The Refinery is getting ready for winter

Last week I was panicking because summer months were over, and this week all I can think about is how excited I am to start trying next season’s comfort foods.

If we’re going to have our daylight reduced, we might as well try to take a look at the bright side, right?

Well, today I’m here to talk you about one of my first recommendations for truly comforting food, and you’ll be able to find it in Spinningfields.

The mains

Comfort food at The Refinery, Spinningfields

Left: Butternut squash risotto. Right: Venison and savoy cabbage pie

We were served by Andy, and he truly made our experience 5x more enjoyable. He had the best recommendations and was always making sure everything was perfect for us.

One of the things he recommended was their vegan butternut squash risotto with vegan pecorino. Guys, this is next level vegan food. It reminded me of what I felt after I tried Vrev, this was a vegan dish I actually wanted to eat (which is the whole point of a plant based meal, if you ask me). The risotto itself was perfectly cooked, super creamy and incredibly tasty.

Gabs and I really enjoy Italian food, and we both come from Italian backgrounds, so when we face these dishes we judge them harshly, comparing them to the meals we’ve known and loved since day 1. I’m happy to say this risotto exceeded our expectations and, vegan or not, I’d recommend anyone to try it!

But if we’re talking about truly comforting food, you can’t miss their new pie menu. They have a great offering, and last Sunday we tried their Venison-filled one. We learned that day that their chef makes a polenta crust that makes these truly unique, and both G and I enjoyed every single bite.

The filling was delicious, and so were the mashed potatoes that served as a base. I can picture pretty much anyone enjoying these pies in the colder months ahead. I’m even thinking of taking my in-laws here when they visit us again, since they enjoyed pies so much!

Apart from this, we also decided to share a halloumi burger because, you know us, we can never have enough halloumi in our life.

The combination of flavours given by the hummus, grilled peppers, (tons of) halloumi and mushrooms was absolutely amazing and left us both incredibly stuffed. I have to warn you with this: their burgers are massive, but they’re so tasty, you won’t want to leave anything behind, so maybe skip the sides and enjoy your choice of burger with their thick cut fries.

The dessert

Comfort food at The Refinery, Spinningfields

Apple and blackberry crostata

Finally, Andy wouldn’t let us leave without trying one of their magnificent desserts, and I’m actually very happy we listened.

We were genuinely stuffed, but still decided to share the crostata he praised so highly, and I’m here to say he was right: this crostata was delightful, and that comes from a person that prefers chocolate desserts over anything else.

The mix of textures was delicious, and the rich flavour from the fruits made every mouthful a truly amazing experience. Apple, blackberry and the comforting warmness of the crostata against the ice cream are definitely on my list of British autumn essentials from now on.


Overall, our experience at The Refinery was truly outstanding. I’m aware that their wine selection is incredible, but after a week full of fantastic events (have you seen my Instagram stories lately?) and a couple of late nights going out, I thought my body had had enough alcohol and all I was craving was delicious food. I’m happy to say they delivered (and exceeded my expectations).

Now I’d like to know about your comfort food essentials? Am I the only one that loves indulging on pies and warm desserts when the cold hits the North? Let me know what are your favourite picks when it comes to winter months.


As usual, thanks for reading me and make sure to come back on Thursday to read all about a new place that’s breaking all the rules (in the best way possible).





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