Spinningfields never disappoints. This definitely seems to be the place to go whenever you want to find some great cocktails, amazing food, all enclosed in a gorgeous venue. If this is your first time reading me, you might want to take a look at other restaurants I’ve visited in the area, like Slug and Lettuce for some yummy small plates and cocktails, Scene for some mind blowing Indian cuisine, and our favourite date night spot: Iberica, with the most delicious paella and Spanish tapas!

Today we’re adding another restaurant to the list of places to visit: The Refinery is definitely worth a spot with its enjoyable food and drinks!

The Refinery, Spinningfields

The Refinery, Spinningfields

The Refinery, Spinningfields

The first thing that caught my eye when I stepped inside was the decoration. I’m always a fan of places that offer not only a great menu, but also a gorgeous venue that makes you feel welcome and excited for your dining experience.

If those photos captivated you, just wait until you hear about the food!

Let’s dig in.

We decided to start our lunch with a couple of cocktails, and went for our server’s favourites: a Ramble forest and a Mojitocolada.

G had the first one, and I went for the second (what a surprise!) but, as usual, we both shared a bit just so I could give you our thoughts on both.

Ramble forest: Beckett’s gin, lime, sugar syrup, raspberries, blackberries and coriander.

The Ramble forest was surprisingly delicious for me, and I say surprisingly because you know I’ve just started to like gin (didn’t have much of a choice!). The berry flavour was great and complemented greatly with the citrusy punch at the end. It was light and nice, not too sweet and perfect if you don’t want anything too strong.

Mojitocolada: Koko Kanu rum, pineapple, mint, lime and vanilla sugar.

As for the mojitocolada, I thought it was going to be a piña colada flavoured mojito, but it was even better than that! To me, it was the perfect marriage between both of the drinks, without feeling like one of them was overpowering the other. This drink takes the best of both worlds with the characteristic sweetness and fruity flavour of the piña colada, and the rum taste of the mojito. Two thumbs up!

And what about the food?

Scotch egg, chorizo and smoked paprika mayonnaise.

Well, to start, we decided to try something that surprisingly enough we hadn’t tried yet: scotch egg! I know, we cannot believe it either, six months in Manchester and this was our first time trying a scotch egg but you can rest assured, it won’t be our last, because we loved it!

The chorizo was the way to my heart (and I know G feels the same way), and the smoked paprika mayonnaise was what brought the most intense savoury flavour in it. So delicious!

G tried to trick me into thinking I wasn’t going to like it (because he tried it first) just to he could have it all to himself, can you believe this!?

Crab bruschetta, brown and white crab meat with lemon.

We also decided to order some crab bruschetta, because we cannot resist anything seafood when we see it on the menu!

The flavour was nice and simple, which I think is a great way to enjoy the crab’s real taste. The sauce was great yet left the crab to be the star of the dish, just how I like it!

Waygu burger, with blue cheese and tomato chutney.

G decided to go with a burger for his main, and I’m glad to say that the meat had an amazing smokey flavour with just the right dose of blue cheese and sweet tomato chutney. The balance was there in every bite, and he definitely enjoyed it!

Pan roast cod with crayfish risotto

I decided to feed my body with even more seafood and yumminess, and I think it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

This dish was perfect in every possible way. The risotto was incredibly nice and creamy, but still left enough room the the crayfish to shine and deliver an amazing taste in every mouthful. As with every other dish that we tried this day, the balance of flavours was impeccable and delightful.

The cod was seasoned beautifully and the pesto sauce complemented everything in the best way possible. This dish was too good, and for the first time ever, G felt a bit jealous of my dish.

Between our mains and dessert, we decided to order another round of drinks and went into an even more tropical vibe with our choices.

Jamaican spritz: Pampero aniversario rum, pampero blanco rum, lime, sugar syrup, soda and fresh fruit.

The Jamaican spritz was not as sweet as I thought it was going to be, but still gave me that expected tropical vibe. The rum was amazing, and since Pampero rum was the reason I ordered this drink, I was excited to feel its taste in every sip.

If you’re looking for a light drink, this might not be for you, but if you’re in for the rum, you’ll enjoy it.

Pisco sour: Macchu pisco, lime, sugar syrup and egg white

This was a soft and sour drink, which G pretty much loved because he’s not really into sweet cocktails. It was not a strong drink by any means, which was great for our mood this day. Definitely good if you’re into a sour cocktail!

Finally, we indulged ourselves with some really sweet and delicious dessert.

Creme brûlée with biscotti.

The creme brûlée was the real deal. Definitely honouring its name with its out of this world creaminess, and just the right amount of sweetness in every spoonful. The mixture of textures was delightful, and G wouldn’t even let me help him with it because of how much he loved it.

The portion was giant, which makes it great to share (unless you’re like us, which is also good, no judging!).

Black Forest knickerbocker glory

They describe this dessert as ideal for sharing, and even I couldn’t agree more.

It’s composed by several layers of Black Forest cake, ice cream, and whipped cream, and it was incredibly delicious. If you search the dictionary for ‘indulgent treat’, you’ll probably find this photo!

I loved the bitterness of the cake paired with the sweetness of the ice cream and the whipped cream. The mix of textures was definitely enjoyable as well, and the boozy taste of the cake was the cherry on top! Thumbs up!


Overall, we had an amazing experience at The Refinery, and found some amazing dishes and combinations that we’ve never tried anywhere else. If you pay them a visit, don’t ignore the specials menu! But if you don’t find anything for you there, I’m sure that their regular menu will have something to captivate you. Their drink’s menu is extensive and incredibly helpful when describing their drinks, so it’s easy for anyone to find something to enjoy there as well.


But enough talking on my side, have you ever been to The Refinery? If so, what’s your favourite drink or dish? Do you have any recommendations on what other places I should visit in Spinningfields? You know I’m always up for a good foodventure! If you have any, make sure to leave me a message. You can find me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), Twitter (@mlovestoeat), and Facebook (@michellelovestoeat). And make sure to follow me for more foodventures (I’m always documenting fun events and experiences on my Instagram stories!).


If you’re a brand, restaurant or fellow foodie and would like to collaborate, you can email me:, and I’m sure we’ll create something great (and yummy) together!


I hope you enjoyed reading me today, and if you’re in for a boozy experience, make sure to come back on Thursday! Spoiler alert: it involves mojitos!

I’m done for today.

Michelle’s out. 


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