Long table dining at Bakerie: Gumbo edition

In case you haven’t already noticed, apart from food, I love a good glass of wine, and that’s how my obsession with Bakerie started.

We live way too close to this amazing restaurant/wine bar/dining spot, and their food, cocktails are wines are too good to miss them. We’ve been there on our own to eat, drink a glass of wine, and we’ve even brought some friends over to catch up over cocktails and food, and every single time, we’ve had an amazing time. I have yet to meet someone that has been to Bakerie and hasn’t liked it! 

Their vibe is nice and chill, their boards are out of this world, their new menu is exciting, their desserts are delightful, their wine menu has something for everyone, what’s not to love about this place?

Since we live so close to it, we’re always looking for excuses to go back, so when I found out on Instagram that they had a long table dining event serving gumbo (we’ve always wanted to try it!), we felt the universe was sending us a message, so I decided to listen.

This is how the long table looks!

Before I start talking about the food, let me explain a bit more of how this even works. Every Thursday (at least for September) they’ve had a long table dining event where they offer a delightful dish paired with one of their incredible wines, but instead of eating on your own or only with your group of friends, we all eat at their long table and interact with each other (bonding over our love for food or wine, what else could we ask?). I found this to be an intriguing concept and an amazing opportunity to try something nice and different, specially if you want to meet new people or treat your friends to something nice, as it’s only £14.50pp for a good serving and a glass of wine.

I have to say we came for the food, but stayed for the experience.

Chenin blanc wine

Deep South Chicken & Prawn Gumbo, served with corn bread muffin

Now, if you came for the food, this is what you need to know: Bakerie has never disappointed me with their dishes and boards, and this was no exception.

Being our first time trying Gumbo, there’s no way for me to compare it with any other previous experiences, but I can assure you that the dish was incredibly tasty and flavourful. It was spicy but in the best way possible, which to me brought out the best of its components in every bite. We also were huge fans of the cornbread muffin that was served as a side, specially because of the way it complemented the strong taste of the gumbo.

We all ended up eating gumbo in our own way. Some mixed the rice in, others just ate them separately, and I personally decided to add a bit of rice in every spoonful. G, on the other hand, mixed absolutely everything together and enjoyed it all as a big bowl of deliciousness. This proves that there’s no right or wrong way to eat food as long as you’re enjoying it (and not preventing anyone else from enjoying their own night, please).

In case you’re not sure about my opinion on the Gumbo, we sat next to a guy that was born in Louisiana and wanted something that reminded him of his home, and he enjoyed it to the point were he even ordered a second serving and finished it all in one sitting, so that must say something good for this gumbo.

My favourite part? Being able to enjoy my night with our friends and meet other people. It’s an amazing way to have a different night out and enjoy your time. If you’re lucky, you might leave knowing some new people that shares your love for food or wine, and if you’re not, you’ll still have a wonderful dining experience. There’s no way to lose here!

Another thing I really loved is the fact that everyone that works in Bakerie is incredibly passionate when it comes to making things right and providing you with the best attention, quality and service. We met Alyson, the owner, on this dinner, and I can definitely see how much she enjoys hosting these events. Everyone is always making sure that you’re enjoying your food or drinks, which is definitely a big plus for me.


Overall, this was a night that exceeded my expectations in every possible way, and I cannot wait to see what their upcoming long table dining events will bring. If you’d like to attend one, make sure to follow them on social media, because they’re always posting about their latest offers, dishes and upcoming events! And who knows, we might sit next to each other next time 😉 If you see me around taking photos of my food, please don’t stare and say hi!

That’s it for today. Thank you so much for reading me, and I hope this post gave you some ideas for future night outs or even dinner at home. If you have a good gumbo recipe, send it my way! G has been insisting that I make some for him and I don’t know where to start!

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That’s it for today. I’ll talk to you next week and bring even more delicious food.

Michelle’s out!


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