Okay, this first week of January went by a little too fast for me but it’s exciting to see all the things that are already happening in 2018. I’ve been planning some content for you guys (yes, articles about our holiday in Morocco are included in that plan!) and one of the things I wanted to start this year is this new section with amazing food deals and discounts you can find in Manchester. I’m thinking of making this a monthly series, and I’d love to know if you guys are interested in it so leave me a comment with your feedback or message me on Insta.

Apparently, everyone’s excited to start the year (or help me save some money after all that crazy spending during Christmas time) so there’s a lot of deals going on in Manchester during this month. These are the ones that I’m the most excited about:

1. Crazy Pedro’s happy hour pizza for the whole of January

If you’ve been meaning to try Crazy Pedro’s pizzas, this is the time to do it! It doesn’t get any better than this. We tried their pizzas (for the first time!) last Friday and their slices are gigantic so it’s not like you’ll need 10 and if you do, no one’s judging you!. You can also customise your pizza and get half and half, in case you want to try different toppings or share with a friend, so the time is now. Pay them a visit!


2. 2 Courses and an Alston Gin for £15 at Alston Bar & Beef

When I read about this on their Twitter, they said “It really doesn’t get much better than that” and I definitely agree. Their gin is amazing, so if you love great food and a good glass of gin, this is your moment to try Alston Bar & Beef. You won’t be disappointed!


Taken from Sam’s Chop House’s Twitter feed

3. 50% off Sam’s Chop House’s winter à la carte menu

We still haven’t tried Sam’s Chop House but with this offer, it’s going to be hard to say no! Check out their social media for their T&C’s (and some more delicious pictures that will make you want to run and eat their food ASAP!).


Taken from Grafene’s Twitter feed

4. 2 courses for £18, 3 courses for £23 at Grafene

If you, just like me, have been intrigued by their beautiful presentation and delicious-looking dishes, this is your moment to book a table and pay Grafene a visit. Their menu looks exquisite, so I’m positive you’ll have a wonderful experience, specially for the price you’ll be paying. This is your chance.


5. 50% off your food bill at Scene

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, or just enjoy trying an incredibly well seasoned meal, you must take advantage of this deal. All you need to do is book online and quote Scene50, and you’re good to go! This offer is good for food, so desserts and drinks are excluded, but some delicious lamb isn’t 😉 read about our experience here.


6. 2 boards and a bottle of wine for £30 every day at Bakerie

Usually this deal is Monday to Wednesday (which is the perfect excuse to celebrate Wine Wednesday) but during this month they have it every day, so it’s time to treat yourself to some really delicious boards (they have one for everyone!) and, of course, a nice bottle of wine. Read about my experience at Bakerie here.


Taken from Ply’s Twitter feed

7. 50% off pizza at Ply

Easy as that. Who doesn’t want 50% off their pizza, right? You just need to call or email and quote Jan50 to get half off your pizza. That means you can bring someone else and one of you eats for free, or just eat double the pizza! Sounds like a deal, right?


8. 30% off main dishes at Tampopo

This is an offer you cannot miss, specially if you haven’t tried their Tonkotsu ramen, which is just the best ramen I’ve ever tried. Their ramen soups are just what you need during these cold days, and 30% off the full price of your main means that you have more money to pay for the balinese pork belly, which is never a bad thing, if you ask me 😉 Read about our latest experience at Tampopo here.


9. 50% off food all day Sunday to Thursday at Iberica

Half off food means that you can get twice the tapas and be even happier, or at least that’s what I would do. In case you haven’t checked my top foods and restaurants of 2017, I’ll tell you know that Iberica makes my favourite ham croquettes in the UK and they’re, of course, part of this deal, so it’s your chance to pay them a visit and try them out. All you need to do is book in advance, so check out their website for that and their T&C’s.


10. 50% off ALL BURGERS Monday to Friday at Almost Famous

In case you can’t tell from the picture above, their burgers are INSANE, and I don’t mean just in terms of size and toppings, but also in terms of flavour, specially since their relaunch. So if you haven’t paid them a visit yet (or you have but you’re looking for an excuse to go back) this is your chance. It’s an offer available Monday to Friday all day, so it’s perfect even if you’re working 9 to 5 because who doesn’t like a massive burger after a long day?


Taken from Tariff & Dale’s Twitter feed

11. 50% off food Monday to Friday at Tariff and Dale

We live literally two minutes away from Tariff and Dale, so this offer is both amazing and dangerous for us. If you like their food or are dying to try a new place with a nice atmosphere, you should give this offer a go. All you need to do is book through their website. The offer is available from 5pm Monday to Friday, so it’s great for those weekdays where you don’t want to cook!


12. 2 for £10 at Black Milk

Yes, two waffles, freak shakes or stacked hot chocolates for just £10, it just needs to be two of the same, so find a partner in crime that is just as interested as you are in one of the items from their menu and you’re good to go. You need to present the voucher from their website, and pay them a visit any time Monday to Friday, or before 2pm Saturday and Sunday. Perfect cure for the winter blues.


That’s it for this month’s offers, if anyone’s still with me. I truly hope you found this article helpful and if you did, please let me know so I can continue to do them in the upcoming months! You can either leave me a comment here or message me on social media. I’m always excited to know your feedback and thoughts on what I’m doing 🙂 You can find me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), Twitter (@mlovestoeat), and Facebook (@michellelovestoeat).

And finally, make sure to come back next week for some articles about what we did (and ate!) in our trip to Morocco, I promise it’ll be a good one 😉


Thank you for reading me, and I hope this post gave you some good ideas. I’m ready to go eat now.

Michelle’s out.



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