Walking and eating by the canal

This might not be the fanciest of meals, but it was surely part of a beautiful day!

Last week, in one of those incredibly scarce sunny days we had in Manchester, Gabs and I decided to go for a walk by the canal and get a change of scenery. After all, living in the Northern Quarter is both a blessing and a curse.

The former, because we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and bar around our place, and the latter because most of the time that means that we never leave the area, thus we don’t get to enjoy all the other beautiful places that this city has to offer. So this change in our routine was great for both of us 🙂

The Wharf, Manchester

Fish and chips

It turns out that walking down the canal, we stumbled upon various places in the Deansgate-Castlefield area. We decided to go for The Wharf, because even though its terrace was right next to the canal, it wasn’t as crowded as the other restaurants nearby.

We went for a good and classic fish and chips that were delicious, not just because the batter was absolutely perfect and incredibly crispy, but also because the place’s mood was just what we needed.

You can have a beer, enjoy the sun and just watch people walk by in their outdoor seating area, and then, if you get hungry, enjoy any of their dishes with a very short waiting time (and I say this even though I was very very hungry!).

The whole place has a very chilled vibe we pretty much enjoyed, and my favourite part was actually being able to speak to G and enjoy our impromptu date outside.

Now, I’d love to know, what places do you like to visit when it’s nice outside and you want some good food without dressing up and worrying about it too much? Any favourite terraces in town?

As always, thanks for reading me! And come back on Thursday for another delicious post 🙂





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