Time for some of the cutest macarons!

I love macarons, and even though I do have a weakness for foods that look good in photos (and tastes even better!), my love for macarons is absolutely genuine and I’d still love them even if they weren’t as pretty as they are (I promise!).

I’m not sure if it’s because of the mix of textures, the crunchy feeling you get after the first bite, or just because of how incredibly nice and sweet they are, but I’m definitely a fan.

I’m always hunting places around the city, and some days I’m in the mood for something extra sweet, so when I saw English Rose Bakery and their cute little treats, I knew I had to try them!

The first thing that I need to say is that they don’t have a storefront, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen them when walking around the Northern Quarter. They are here, but they’re working behind the scenes preparing something amazing for you! 😉

Their macaron boxes are adorable!

The second thing is that I absolutely love the fact that you can get lots of info on their macarons and deals online, and even shop to get these babies delivered to you!

They put so much though into every detail, I promise you’ll be getting more than just a box of sweets. I mean, look at how cute these little boxes are? Am I being silly for loving this so much? I just like it when brands take things one step further to show their customers how much they care about providing an amazing experience.

Box of 5 macarons

But hey, I’m pretty sure that you’re not here to see how pretty the box is. Let’s get into the details of what we had and my thoughts on every flavour:

From top to bottom: rose, mango and passionfruit, hazelnut and Nutella, raspberry, and salted caramel.

I promise I didn’t get these just to get this gorgeous colour palette, it’s a coincidence and the result of them being such artists when it comes to creating these little pieces of heaven.

Moving on, the first one we tried was the mango and passionfruit, and with that colour combination, can you blame me? I was just intrigued!

Mango and passionfruit

The filling was especially creamy, which I definitely loved, and the overall taste was amazing. The citrusy flavour from the passionfruit combined with the sweet mango touch gave it a tropical feeling that got me from the very first bite. Also, I’m glad to say that it was just the right amount of sweetness, and I’m not saying this just for someone with a sweet tooth like me. I think this is a great one for someone that isn’t interested in a specially sweet treat.

Also, in case I haven’t mentioned this enough, I loved the colours on the outside. I’m a fan of pretty foods! Can’t help it.

Rose (top), and raspberry (bottom)

The mango and passionfruit macaron set the bar incredibly high for the rest of the box, but I was still intrigued by the rose flavour. I mean, I’ve used rose water to clean my face, and I’ve smelled roses a good amount of times in my life, but I’ve never eaten any roses before.

I think it’s safe to say that this one tastes as sweet as it looks. The flavour is incredibly delicate, but it’s still sweeter than the mango and passionfruit macaron that we tried first. I still liked it, and loved the light pink colour, specially when put right next to the bright fuchsia. Again, can’t help but comment on how pretty these are!

Continuing on that same note, the bright colour of the raspberry macaron also caught my attention, and even though this one was also sweet, it wasn’t as sweet as its paler companion. I’d say this was like a mix between the fruity flavour from the mango and passionfruit, and the sweetness from the rose one, which also resulted in something delicious.

Hazelnut and Nutella

Then we jumped into something that those who know me know that sounds more like me. In case that didn’t make any sense, I’m really really really into chocolate, so I just couldn’t miss a macaron with Nutella in it!

I’m glad to say that this little treat didn’t disappoint me. I loved the texture of this macaron even more because it had some nutty bits in it, and then the creamiest Nutella filling to make every bite taste even better. I’m kinda tasting it again in my mind as I write this (and might be ordering some more on their website). Unquestionably perfect for a chocolate lover like myself! 

Salted caramel

Even though they were all truly delicious and unique in their own way, the salted caramel macaron ended up being the winner on my list.

It was not too sweet and you can most definitely can taste the caramel flavour in every bite, which I loved. I like to emphasise this last part because sometimes you get ‘flavoured’ treats that just use the name as the overall idea (or even just the colour) for the sweet, but in the end they all taste sort of similar and not really like whatever they’re supposed to taste like. Did this make any sense? Have I just lost my mind?

Let me rephrase that last part. Sometimes you get a key lime pie ice cream that kinda looks like a key lime pie because of the crust chunks that they put on top, and then has a lime slice on the display, but when you try it you realise it’s only the lime and no actual pie flavour and you end up disappointed asking yourself why didn’t you pick your good old regular chocolate ice cream again. Am I the only one that gets disappointed with bad ice cream choices?

I’m glad to say that’s not the case with these macarons, and specially not with this salted caramel one. The salted caramel flavour is definitely there and it’s not just a sugary treat full of sweetness and nothing else. You do get what you’re ordering!

Overall, I’m a really big fan of English Rose Bakery now and I might be ordering some more! I’m intrigued by their list of flavours and can’t wait to try more of their amazing creations. When that happens, I’ll probably post some updates on Instagram, so make sure to follow me (I’m @michellelovestoeat there!), or maybe even on Twitter (@mlovestoeat), or Facebook (@michellelovestoeat).

That’s it for today, guys. Thanks for reading me and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to know about my upcoming foodventures and recommendations, you just need to click here and write your email down.


Come back on Thursday if you want to read about some amazing pies. Talk to you then.

Michelle’s out!