Your new place for small plates and cocktails: reviewing Albatross & Arnold

I always get incredibly excited when I hear about new places, and this time wasn’t an exception to that rule. Albatross & Arnold is a great reason to get enthusiastic about, and I’m here to share my thoughts on everything we had.

The venue

First of all, the place is beautiful and, being on a first floor, has a really unique view of Spinningfields and the canal, which I really enjoyed. You can still see everyone walking around, which you know I like, but you have a different angle.

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Inside Albatross & Arnold

And something great that we learned during this visit is that they’re connected/related to The Range, which is a place where you can play a golf simulation with real golf gear. From pros to someone that just wants to have fun, they have a space for everyone. And by the look of it (and the fact that it has its own bar area), it seems like a really fun experience!

We’ll have to go back and try that. Anyone volunteers to record me for Instagram?

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Inside The Range

But back to what you came for. We’re big fans of small plates and cocktails. The first one because it means trying more things on the menu and experimenting a bit with what you order (and also, taking some from your other half’s plate!), and the second one, well, I don’t think I need to explain that one.

We’ll start with the cocktails.

The cocktails

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Saffron and Hibiscus white lady: Saffron gin, solemn, hibiscus liquor

I had the Saffron and Hibiscus white lady, and it was just as our server described it: soft and quite elegant. At first I just didn’t understand how that description could match a drink but at my first sip I agreed wholeheartedly. The delicious citrusy flavour combined with the richness of the hibiscus made this one my favourite gin cocktail so far. Thumbs up!

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Salted caramel old fashioned: Chivas 12yr, walnut liquor, salted caramel syrup.

G ordered this one, because this man is obsessed with old fashioned cocktails. I was quite intrigued by the salted caramel in it, and I thought it was going to be like the holiday drink we tried at Alston Bar & Beef last December, but it was completely different from that.

G described it as strong, and I must be an alcoholic because I completely disagree. The salted caramel softens the alcohol just the right amount so it’s still a stronger than my drink cocktail, but delicious and enjoyable with every sip, always keeping the old fashioned spirit (no pun intended!). Next time I pay them a visit, I’ll order this one!

If you’d like to see how they made these cocktails, make sure to check out my Instagram. I’ll be posting some videos for your enjoyment 😉 and if you enjoy those kinds of videos, make sure to leave me a comment and like them so I can keep doing them!

The food

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Some of the small plates we had

For the food we ordered everything our server recommended us, and then a couple of this that caught our eye on the menu. Everything on their list sounds incredibly intriguing and exciting, so I’m sure that you’ll find something to love, no matter what you’re after!

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Lancashire blue cheese bon bons, walnut, candy stripe beetroot.

We started with these cheese bon bons because hello, we love cheese too much. The soft flavour of the beetroot paired perfectly with the blue cheese, so I’d advise (as with everything else on this article) taking a bit of each component in every bite you take to get the best out of it. The texture was splendid, too!

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Pan roasted scallops, black pudding, cauliflower.

These guys surely know how to please a seafood lover like myself. The combination of these flavours and textures was so incredibly unique! I’d have never thought of putting black pudding with scallops, but they paired beautifully. Also, the crispiness from that cauliflower and the kale was so delicious, I have no words for it. One of our favourites!

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Pan roasted cod loin, liquorice, squid ink.

This was the only dish that we didn’t love as much as the others. It was okay, but I feel it could use a bit more seasoning. I love the idea of it having liquorice and squid ink and I’d have liked to taste more of that in the actual cod.

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Roasted pigeon breast, fennel, apple, cherry.

If someone would have told me that I was going to enjoy roasted pigeon breast this much, I wouldn’t have believed them for a single second. The strong flavour from the fennel served as the ideal partner to this pigeon breast, and the cherry sauce just brought the best in both components. The apple cubes were a delicious touch too!

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Seared venison, parsnip, blackberries.

I’ll start this by saying that G liked the ‘meaty’ flavour of this venison, and I truly enjoyed it’s true flavour, which I think was enhanced because of the way they cooked it. I can see that their kitchen staff pays a lot of attention to details, specially when it comes to how they prepare everything. None of the proteins we had were overcooked or dry, which I know sounds obvious but many restaurants just make sure it’s cooked and that’s pretty much it.

As with everything else we had, the rest of the components in this dish served as the perfect base to bring out the best of the venison in each bite.

Albatross & Arnold, Spinningfields

Lamb cutlets, honey glaze, pistachio

I left out absolute favourite for last because OH WOW. Words cannot describe how much we liked this dish.

They cook these cutlets in brandy and honey, which gives them this incredibly rich and delicious flavour that you can feel in every single bite. It’s not just the outside glazing but the lamb itself that tastes amazing too. The pistachio on top gave it a twist in terms of texture that I appreciated so much, and the overall uniqueness of the dish had me hooked, to the point where we left one cutlet for last because we couldn’t decide how to share it, and because they saw how much we liked them, they decided to prepare another one so we wouldn’t have to fight for that last one.

It’s the little things that mean the most!

You cannot go to Albatross & Arnold and not order these lamb cutlets.


Our experience was even better because of how incredibly nice and attentive their staff is. They’re excited to provide recommendations and answer any questions you might have regarding the food and cocktails. It’s always refreshing to see people that are this passionate, and they’re surely another reason to go back!

Overall, we had a fantastic experience, and I’m already thinking of when our next date night is going to be. I cannot wait to pay them a visit after sunset because I’m sure that, when the lights go down, the view and the overall feel of the place must provide an entirely different experience.

If you’re in for drinks, food, or both, I’d definitely recommend giving Albatross & Arnold a go! I’m sure you won’t regret it, and you’ll find things on their menu you didn’t even know you could enjoy.


That’s it for today, and I’m sorry this post was a date late (unless you didn’t actually notice, then this post is right on time!). I’m preparing some exciting content next week, and I’m sure you guys will enjoy it.

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Thanks for reading me and for your continuous support. I’ll talk to you guys on Tuesday.





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