Bottomless brunch at School for Scandal

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I know I’ve been MIA lately. I have to say that October had a bunch of things going on in our end and I had to step back and take a break from blogging to focus on other stuff (oh wow, such good life-work balance). I won’t bore you with the details. The thing is that now I’m back after this break and I can’t think of a better way to come back than sharing with you a fabulous bottomless brunch in town.

If you haven’t read my previous School for Scandal post, this is your chance. If you have, then just keep on reading 😉

The drinks

Bottomless brunch at School for Scandal

Left: Absolute MILF + Rons Love Juice. Left: Rons Love Juice + Ophra Ginfrey

This was only our second visit to School for Scandal but given how great their Influencer takeover was, I already had very high expectations for their bottomless brunch.

I’m happy to say they delivered above and beyond in every possible aspect 🙂

When it comes to drinks, my favourite thing was the fact that they had not just your typical brunch cocktails like mimosas, prosecco and beer, but also some of their signature cocktails that pair beautifully with any of their delightful brunch dishes.

We went all in and tried their three cocktails on the menu: Rons love juice has been our favourite since the very first sip, and this time was no exception; Ophra Ginfrey was a fantastic gin-based cocktail with a nice citrusy touch given by a lovely passionfruit citrus juice; and finally, the Absolute MILF was fab because: a. Who doesn’t want to order it with that name? and b. The fruity combination paired with the mint was a very refreshing cocktail to give you a good kick and start your day right.

One of the things I enjoyed the most is the fact that they had something for every taste, and that all cocktails were nice and sweet, yet still powerful enough to be appropriate for a boozy brunch.


The food

Bottomless brunch at School for Scandal

Left: Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough. Right: Eggs Benedict.

If you know me, you know that my main deal has always been the food (there’s a reason why this blog is not called Michelle loves to drink!) so having a good meal is always a priority, regardless of how good the drinks are.

School for Scandal delivered what we wanted, and then some more!

I had some toasted sourdough with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, which was very different from what I used to getting for brunch, yet incredibly enjoyable. It’s not a ‘let’s go crazy and introduce an insane combo’ dish by any means, but I really appreciate them trying to offer something other than your typical avocado toast and waffles with berries (but they also have those on the menu, so no need to panic if you’re a classic brunch lover!).

Gabs, on the other hand, went for a more typical brunch choice, which gave me the chance to try and see if they can also nail your classic dishes as well. I’m happy to say that the hollandaise sauce was super rich and creamy, the bacon was superb and the poached eggs were just how he liked them (“not too soft, yet not fully cooked. Just a little bit”).


Overall, our experience was absolutely amazing, not just because of the delicious food and the amazing drinks, but also because the staff at School for Scandal is incredibly nice and friendly, and they’re always making sure everyone’s having a fantastic experience, which I truly appreciate.

I really cannot wait to go back and dine with them in the future (and have another excuse to take a look at their extensive cocktail menu, of course!) but in the meanwhile all I can say is book your bottomless brunch with them ASAP. I’m positive you won’t regret it 😉

Now tell me, are you a big fan of bottomless brunches or do you prefer having just a drink with your meal and then going to a different place to try more cocktails? What’s your favourite spot for a boozy brunch in town? I’d love to know!

I’ll be sharing another not-so-sober experience with you on Thursday so make sure to come back for that.

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