Cheese-filled everything and the best sweet potato fries

We’ve been living right next to Pen and Pencil for more than a year now, and this was our first time paying them a visit. What a shame, I know! It’s just one of those cases where you live so close to a place you actually end up delaying the visit over and over again, but we finally did it last Sunday.

Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter. Manchester

Chicken filled with cheese (front), burger filled with cheese (back).

We were thinking of having brunch, but ended up having just lunch because it was maybe a bit too late for brunch, if that’s even a thing.

I decided to go for this chicken dish, and the part that got my attention was, you guessed it, that it was filled with cheese. The chicken itself was nice, and combined with the sauce it was even better. I loved the courgette and grilled pears on the side, and combining all the flavours gave you a really unique taste.

Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter. Manchester

As I side I ordered some sweet potato fries and let me tell you something: these are the best sweet potato fries I’ve had in my entire life. I know it might seem a bit irrelevant or you might be asking yourself “what was so special about these fries?” and well, the fries themselves were long and crispy, which makes them already perfect in my book, but I think the cherry on top was the seasoning. I’m not sure what was it, but it brought the best of them in each bite.

I seriously couldn’t believe how good these were.

Pen and Pencil, Northern Quarter. Manchester

Gabs ordered a burger that was filled with cheese (and I owe you the name and description, as I forgot to take notes/a picture of the menu this time!). All you need to know is that this burger was as juicy and delicious as you’d ever want your burger to be.  The cheese was great, and there was tons of it, and the potato buns reminded me of those glorious burgers we used to have back when we were in Florida, so it was fantastic.

He had some skin on fries as a side and I heard from him that they were good, but I’m positive they couldn’t beat my sweet potato ones.

We were stuffed by the end of the meal so no dessert for us this time. However, some of my colleagues at work swear by their brunch, so next time I’ll make sure to check that side of the menu out (I just couldn’t resist all that cheese-filled goodness!).

Now you tell me, have you been to Pen and Pencil? If so, what were your thoughts? Any recommendations? Have you been for brunch or lunch? I’d love to know!

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Now, if you need some proper brunch recommendations, maybe check this one or even this one. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

That’s it for today. I hope you have a fantastic bank holiday weekend, and fingers crossed the weather is as good as it was last time 😉





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