Trying The Living Room for the first time

I think I’ve said it way too many times already but one of the great things about this season is getting the chance to try and taste everyone’s new spring-summer menu. I’m always excited to see what these seasons will bring to the culinary scene, and it’s always refreshing to get some new dishes to try, specially if it’s a place you already know and love.

The Living Room, Manchester

This was our first time visiting The Living Room, but I can see why many people truly enjoy getting some drinks and grabbing a bite at this place. The decoration is quite unique, a bit girly with all the pink sofas and chairs, and the gold details, which makes me think of this as the perfect place to go out on a girls’ night or just to catch up with my besties.

The Living Room, Manchester

Left: Bubble gum Daiquiri. Right and centre: Cranberry Candy.

They have a quite extensive cocktail menu with drinks for every kind of person (in terms of flavours and spirits), but the overall aesthetic corresponds to that of the restaurant: it’s all incredibly girly and pink, which I found to be super fun.

We asked our server to surprise us with a couple of cocktails and he surely did bring something that I had never seen (or tasted) before!

The Cranberry Candy, with Ketel One Vodka, grenadine syrup, lemon juice and cranberry juice, served with candy floss, was for me. And the Bubble gum Daiquiri, with Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, triple sec, lime juice, bubble gum sugar syrup topped with popping candy, was for Gabs.

The Living Room, Manchester

Pouring some of this love potion on top of the candy floss.

As you can imagine, both of them were super sweet. I loved the uniqueness of both the candy floss and the popping candy on each drink, and I think that made them quite fun. Between those two, my favourite would be the daiquiri, because it’s not as sweet and a bit stronger, but it depends on what you’re looking for.

The Living Room, Manchester

Front: Haigh Clubman Negroni. Back: Apple pie Martini

Later we had a second surprise round, this time with a Negroni for G and an Apple pie martini for me. The negroni is quite a classic, and it’s a good alternative for those that gravitate more towards the whiskey/sour drinks. The latter one was delicious. I loved the creamy foam on top, because it gave the cocktail more of that ‘pie’ taste. It was not as sweet as the first two drinks we had, and my favourite of the whole bunch without a doubt.

Now, let’s talk food.

The Living Room, Manchester

Crispy duck parcels: Shredded duck, hoisin sauce, spring onion and cucumber parcels garnished with pea shoots.

We started with some goat’s cheese and figs parcels, as well as with the crispy duck parcels pictured above. You know me, I can’t resist a good crispy dish!

The goat’s cheese ones were incredibly creamy and delicious, and the mix of textures was absolutely fantastic. I also loved the combination of flavours provided thanks to the apricot and ginger chutney. I’d recommend these to anyone!

The crispy duck parcels were no different. The duck was so nice, tender and tasty, and it contrasted beautifully with the crispy layer on the outside. The sauce that came with the parcels gave the whole dish an asian taste that made it super unique. We were both big fans, and I think this was G’s fave.

The Living Room, Manchester

Chicken and chorizo risotto with spinach, slow-roasted tomatoes and garnished with pea shoots.

When I saw this chicken and chorizo risotto on the menu I got incredibly excited and ordered it straight away but unfortunately, it was not my favourite. I wish the chicken had a little bit more flavour, specially since the slow-roasted tomatoes and the chorizo were so tasty. In contrast, I felt the chicken in particular was missing a bit of something.

The Living Room, Manchester

Truffle and hard cheese gnocchi, slow roasted tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, pesto and toasted cashew nuts

These gnocchi were second on my list, and fortunately Gabs decided to order them for himself, so I was able to try a bite or two.

Sadly, we were expecting a bit more of this dish too, specially after having such a delightful experience with the starters. The sauce itself was delicious and quite aromatic, but the gnocchi felt a bit overcooked and we couldn’t really taste (or smell) any truffle, which was one of the biggest selling points for both of us.

I’m sure that, given how great the starters were, these were just a couple of misses, specially with how busy it was during our visit, but maybe we’ll visit them again and see if we find other mains that we can enjoy more!

The Living Room, Manchester

Front: Chocolate orange torte. Back: Blueberry prosecco cake.

When it was time for dessert, we couldn’t pick just one, so we decided to go for the two new additions to their dessert menu.

The blueberry and prosecco cake was incredibly spongey and had a fantastic texture. The lemon sorbet made this a really refreshing dish, which feels perfect for summer, and the prosecco part of it will get more than one excited, that’s for sure 😉

However, the absolute winner was the chocolate orange cake. It had a especially rich dark chocolate flavour that was highlighted with the orange. The texture was also fantastic, thanks to the mix of nuts that were present in each bite, but what makes it a winner for me is the fact that it was sweet enough, yet not overpowering. One of the best chocolate desserts I’ve had for sure.


Overall, we had a nice experience at The Living Room and found some dishes that we really enjoyed during our visit. Thank you so much to Natalie for the invitation, and to the rest of the team for having us. Now I want to know your thoughts, have you been to The Living Room? If so, what’s your favourite dish or drink?

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Thank you so much for reading me. I’ll be back on Tuesday with more food recommendations 😉





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