Trying YO! Sushi for the first time

I have to start by saying I know I don’t usually write about my experience with chain restaurants, but when the YO! Sushi team invited me to one of their restaurants to try their new menu, I couldn’t say no. I thought this would be the best opportunity for me to share my first impressions on their food, and their system, since I haven’t visited them before.

Ready for this foodventure?

YO! Sushi Manchester Arndale

Left to right: Inari taco, a sushi roll I can’t remember, and the Takoyaki dough balls.

First thing I have to say is that I’ve always been intrigued by their whole system, and having tried it I now can say that I really enjoyed being able to see what I wanted to have and just trying whatever looked good, sometimes even without knowing what was in a certain roll/dish. It was a very fun process 🙂

Another thing that I also noted from the very first moment is that absolutely every single member of the staff, at least in the Manchester Arndale venue, was always smiling and being incredibly friendly to all customers. Our server, Sarah C, was particularly nice and enthusiastic, and she was more than happy to recommend us some dishes based on our preference. I can definitely say she made our experience feel even better.

Now, I know you guys are here to know about the food.

We wanted to try both hot dishes and cold ones, so we ordered a bit of everything without thinking it twice. I’ll share my top picks with you first:

The inari taco was one of my highlights of this meal. We even had it twice! The mix of textures was delightful and the flavour was just great. It was not too spicy, yet had a subtle kick that complimented a soft sweet taste beautifully. I’ll definitely order this on my next visit.

The prawn star roll caught my eye instantly and after the first bite I knew this pick was a star in my eyes 🌟The crunchy texture that wrapped the roll, combined with the yummy prawn cocktail that topped it was its formula for success. Another must.

When it comes to the Korean fried chicken, I only have one word to describe it: wow. I loved the flavour because you can definitely feel the kick at the end, but it’s still quite tolerable even for me (unless you cannot tolerate spicy food at all, in which case stay clear!). The mix of flavours between sweet and spicy was delicious.

“I could eat an entire bucket of this KFC”


Finally, my last highlight would be the Takoyaki dough balls. They were extra yummy, and reminded me a bit of my beloved croquetas de jamon (one of my favourite things to eat in Madrid!). Sarah C brought us some sriracha mayo to go with them and I couldn’t be happier with her recommendation. Two thumbs up!

Now, I won’t spend too much time on the things that didn’t impress me but still want to share my thoughts. We had a chicken katsu burger that was alright. The concept of having bao buns as burger buns was interesting, but I thought the chicken was a bit dry and the sauce needed a bit more flavour. It has potential but could have been way better.

The prawn gyozas were not a bad trio, but nothing that drove me crazy. I don’t think I’d order them again in the future but again, not too bad.

Finally, the chicken curry ramen. For me it stands in the middle of my most loved dishes and the ones I didn’t enjoy as much. Gabs did like the hearty broth but I just don’t think it was as good as the things I truly loved. I could have it again, but it wouldn’t be my first pick.

Apart from this we had some more standard sushi rolls which were delicious, so I’d definitely encourage you to go and have some fun trying different things. The plates are small and the prices are reasonable, which makes it easier for you to mix and match, without having to commit to a huge serving of something you’re not sure you’ll enjoy (and if you do, you can always have another serving!).


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by our experience as, again, it was our first time trying YO! Sushi and I didn’t really know what to expect. Would I go again in the future? Most definitely yes. I don’t think I can continue to live my life without having their KFC ever again 😉

Now I’d love to know about you. Have you ever been to YO! Sushi? If so, what was your experience? Did you enjoy it? What’s your favourite dish?

Thank you for reading me today and make sure to come back next week for a couple of christmassy posts 🎅🏼 If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know what I’m talking about.






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