Am I the only one that thinks about unlimited food whenever they read “bottomless brunch”? Maybe it’s just because I love food too much, or because the thought of infinite avocado toasts makes my heart happy, but that’s not what bottomless brunch is about, as most of you already know. Today we’re talking about proper bottomless brunch with a Cuban twist, at Revolución de Cuba.

I’ve wanted to try this place for a long time, and I’ve been specially excited to try their rum on a Friday night to enjoy the music and the overall vibe. I haven’t done it yet, but this foodventure left me even more excited to do it soon!

We met with a couple of friends there, which made the whole experience even more fun. Add a couple of mojitos (or prosecco!), the nice music that they had playing, and I’m good to go!

Their bottomless brunch deal consists on a brunch dish and bottomless drinks. You can select either prosecco, Bloody Mary, a classic mojito, or a pint of mahou. Guess what I asked for?

Keep the mojitos coming!

The mojito was nice and refreshing, not too sweet, which is great sometimes! The staff keeps them coming and they’re always attentive and asking if you want anything else, or even if you want to change your drink. It’s good to know that you don’t need to stick with one if you don’t like it. Our friend, for example, tried her first Bloody Mary here and felt like it wasn’t her drink of choice, so she changed to mojitos instead.

They also have soft drinks available for those who decide to skip the booze with their brunch.\

But hey, let’s talk about the best part: the food!

Avocado brunch: artisan sourdough toast, topped with smashed avocado. served with crispy patatas.

My kind of brunch!

The overall vibe of the place felt really Caribbean, and the taste of their dishes took the same direction, while still feeling like a brunch classic. I truly enjoyed the cuban twist to my all-time favourite breakfast foods.

Of course I went for the avocado toast! And the avocado did not disappoint me for a single second. The flavour and texture were perfect, and it was seasoned in a really ‘tropical’ way, with some corn and lime juice, fitting in with the whole team of the day.

The potatoes were a bit spicy, but just enough to five them an amazing flavour. The tomato salad was incredibly refreshing, and brought even more colour to the plate. I’d come back just to have another toast!

Cubano benedict: sourdough toast topped with roasted pork, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Served with crispy patatas.

This dish blew my mind from the very first bite.

Just so you guys can get it, this is the only time I’ve regretted picking avocado toast in my entire life. Not because the avotoast wasn’t good (because it was amazing) but because this was so incredibly delicious, that I wanted to eat the entire thing and not give it back to G!

The pulled pork was delicious, tender and incredibly savoury. The mustard gave the entire thing an amazing twist, and I cannot stress enough how much I loved the cuban twist that they gave to this brunch classic. My absolute favourite!

Brekkie burrito: a flour tortilla stuffed with sausage, chorizo, egg, refried beans, jalapeños and cheese. Topped with some crispy bacon.

Full grilled breakfast: streaky bacon, smoked sausage, tomato, mushroom, fried egg and toast.

No, we didn’t order a second round. These are our friends’ picks, I just stole them for the shots, but if you want to know their thoughts, you definitely should check @mcrfoodie’s Instagram.


Overall, we had an amazing time! Music was great and kept me dancing on my seat, and the mojitos were really refreshing. It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends, and the delicious food just made it better. If you love any of the drinks I mentioned, I think this bottomless brunch deal would be a great idea for a Saturday or Sunday (late) morning, but if you want to skip the booze, I still think that you should pay them a visit and try their brunch menu, I’m sure it’ll be great (specially the Cubano benedict!!).


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about this foodventure, and maybe even got some ideas for the weekend 😉 it’s never too early to start thinking about your next brunch!

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That’s it for today.

Michelle’s out! 


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