Woke up too late for brunch, so we had fried chicken instead!

I know there’s not such a thing as ‘too late for brunch’. It’s more a matter of us arriving there later than 1pm and G deciding to get some chicken and waffles, so we decided we were going to have lunch.

Being completely honest with you, I was thinking of having brunch when we got there but then realised that if I ordered brunch food and he ordered lunch food, I was going to be hungry again earlier than him and that was going to be an issue of me becoming hangry and him not knowing how to deal with it, so I’ll leave the brunch for next time!

G got extra excited when he saw they had chicken and waffles on their menu so he instantly knew that was what he wanted. I, on the other side, just knew that I wanted some mac n’ cheese balls (which they only serve on their evening menu, bummer!) so I spent like 10 minutes reading the menu feeling tempted by all of their amazing dishes. I might have to come back at least three times to try other stuff that intrigued me, what a sacrifice!

Let’s talk about the food.

Ultimate chicken and waffles: Fluffy homemade waffles with fried chicken, bacon, maple butter and famous chicken gravy.

We’ve had chicken and waffles before and let me tell you something, G is obsessed with them, so he takes them really seriously. This man is not playing games when it comes to giving me (and you) his honest opinions on these bad boys, and I was fortunate enough to get a couple of bites as well, so I’ll share both.

We both agreed on something from the very first bite: the chicken was absolutely delicious. No, seriously, it was almost magical how nice and crispy it was. Definitely one of my favourite fried chickens of all times (and that includes the loaded fries we’ve had at Yard and Coop!). Even the bits without the gravy didn’t feel dry, which sometimes is hard to do with fried chicken, so that surprised us both in the best way possible.

That being said, even though the gravy was great, we both would have liked to have it on the side because the waffles ended up getting soft and mushy after just a couple of minutes. Also, if you’re into traditional chicken and waffles, maybe you’ll want to ask for some maple syrup on the side! G still regrets not asking for some on last Sunday.

The bacon was great, as bacon usually is, and the combination between all flavours was a good balance between the sweetness of the waffles vs. the savoury chicken and gravy. The texture of the waffles was the only thing that we would change, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy the dish! Definitely would order again (with gravy on the side).

Chicken in a “basket”: Tender buttermilk crispy fried chicken, seasoned fries, house slaw, our famous chicken gravy and hickory smoked BBQ sauce.

YUUUM! About to dig in.

For this dish, my comments with the chicken are the same: magical, crispy, and absolutely perfect in every possible way.

The fries were also good, although I was expecting a little bit more seasoning when I read ‘seasoned fries’ but still ate them all, so definitely not bad at all.

The house slaw was nice and balanced in flavour, and I really enjoyed the slices of green apple mixed in it. Some places do it with apple, some just decide to skip them, I’m a fan of both, and here they definitely nailed the contrast between the sweetness of this side slaw and the savoury flavour of the chicken, gravy and smoked BBQ sauce.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about my dish. I enjoyed every single bite of it and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys some good buttermilk fried chicken!

Then it was time for dessert!

We’ve done a little bit of social media research before, so we knew what we wanted even before we read the menu. The cookie skillet was calling our names!

S’more cookie skillet: Massive soft baked chocolate chip cookie topped with toasted marshmallows, Nutella, cinnamon crunch and ice cream

The description sounds amazing, right?

Well, to be completely and absolutely honest, I was a bit underwhelmed. I have a sweet tooth and I was expecting and actual massive soft baked chocolate chip cookie, but our cookie was incredibly thin and, because of that, didn’t really feel like a ‘soft baked’ cookie. I think I was expecting something like this dessert we’ve tried and loved at The Waterhouse (crazy place to eat dessert, I know).

Don’t get me wrong, the cookie itself wasn’t bad (although it wasn’t my absolute favourite) and the toasted marshmallows were nice when combined with the ice cream, but it was not what I was expecting. I take my desserts super seriously and loving sweets and chocolate so much, I felt like I needed a bit more. I think next time we’ll have a Nutella waffle or even some milkshakes (their menu sounds incredible!).

Also, if you’re ordering this dessert, keep in mind that we had to wait almost 30 minutes to get ours because they prepare it right when you order it. Nothing wrong with this but it’s something to keep in mind, specially if you don’t like waiting that much for dessert (guilty!).


Overall, we really enjoyed our meal (even with the dessert) and I’m excited to come back again to try more! I can’t wait to wake up a bit earlier and order some brunch waffles or get a yummy chocolaty shake after a really nice burger. I’m sure it’s going to be just as yummy.

What about you? Do you enjoy buttermilk fried chicken like we do? Have you been to Home Sweet Home before? If so, tell me your experience and your recommendations, I’d love to know!


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If you’re still here with me, I promise I’ll stop writing now.

Talk to you again next week.

Michelle’s out! 


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