Mamucium is here to offer Northern cuisine with a unique twist

I’m very excited to share with you my thoughts on Mamucium.

After this initial visit, all I can say is that I’m hungry to try even more of their fantastic dishes. Andrew Green, the double AA Rosette chef behind the restaurant’s incredibly unique menu, has put together a beautiful offering that takes classic dishes cooked with locally sourced ingredients, and gives them a one-of-a-kind twist.

Let’s jump into the food, since that’s what you’re here for.


Roaster baby chorizo and Cumbrian pressed pork, made with locally sourced ingredients. Mamucium, Manchester.

Left: Roasted baby chorizo. Right: Cumbrian pressed pork.

We had some roasted baby chorizo when we first came in because: 1. We were both starving after a long day at work, and 2. It’s chorizo and we just cannot resist it. It was very simple but got us off to a good start.

Later on, we had some starters. Gabs went for Lancashire Onion Soup which was “nothing like French onion soup” and for the best reason. This soup wasΒ incredibly rich in flavour and prepared with as much lamb as possible, which you can truly taste in every spoonful.

We were laughing because he asked Zak, our server, if it was like its French counterpart and Zak laughed it off saying “no, this one is from Lancashire!”. Turns out that, of course, he knew better than to compare it with a soup that doesn’t really measure against what we ordered. The Lancashire version was a clear winner and it proves ideal for these cold winter days.

I, on the other hand, decided to get some pressed pork, and I think I went with it just because it said pork, but I’m grateful my cluelessness ended up with such a fantastic result.

This dish wasΒ super unique, I don’t think I’ve tried anything like this before, and I mean this as a big compliment. The pork tasted amazing and the combination with the honey mustard and the pickled veggies was just divine. Another big thumbs up!


Cheshire Beef with Ox cheek suet pudding, and Lamb with confit leg parcel, made with locally sourced ingredients. Mamucium, Manchester.

Left: Himalayan Salt Aged Fillet of Cheshire Beef. Right: Lancashire Hotpot

After such an impressive and delicious start, our expectations were high for the mains and Mamucium, once again, managed to surprise us with another delightful pair.

G went for the Salt Aged Fillet which was, as you can probably see above, incredibly juicy and cooked perfectly. The beef, just like most of the ingredients in their dishes, is sourced locally to highlight northern flavours and support businesses in this region, which is something we truly loved and can relate with.

Another thing about G’s dish that we both loved was the Ox cheek suet pudding that served as a side to the beef. It was super tasty and again, incredibly unique, I’m not sure words will make it justice, so you’ll have to go and try it yourself.

My choice was also very meaty and delicious. I went for a Lancashire Hotpot, which I know shouldn’t really be categorised as hotpot but the inspiration and the flavours are a great tribute to this classic dish.

Zak, our server, told us the lamb had been cooked for over 8 hours, which you can feel immediately on the first bite. It was so tender and delicious, I’d categorise the whole process as a piece of art.

Both dishes were beautiful and delicious, and the whole experience of celebrating local flavours served this way by such knowledgeable staff makes Mamucium aΒ one of a kind restaurant that everyone must visit at least once.


Finally, I owe you pictures of our dessert as the lighting was not ideal but I can tell you they were both beautiful and yummy.

Neither of them were choices I’d have gone for initially, but Zak sold them both so well, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and agreed with Gabs to try something different.

We went for a Bakewell Steamed Sponge, which apart from being steamed is also baked to make a crispy outside and a soft and moist cake inside; and a bread and peanut butter pudding with honeycomb ice cream.

I tried both (as one does) and my favourite was certainly the sponge. There was nothing wrong with the pudding, but the mix of textures and flavours in the sponge helped it make its way to my heart (even though there was no chocolate involved!).


Overall,Β we had an outstanding experience at Mamucium. Not only the food was delicious, but the overall feeling of the evening was fantastic. Our server, Zak, was incredibly knowledgeable and was always keen to share the story behind the dishes, the concept and the ingredients with us; and Wheaton, who also served us that evening, was super attentive, always making sure our glasses were filled and we were having a good time.

It’s not just the food, but also the people that made this such a lovely dinning experience for both of us, and that’s good enough reason for us to go back and recommend this place to pretty much everyone we know (we might even take my in-laws when they come and visit!).


Now I’d like to know, do you like it when I review these fancier places? I always like to give you options whether you’re looking for comfort food, the best dessert or a nice place to celebrate a special occasion but I’m eager to know your thoughts. What’s your favourite spot for date night or one-of-a-kind celebrations? Leave me your answer in the comments!

That’s it for today, but if you’re looking for more date night ideas, check out this blog I wrote not too long ago. Thanks for reading me and make sure to come back on Thursday for last month’s favourites.





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