Almost Famous is back! And their burgers are looking better than ever.

Yes, you read that right! These guys are back and ready to give the NQ “the best juiciest burgers in town”.

If you’ve never been to Almost Famous, I have to tell you something: you’re missing out. We tried it when we first arrived to Manchester and, in case you can’t already tell from the pictures, their burgers were INSANE (and so were their fries).

However, they’ve decided to make things different this time, so they relaunched their NQ restaurant with a bespoke menu, juicier burgers, and a new look on their walls. Needless to say, I was extra excited to see how good it was, so when I got an invitation to try their new menu before their public opening party, I almost died said yes immediately and prepared my phone (and stomach) to document everything for you!

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram stories, you’ve seen a sneak peek of what’s coming. If you’ve missed all the action, here are the shots:

If you’re excited because of the candyfloss, keep reading!

They welcomed me with a cocktail, and you know it’s going to be a great experience when they greet you with alcohol. I was excited to see (and taste!) the candy floss on top, and thought it was a great complement to the drink itself. The balance between the alcohol and the sugar was just what my body needed. Two thumbs up!

Before I move on, I have to say that I’m the worst person when it comes to making decisions, and picking one burger from their menu was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, because they all sounded amazing. I’m not even exaggerating. The only ones that didn’t really call my name were the ones with jalapeños or extra spicy sauce, because I’m not really a fan of either, but other than that, they sure make it hard to choose! I promised myself I will be back to try some more (and this will probably happen to you as well!).

Unfairground: Double cheeseburger, deep fried bacon, cheese sauce, shoestring onions, American mustard, smoky bacon ketchup, peppered mayo.

That being said, I decided to go for the unfairground burger (and I didn’t even know it came with candy floss on top, but that definitely gives it some extra points, right!?). They had me at “deep fried bacon”, and I was also intrigued to taste their seasoned condiments. I mean, how much of a difference can a peppered mayo make (the answer is a lot!)

They are not lying when they say their burgers are juicier, because these sure felt like an amazing upgrade from their already-good old burgers. Whenever I order a double cheeseburger I’m scared that it will end up being too dry or feeling like too much meat, but these patties were so juicy, there’s no way to feel that way.

The deep fried bacon and shoestring onions gave it a twist on the regular textures you would expect from a cheese burger, which I really appreciated. Also, you guys know how much I love deep battered stuff, so yay for deep fried bacon!

Now, for the cheese sauce and the seasoned condiments: OH-MY-GAWD. They really brought out the best flavours in the beef, and even though it looks messy, they paired perfectly with my burger. Wouldn’t have changed a single thing!

G loved this burger as well (we decided to share so we could order some wings and sides as well!), but his favourite part was the candy floss. This guy felt and acted like a kid for the whole time. I’m just happy to see how happy this made him. We’ll be coming back for more.

Bacon bacon fries: bacon mayo, bacon rain.

Look at these beauties and tell me they’re not irresistible.

We love bacon and I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone reading me, so ordering bacon bacon fries felt necessary when I saw them on the menu.

Bacon mayo was great, bacon rain was even better. Let’s make bacon rain a thing, please. Let’s put bacon on top of everything.

Pho-king amazing wings: with hot teriyaki sauce.

This might not be my best photo (lighting wasn’t really helping the case but still needed to document everything!) but these wings were DA BOMB.

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty (I mean, if you were you probably wouldn’t be eating here), get some wings with your burgers, you can thank me later!

They’re insanely tasty and crispy on the outside, and every bite you take will be full of amazing flavour. I was scared of the hot teriyaki sauce but found it to be really tolerable. The kind of hot that brings out the best of the dish! Thumbs up for these wings as well!

Mac balls. No need to say anything else.

I’ve been wanting mac and cheese balls ever since we went to Home sweet home, so I couldn’t resist these babies when I saw them on the menu.

They were everything we expected, and then some more.

As cheesy as a good bowl of mac and cheese (which is not always the case, because with some restaurants you get some okay-ish dry mac balls) and super crispy on the outside.

I have to confess that I would eat an entire basket full of these by myself on any given day. The only thing that stopped me from doing that this time was the fact that they were insanely hot and I had to wait a little bit in order to avoid burning my tongue (and I still failed, but it was worth it). 12/10, would eat them again.


Overall, absolutely everything we had was delicious and exceeded my expectations. Their new menu is incredibly exciting, and I cannot wait to go back and try the rest (their Nutella fries are calling my name!!!). If you’re in Manchester and want to have your mind (and tastebuds) blown, this is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed.


Now you guys tell me, have you been to Almost Famous before? Are you excited by this re-launch? What’s your favourite burger (either on their menu or anywhere else!)? If you have any suggestions on amazing burgers I should try or other places I should visit, leave me a message, I’d love to try it out!

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That’s it for today. Come back on Thursday if you’d like to know about an amazing event that involves great food and wine.

Michelle’s out! 


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