Massive burgers and the best onion rings I’ve ever tried!

Do you have a particular restaurant/place that you always say ‘okay, soon I have to go because it looks amazing’ and repeat that to yourself every time you walk past it but never really make it?

That has happened to us like thousands of times, but some days ago we decided that it was time to give The Shack a try. And then they were not serving any food. I’m not even kidding, it was so late in the evening (but hey, the stomach wants what the stomach wants!) that the kitchen had already closed, so we had to try somewhere else.

The thing is, we tried to eat at The Shack like three times before we actually made it, and you can imagine our expectations after three failed attempts to eat their food. I was going bananas for one of their burgers, and G knows how seriously I take my burgers, specially when I’ve been trying to eat them for a long time.

This was our experience:

Halloumi bacon rolls: chunks of grilled halloumi wrapped in bacon and served with maple syrup

We decided to start with these little bites of heaven because I had seen them on social media before and I know how much G loves both halloumi and bacon, so this was definitely a winning combo.

These did not disappoint me for a second. They paired perfectly with the maple syrup, creating a delicious contrast between the sweetness of the syrup and the saltiness of the cheese and bacon. TO DIE FOR.

We were literally fighting for the last roll, and I’m sad to say that I lost this battle. That’s how you know these were good, when my boyfriend doesn’t even feel guilty when eating the last one.

You can bet we also ordered some burgers, and here are my thoughts on those:

Pizza burger: Deep fried buttermilk chicken topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, jalapeños and mozzarella

You probably guessed it right, this was G’s burger. I have to say that this does sound like my dream burger except for the fact that it had jalapeños, and I’m not really a fan of spicy foods. I could have ordered this one and just take them out but you should have seen how excited G was to order it, and I was not going to break his heart by saying “I’ll get the same one!” because then he would have felt like he needed to order something else (we’re a couple that shares a lot of their food so we like to order different things in order to try more of the menu anywhere we go!).

I did try his burger (minus the jalapeños) and enjoyed the fried chicken with the pizza toppings. I was expecting a bit more tomato sauce and pepperoni in this burger, so I was a little disappointed when I realised there were only two slices of the latter and then a small amount of tomato sauce. I think more of those two would have helped it a lot! It wasn’t a bad burger, but it was not what we were expecting when we ordered it.

Chicken & chorizo: Grilled chicken breast topped with spicy chorizo, caramelised onions and spicy chilli jam.

I ordered this one just because it was supposed to have chorizo in it.

The burger itself was massive, but there was little to no chorizo in it, which lead to the biggest disappointment on my side. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know how much I love chorizo, and for that reason, whenever I’m ordering something that comes with chorizo, I expect its taste and flavour in every bite.

The chilli jam was a nice touch and definitely gave the sandwich (because it didn’t really feel like a burger) a good twist, but I felt like the chicken was a bit dry so it needed a little more jam to compensate for that.

I’ve gotta say that whenever I order something and it ends up not being as good, I feel jealous of G for always knowing what to order. Maybe I need to ask him to order for me in these cases (or just steal his food!).

This might sound like we didn’t really enjoy our meal, and being completely honest with you, my burger/sandwich was less than ideal in my book, but we did have some bomb sides that instantly put a smile in my mouth.

These guys are not playing when it comes to the size of their bacon fries tray

Bacon fries: skin on fries loaded with cheese, bacon dust and baconaise.

I only photographed the onion rings for my Instagram stories (and now I’m kinda regretting it) but I promise that these made me feel like I need to go back to The Shack just to have some more.

They were the best onion rings I’ve ever tried. The batter was crispy and perfect, and they had an amazing taste that made them incredibly addictive. I could eat a whole serving on my own and wouldn’t regret it for a second.

The fries were also nice and cheesy. The baconaise being my favourite part of this side. Be aware that the serving size is HUGE so you have to be either prepared to eat for two hours, or share some with a friend.


Overall, I wasn’t impressed with their burgers, but their sides were too good to live without them. I’m seriously considering to go again just to eat some onion rings and loaded fries, but if I’m doing that, I might just give another burger a try, right?

Have you guys ever been to The Shack? If so, please recommend a burger/sandwich for my next visit, because I would hate to come back home disappointed for a second time.


Thanks for reading me and I hope my experience helps you have a better foodventure if you decide to pay them a visit. If you want to check even more yummy pictures, follow me on social media: I’m @michellelovestoeat on Instagram, @mlovestoeat on Twitter, and @michellelovestoeat on Facebook. I’m always excited to see you all around there!

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Enough talking.

Talk to you again Thursday.

Michelle’s out! 



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