Home Sweet Home’s summer menu is here

That’s right, folks. Another day, another new menu review!

I know I’ve been MIA but please forgive me, I was having some amazing family time in Madrid with my mom and Gabs’ parents. I just couldn’t bring myself to the computer to write an article when there was so much food to be had and so many places to see.

Enough with the apologies, shall we talk about food?

Lunch and brunch at Home Sweet Home, Manchester

Left: halloumi fries. Right: Cauli-bombs.

Turns out Home Sweet Home launched a new menu, just a couple of weeks ago, for their NQ restaurant, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity of trying some of the new items.

Gabs couldn’t join me this time so it was the perfect excuse to call my friend Beccie and have a nice chat. She made the sacrifice of having some delicious food just to let me photograph it and tell me her thoughts in exchange, what would I do without such good friends? 😉

Anyway, the things you see above are the newest side additions, and I cannot pick a favourite because they were both absolutely amazing.

The flavours are quite similar so it’s more a case of preference when it comes to picking the base. The batter was perfect, the chipotle sour cream gave it lots of flavour, and the pomegranate seeds added some colour and crunch to the mix, which I adored. It’s a yes from me!

Lunch and brunch at Home Sweet Home, Manchester

Epic shawarma style chicken flatbread, served with hummus, chimichurri salsa, chipotle sour cream, pomegranate, pickled cucumber, radish, smoked spices, served in an open charred flatbread.

I didn’t dare to ask Beccie for a bite of her flatbread (I can only do that to my boyfriend!) but she very much enjoyed it and didn’t leave a single bite behind.

I can’t blame her! With that list of toppings, it’s too much yumminess to be leaving some on your plate. I bet the chipotle sauce was a nice touch, as I thoroughly enjoyed it on the sides we ordered, and all the veggies and pomegranate seeds must have given it a nice texture and crunch.

Lunch and brunch at Home Sweet Home, Manchester

Steak benny: seared pink fillet steak, chorizo, avocado, peppered mayo, light blue cheese crumb, soft poached egg, hollandaise

I, on the other side, was feeling a bit more brunch-ey so I went with what called my name the most: avocado toast with poached eggs and some other delicious toppings (that’s what it was in my mind, I just cared about the avocado and the poached egg!).

If I’m being 100% honest, which I always am, I could have done with a bit more chorizo on the mix. I think it was not enough to be noticeable, and same for the light blue cheese crumb.

As a dish, it was still incredibly delicious, and I’d recommend it to anyone a hundred times. I enjoyed every bite, I just don’t want you to order it because of the chorizo and then be completely disappointed if it’s not what you were expecting to get. Other than that, it was all fab!

After all this food, it was impossible for us to even share a dessert, so we promised each other to come back in the future and try one of their shakes, or maybe their massive slices of cake (why not both?).

Overall, we had an outstanding visit and the food was absolutely amazing. I truly enjoyed every single mouthful and would happily go again to have those tasty sides and maybe give that flatbread a go (there’s a grilled halloumi and cauli-bombs one!).

Home Sweet Home’s new menu is killing it, and I can definitely say it’s 10x better than their previous one. I loved having lunch here so much, I even went back for brunch with G’s parents when they were here (I still owe you that 4-day food guide to Manchester. I’m working on it!) so stay tuned for that.


That’s it! Enough writing (or reading) for the day. I hope you enjoyed my comeback and get ready for that food guide because you’re going to want to visit every single restaurant. I’m missing these days of eating out all the time, but I’m sure my body is begging me to eat nothing but lettuce and chicken for at least a couple of weeks, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, thanks for reading me. Don’t forget to follow me on social, specially IG to check out my Madrid highlights! You can find me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), Twitter (@mlovestoeat), and Facebook (@michellelovestoeat).

I’m out now. Talk to you again on Thursday.





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