School for Scandal: Influencer Takeover

I don’t know if you’ve heard about School for Scandal, but I had followed their steps on Instagram for a while (even before they opened their doors) so when they contacted me inviting me to an Influencer Takeover, I just couldn’t resist!

Let me tell you about everything we made (yes, we made things!!)

Cocktail masterclass

School for Scandal: cocktail making masterclass

Left: Gabs making Ferris bueller fizz. Right: Ron’s love juice

We started the evening with a cocktails masterclass and learned all about some of their signature drinks. The lineup was first The Devil in Disguise, a Three Rivers gin-based cocktail with aperol, chardonnay, pineapple and vanilla. Very delicious and with a very subtle sweet touch. This was Gabs’ favourite for the evening and, I have to admit, it looked amazing in the pictures (head to my Instagram to see those!).

Next we made Ron’s love juice, which was my absolute favourite because it has, you guessed it, rum! It also has citrus, raspberry liqueur, peach, grenadine and pomegranate, aka the most delicious fruity combination to make this a very easy to drink and enjoyable cocktail. I could down so many of these in a night, deliciously dangerous, if you ask me!

Finally, we finished the class by making the Ferris Bueller Fizz, a cocktail that has Kuro Peach Gin (which later made it into my list of favourite gins!), Umeshu sake, citrus, mint, strawberry and prosecco. This drink is a mix of so many things I would have never thought to put together, yet they’re combined beautifully.

I feel such a strong admiration for whoever came up with all these drinks, because they’re: a. Incredibly unique and unlike anything else I’ve tried before, b. Extra delicious! I’m sure that, which such a variety, there’s something for pretty much anyone.


Pizza making masterclass

School for Scandal: pizza making masterclass

Left: the station. Right: my creation.

I personally think this was the most unique bit of the evening. I’ve been to tasting events before and enjoyed every single one of them, and I’ve also been to events where we learn how to make cocktails, which is also super fun, but I’ve never been in charge of making my own food!

Now, I want to clarify, this is not the usual experience and if you visit them, you’ll have a professionally made pizza cooked by one of the incredible chefs that taught us how to make ours. It might seem silly but I still wanted to make this disclaimer. Okay, moving on…

We were assigned a chef to run us through the pizza making process and teach us how to roll our dough so it’s ready for the ingredients. I have to admit both Gabs and I were awful at doing this, but it was such a fun experience, I’d do it again without a doubt.

The pizzas came out of the oven extremely quick, true Neapolitan style, and I have to say they were not as bad as I expected them to be. It’s all down to their fantastic dough and their incredibly fresh ingredients, of course! Not even amateurs like us could screw that.

We also had the chance to try a couple of slices made by their chefs, which served as a comparison point for our own pies and confirmed the fact that I should continue just eating pizza and leave the making to the pros. I cannot wait to go back and have one of their pizzas all for myself!


Gin tasting and making

School for Scandal: gin tasting

Yes, that’s right, we infused our own gins! And Gabs (pictured right above) was my absolute favourite. Very appropriate for the cold months ahead, if you ask me.

During this session we tried Three Rivers Gin, and paired it with one of their varied selection of tonic waters (which I loved! There’s one for every need/taste) and also the Kuro Peach Gin, which I learned hasn’t been released yet and they’re having it just before everyone else.

Everything that involves gin was, of course, amazing, and even though it wasn’t as comprehensive as Alston’s Gin Experience, it was still a very entertaining session learning a bit more about gin and trying to come up with our own combinations.

If you’re a gin fan, you definitely need to be involved in a gin tasting!

Cruller making station

School for Scandal: making dessert

And then finally it was time for dessert!

What you can see above are my creations for the evening (and yes, I ate them all). We learned how to make crullers from scratch, which are a sort of pastry in the shape of a donut but with a much crispier consistency. School for Scandal serves them as dessert, and I’m not sure what they top them with but mine are toped with sugar glazing, chocolate, raspberry powder and strawberry powder, I wanna say.

It was also a very fun station, seeing that we have all had a good couple of cocktails and gins before and we needed a steady hand to make some decent round shapes when piping the mix.

Extra points to School for Scandal for: a. Bringing these delicious crullets to Manchester (and not just doing the same old cronuts that we all know and already love), b. Actually making us make them!


Now, for the final question, would I recommend trying School for Scandal? HELL YES!

We had the most amazing night and, even though this does not represent the usual experience for regular customers, it was a great way of seeing how passionate their staff is and how much they put into making sure that everyone has an amazing experience. I’m positive that dining with them must be absolutely amazing (and I’ll make sure to do it myself so I can tell you properly!).

I can’t wait to try more things from the menu, but if they’re as good as the pizza slices we tried, then I’m sold.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading me! I know it was a long one but I hope it was worth it 🙂

Make sure to come back next Tuesday for another exciting look into a future menu (Christmas showcase, anyone?).






  1. September 23, 2018 / 11:38 am

    it’s always great fun to make pizza – super thin are the best. Sounds like a great evening and I’ll be checking out their menu.
    Love the photography too 🙂
    Love Bec 🙂

    • Michelle
      September 26, 2018 / 8:38 pm

      Thank you so much, Bec! I really appreciate your words 🙂 I’d definitely recommend checking them out

  2. September 22, 2018 / 3:17 pm

    This looks great, and I love to hear about great staff! I’m 100% booking!

    • Michelle
      September 26, 2018 / 8:36 pm

      Yes! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

  3. September 22, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    Er wow! This looks epic, you had me at gin, or was it pizza! I look forward to checking out the Xmas menu.

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