Stevenson’s Square best kept secret and a couple of cocktails on a Friday night

This is not going to be your regular foodventure, okay?

Today I’m taking you guys on a boozy tour around a couple of nice spots we visited last Friday and I think you guys should visit too! That includes a place that you might not know of but you’ve walked past by at least a couple of times if you’ve been in the NQ.

Sounds intriguing, right? Keep reading.

We began our night at West Corner, a restaurant/bar in the surroundings of Stevenson Square that serves some really nice looking breakfasts (haven’t tried them yet but hey, I follow them on Instagram!). This time, we were here for the booze.

Drinks at West Corner NQ

Red snapper: Portobello road gin, tomato, lemon squeeze, salt, pepper, relish, tobasco.

If this is not your first time reading me, you probably already know that this was G’s drink, duh! And if this is your first time, let me tell you something: my boyfriend is obsessed with hot sauce and spicy food, so when he saw this cocktail in the Mary’s section of the menu, he immediately knew that was what he wanted to start the night (although it sounds more like a morning-after cocktail but hey, who am I to judge?).

I’m not the right person to talk about this because when I tried it I felt like I was drinking boozy hot sauce, which I didn’t enjoy. Of course I’m not the audience for this drink, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to like it yourself. If you’re a fan of a good bloody Mary but want to give it a twist next time, this might be a good one to try! Also, if you’re obsessed with hot sauce like my man is, by all means, be my guest!

If you want to have G’s opinion: he loved it. Finished it all super quickly and didn’t complain for a second. He was definitely into it.

Drinks at West Corner NQ, Manchester

Elderflower spritz: Elderflower liqueur, lime, mint, soda, Terra Serena prosecco top

Now this is something that I would drink, right?

Even though this wasn’t super sugary or sweet like the cocktails I usually order (if you want something like the ones I got at Laundrette, think again!), I did enjoy this super light spritz.

It was nice and delicate, and felt like the perfect way to start my night. I also think it would be a great drink to order when you’re looking for something refreshing but not too strong, maybe drinks after work on a weekday? It really depends on what you’re looking for.

After a while, we decided to continue on our alcoholic journey and move on to the next place on our list: the Corner Cocktail Club.

Entrance to Corner Cocktail Club

Hopefully not – this is what you see when you’re heading downstairs.

This is where things get exciting.

I really love it when restaurants and bars go out of what’s common to provide their audience with a completely different and interesting experience, and that’s what Corner Cocktail Club did for us.

The place is located just downstairs from West Corner. Yes, you don’t even need to get out of the restaurant!

If you’ve been to the WC, you’ve seen it. When you’re upstairs, all you see is a sign that reads ‘WC’ and points down, but when you actually start heading down you see the sign (pictured above) that makes you wonder if you’re only heading to the toilet or if there’s something else down there.

The Corner Cocktail Club is inspired in the Prohibition era in the U.S, when they banned alcohol and bars had to be hidden underground to avoid being caught.

Corner cocktail club in Manchester

Corner cocktail club

Once you get there, you find a nice and cozy atmosphere with intimate lighting and nice booths to sit down, which makes it a great spot for a nice date, catch up with friends, or even bringing your group of people to enjoy a couple of drinks and have a chat.

It feels really nice to be seated here, and since it’s downstairs, the place is quiet enough to have a good conversation, yet has some nice music on the background to make it a chill night out.

Our cocktails: La Medicina (front), and Charlie Chaplin (back).

I ordered the Charlie Chaplin: a mix of Plymouth Sloe, apricot brandy, and lime juice. Continuing on my ‘not-so-sweet’ cocktail mood, this drink had a nice citrusy flavour thanks to the lime juice that made me enjoy every sip.

If you’re not into sweet cocktails but still don’t feel like having a strong drink, you’ll love this one!

I really enjoyed it and had a hard time sharing a bit of it with G (this man always wants to try my drinks!). Definitely would have it again!

La Medicina: Vida mezcal, Jameson Caskmate, kings ginger, lemon juice, honey.

When G’s drink came to the table our server told us that you either love it, or hate it, and I’m glad to say we both loved it!

The mezcal flavour is really strong, so if you’re not into that, you might want to skip it. We both personally really liked the fact that, even though it was a strong drink, it didn’t leave a hard liquor aftertaste that some other drinks might have.

I don’t really know how to explain it, but you know when sometimes your drink is really strong and after the first sip you start making funny faces because of the taste? That didn’t happen to us.

It’s a good way to enjoy a strong drink, and I truly mean the ‘enjoy’ part. 

Overall, we really liked the Corner Cocktail Club and I think that more people should know about it. Just make sure you’re not being followed when you’re going down.

But hey, this is not where our night ends!

After this, we decided to jump to a completely different place and enjoy some nice music.

Hold fast

If you want to have some fun, enjoy a good beat, and maybe even dance, you’ll love Hold Fast! This place has a really nice vibe that makes you disconnect from the world instantly and enjoy your night out.

Everyone’s having fun down here, even the staff! They’re all nice and helpful at the bar, and their cocktail menu is really good. They recently included some new drinks so the list is even longer, and there’s a bigger chance that you’ll find something for you here.

Firstmate: Jameson caskmates and Kahula salted caramel stirred down with a sour cherry preserve.

These might not be my best photos, but I promise we were having a good time!

G had a firstmate to continue with something similar to La Medicina. The drink was nice and strong, and presentation was great! I was a big fan of that huge ice sphere. Couldn’t really feel the salted caramel in it, so don’t be afraid to have it, because it definitely tastes like a drink, not a dessert.

Rose of the winds: Combination of Plymouth gin and Plymouth sloe, shaken with rose cordial, vanilla, whites, raspberries and berry tea.

I had something sweeter, and I mean this in the best way possible.

I really enjoy sweet cocktails, and even though this wasn’t as sweet as the drinks we had at Laundrette a couple of weeks ago, it was still sweeter than your regular cocktail. To me, that’s a big plus, but it definitely depends on what you like.

The raspberry taste was nice to balance the sweetness. If you’re looking for something nice and not too strong, this one is for you!


Overall, we had a really nice night out and enjoyed our walk around the Northern Quarter getting some drinks. We usually go out to eat but it’s definitely nice to change things up every once in a while, right?

Do you guys like reading about cocktails or do you prefer foodventures that actually involve food? Let me know! Also, if you have some recommendations on places for food or drinks, message me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), Twitter (@mlovestoeat), or Facebook (@michellelovestoeat). And please don’t forget to subscribe so you can be the first one to know about my upcoming foodventures. You just need to click here and write your email down!


Thank you all for reading me. I hope you enjoyed it! Enough writing on my side. Talk to you again next week.

Michelle’s out!