deals every month, and many other tasty articles.

I’m incredibly passionate when it comes to learning and having new experiences, which is why I’m always looking to reinvent myself (and this blog!) to bring you up to date content that makes you hungry any time. So if you also get excited when it comes to food and want to get some ideas for your next meal then start browsing, I’m sure you’ll get hungry (but hopefully not hangry).

Thank you for stoping by, and let’s start this feast!