I don’t know if I’ve said this before (at least on my blog) but G and I are definitely carnivores. As much as I can enjoy a good avocado toast, and I know that I’ve mentioned that my absolute favourite tacos are actually vegan, I cannot live without meat. So when someone from the Miller & Carter team reached out to invite us to their Heaton Chapel restaurant, you can imagine how excited I was!

Living in the Northern Quarter, I really appreciated having an excuse to head out of the city centre and visit the surroundings for a change. Also, it was the perfect excuse to enjoy a nice and quiet walk away from the traffic and enjoy the autumn colours that you can now see anywhere you go! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these little things, but I know you’re not here to read about my thoughts on this season’s colours. Let’s talk about the food!

If you’ve been reading me for a while, then you know that G and I always order what seems to be way too much food, and that’s specially true this time, but that’s just because everything on the menu looked AMAZING and we just couldn’t decide.

As usual, we asked our server for recommendations, and Lewis was really excited to tell us his favourite dishes on the menu immediately, so I took it as a good sign and went for those.

Black pearl scallops: served with parmentier potatoes, Champagne Thermidor sauce, tempura samphire and fresh tomato salsa.

You know we cannot help it when it comes to seafood, and hearing that it was one of Lewis’ favourites just made the decision easier for us. I know it might seem weird to order scallops in a steakhouse, but I just wanted to try everything, okay?

The Champagne Thermidor sauce brings the best flavour to the surface, without taking anything away from the scallops. I truly enjoy dishes that are simple, yet manage to keep it incredibly flavourful and give you a rich taste of all the components.

Sticky chipotle chicken: Sweet chipotle chilli-glazed chicken bites with toasted sesame seeds, served with a dressed slaw

Can’t go wrong with anything that has ‘sticky’ on its name, am I right?

This chicken was the biggest surprise of our experience, to be completely honest with you. When Lewis recommended it to us, I wasn’t really expecting anything too exciting, just some good chicken, but I was completely wrong.

This was deliciously crispy, not only because of the sesame seeds that give it an amazing texture, but also because of the layer that wraps each chicken bite, and the ‘sticky’ name comes from all the sauce involved in the glazing process that infuses the chicken with so much flavour. You cannot miss this when you pay them a visit!

Ribeye, 12Oz

Now, for the real deal, let’s talk about their steak!

I loved the great variety that they provide on their menu, making it incredibly easy for pretty much anyone to find anything to enjoy. They have steak off the bone, 30 day dry & wet aged; on the bone, 30 day dry aged; some really tempting plates to share and sample a wider variety of cuts; and some 50 day wet aged steaks to explore as well.

I wish I had more stomaches so I could try one of each category and give you my thoughts, you know I’d definitely sacrifice myself to give you a full review any time, but since I only have a pretty big one, I’ll talk to you about our experience 😉

The ribeye was G’s pick and they cooked it just how he likes it. The meat was incredibly tender and juicy, and because of the cut, it was especially flavourful as well.

Grain fed sirloin, 10 Oz

I decided to go for one of their 50 day wet aged steaks, and I think it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The sirloin had an exceptionally rich and buttery flavour, and of course was super tender as well, just how I like it. I know they aim for excellence at Miller & Carter, but this definitely blew my mind (and palate!).

I also really liked the fact that the staff is not only there to serve the food, but also to help you with some recommendations, specially when it comes to the way to order and have your steak cooked. You know I’m all about listening to people’s recommendations, in particular when we’re talking about specialists, so that was a great plus.

Classic Mac & cheese

The steaks come with some seasoned fries, your choice of lettuce wedge and steak sauce, but of course, we decided to order some extra sides. I just can’t resist a good cheesy dish!

We went for two extra cheesy ones: a serving of classic Mac and cheese, and some baked cheddar mushrooms.

The first one was everything that you’d expect it to be. Nice and delicious, extra cheesy and super creamy. I was craving some cheesy goodness and this was definitely a good fix for that!

The mushrooms were also tasty, specially because they had just the right amount of cheese to make them savoury, but not too much to overpower the mushrooms themselves (although, is there such a thing as ‘too much cheese’?).

I kid you not, Lewis was impressed to see that we had devoured pretty much anything on the table, and so were we. This food was just too good to leave anything behind!

He was even more impressed when we asked to see the dessert menu, but you know what I say: dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart.

Miller’s chocolate hazelnut bomb: an indulgent rich chocolate and hazelnut ganache encased in a nutty chocolate shell and served with praline ice cream, a zesty orange curd and raspberry sugar tuile.

Not my best photo but I needed to show you the inside of this dessert!

Chocolate bomb is definitely an accurate description of what this dish was, but surprisingly enough, my favourite part was the mix of textures! The soft and creamy ganache, contrasting with the hard chocolate shell and the nutty bites made it one of my absolute favourite desserts ever, and I think it would be a sin to visit Miller & Carter and not order this.


Overall, our experience at Miller & Carter was exceptional, and I’d like to close this article by thanking them for their generous gift card and the invitation to try their restaurant. We had a fantastic experience and can’t wait to go back! If you’d also like to pay them a visit, make sure to follow me on Instagram and stay tuned for a surprise by the end of this week (well, is it really a surprise if I already told you something’s happening? I hope so!). I think you guys would love it, so keep an eye on my feed and stories this week 😉

I think that, after this experience, we’ll be heading out to Stockport more often. Would you guys like me to recommend more places outside of the city centre? If so, what other areas should I keep on my radar? Leave me a message or a comment, I’m always excited to hear your feedback. You can find me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), Twitter (@mlovestoeat), and Facebook (@michellelovestoeat). And make sure to follow me for more foodventures (and a couple of surprises coming up!).


If you’re a brand, restaurant or fellow foodie and would like to collaborate, you can email me: contact@michellelovestoeat.com, and I’m sure we’ll create something great (and yummy) together!


Thank you for reading me today, and make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram feed if you’d like to get a taste of Miller & Carter too. That’s it for today, but make sure to come back next Thursday for another yummy foodventure!

Michelle’s out. 


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