Glorious lunch at The Grill

In case you haven’t noticed already, we love eating out and hate cooking.

I’ve got nothing against people that love to cook, in fact, I wish I loved to cook just like my mom does!, but if I have a good excuse (like being alive) to go out and not get myself in the kitchen, I’ll go out. Specially on the weekends. We do cook during the week, but it’s never too fancy.

That being said, we went to The Grill on NY St a couple of weeks ago and I totally forgot to tell you about my experience.

Hey, I’m human, okay? I forget things. 

But I remembered and here I am writing about it. That has got to count for something, right?

Let’s jump into it.

Wine and olives, what else do we need in life?

Bread with garlic oil, of course.

I know this might seem a surprise to most of the people that know about The Grill, but we weren’t really in the mood for some steak. It was lunch time and G was really interested in trying something that he had seen on social media before, so that was more than enough to bring us here.

This is what he had.

Piri piri calamari

I’m addicted to calamari #sorrynotsorry

We started our meal with these amazingly crispy piri piri calamari.

I know, what a surprise!

You must be tired of reading how many times we eat calamari or any other kind of seafood in all of its different presentations (lobster linguini, anyone?), but let me tell you something. Sometimes, all you need is a good bowl of fried bits of seafood to make your day better, so days like this one, I just eat what I love the most and enjoy the twist that restaurants can give to a dish as classic as fried calamari.

In this case, the piri piri flavour wasn’t really strong, but the saffron mayonnaise did bring the best out of the calamari, so I’d recommend them to anyone that loves seafood as much as we do.

But don’t worry, we didn’t order any seafood for main!

Blackhouse Steak Sandwich: steak, mushrooms, cheese, onions, gravy, in a hollowed crusty loaf with thick cut cheese.

They finish the description of this sandwich on their menu with “need we say more?” and my answer is “no, you definitely don’t”. I mean, that cheese speaks for itself.

I believe you can now understand what motivated G to come, and if you can’t, I promise you the pictures don’t make this dish any justice.

I tried some bites of it (as many as G would allow me, the man was really enjoying his sandwich) and loved them all. The gravy went perfectly with the rest of the sandwich, and the cheese and mushrooms were an amazing complement to the steak.

It’s definitely not a light lunch by any means, but if you want to try a good steak sandwich, this is the place to go.

Blackhouse beef burger: award winning burger served on a seeded pretzel bun, with thick cut chips and a tomato relish.

Another view of this beauty.

Yep, I can definitely see how this could be an award winning burger.

The beef was seasoned to perfection, and the tomato relish that came with it complemented the patty to bring the best in every bite.

I don’t think there’s much to say when it comes to classic burgers, but it’s good to see restaurants make a simple burger taste so good.

Nothing adventurous, yet completely satisfying to me.


Overall, we had a great experience and enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. It was nice and quiet, which can be a surprise on a busy Saturday in Manchester (specially being close to Piccadilly Gardens), but we don’t have any complaints on our side.

G went absolutely bananas for his sandwich, so I can definitely see ourselves coming back for another one in the future (or maybe even some steak!). It’s a shame we didn’t have room for dessert!


But that’s it for me. Anyone else has tried The Grill? Do you think I should go back and have some steak next time? Leave me a comment with your recommendations, if you have!

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Thanks for reading me this time, and I hope to see you back next week!

Michelle’s out.