Cocktails and carbs, indeed!

No, that’s not my life motto (although now I feel like I should make it).

That’s just how The Laundrette describes their place, and I very much agree.

We were there for lunch and drinks last Sunday (it was afternoon, okay? Don’t judge me on the alcohol), and if you haven’t visited them yet, I’ll give you a couple of reasons on why you should now.

Their list of cocktails is incredibly exciting, again, not because I’m an alcoholic, but because of the wide variety of combinations they offer and the way they present their creations. Whether you want something really boozy, sweet, flashy, or all of them, I’m sure you’ll find something for you on their catalogue.

We weren’t really on a mission to try as many cocktails as we could (without compromising the rest of our Sunday) but we did get a chance to try four of them and, spoiler alert, they were all amazing in their own way. Here are four interesting reasons to go back:

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

I scream for ice cream: chivas regal, lazzaroni amaretto, cola & a caramel ice cream float.

You’ll see that I describe drinks as ‘mine’ or ‘G’s’ but in reality, we both kinda shared all of them. It’s just a matter of who picked which and who had the cocktail on their side of the table for the longest time.

The first one caught me with the name, and G with the description.

I scream for ice cream is a boozy float with a captivating sweet flavour.

Reminded by his love for the Sinatra from our visit to a soda fountain back in the States, G decided to order this one to start.

I loved how, even with the whiskey, it didn’t have a super strong booze flavour, but yet you could feel the chivas regal in every sip. I feel like this is not making much sense, but what I mean is that even though you could feel some of the alcohol in it, you didn’t feel like you were just drinking whiskey.

Also, the balance between the caramel ice cream and the liquor was superb. I never felt like it was too sweet.

I feel like it’s the perfect alternative if you have a sweet tooth and don’t want to feel like you’re drinking something strong, yet don’t really like the thought of going for a fruity/citrusy cocktail.

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Pimpin’ pornstar: Absolut vanilla vodka, passionfruit, pineapple and Mozart white chocolate. Served with a prosecco chaser.

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Gorgeous presentation

I didn’t order this one just to say the name out loud, I promise.

Although I could think of a friend that would do it just for that reason, tbh.

This cocktail was delightful in every possible way. From the presentation to the aftertaste, I felt captivated with every sip.

It was fresh and sweet, but not too sweet, of course, and it seems like the perfect drink for the weekend. Also, they got me at ‘prosecco chaser’, and made me fall in love with the sweet foam on top.

An incredible combination in every possible way. You can’t miss it!

Although I didn’t have the courage to ask the reasoning behind the name of this cocktail, G has his own theory that it’s because of the look of the open passionfruit that they put on top of it. But I won’t write my opinion on the matter. 

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Rhubarb Gin Smash: Warner Edwards rhubarb gin, mint, benedictine, lemon balm and tea syrup.

They describe this on their menu as ‘deliciously refreshing!’ and I couldn’t agree more!

If you know me, you know I’m not generally the biggest gin lover. There’s something about a strong gin taste that I still don’t enjoy. But this drink made me change my perception about gin instantly!

It didn’t have a strong gin flavour, so I think that might have helped the case, and the lemon balm and tea syrup made an amazing complement to the alcohol in it, resulting in an enjoyable (and super interesting looking!) cocktail even for me!

Of course we loved the presentation. I mean, what’s not to love about it?

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Absolut MILF: absolut vodka, mint, fresh strawberries and lychee syrup, topped with apple juice.

Whoever names these cocktails deserves a prize!

Both the absolut MILF and the Rhubarb gin smash were on a section of their cocktail menu called ‘skinny minnies’, described as their more delicate options, and I think any of them would be a great choice for someone that is looking for a fresh drink with some alcohol in it, but not a strong boozy flavour, if that makes any sense.

In this case, my drink had the lightest alcohol flavour in it, making it really enjoyable, specially if you’re not into super strong drinks all the time. I can feel this being a refreshing choice after a long day at work, or the perfect side for a nice meal on a weekend.

I’m a big fan of fruity flavours in my drinks, so this also has two thumbs up on my book.

Overall, we enjoyed them all, so it all depends on what you’re looking for in your cocktails! 

But hey, we didn’t go to Laundrette just for the drinks. We also ordered some food!

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Sunday roast

Our roast beef

What’s a Sunday without a good Sunday roast, right?

This is something that they started doing recently here at The Laundrette, so we decided to give it a go.

G and I ordered it to share because we had also ordered some pizza, but I feel like one person could eat it all on their own (or am I the only one that feels this way?).

The beef was nice and pink, just how we like it! And the gravy was light, yet flavourful.

They have a veggie option as well, which we didn’t try, but I love mentioning these kinds of options in case any vegetarians/vegans read me (or if you have a vegan/vegetarian friend and want to take them out for a meal) because even though I eat meat, I like to know that restaurants can provide alternatives for people that have any sort of dietary restrictions. They also offer gluten free bases for their pizzas, which is great because no one should be denied a good slice of pizza!

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

White base pizza with pancetta, parmesan, mozzarella, runny egg, and parsley.

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Yolk porn at its best.

I gotta admit that I was super intrigued by the runny egg on top.

I love my eggs sunny side up, but I’ve never included them on my pizza, so I immediately knew I had to try it this time!

I loved the white base with all of my heart (and stomach, which is even more important). 

The cream flavour paired perfectly with the pancetta, and the parmesan gave the whole pie a twist and a taste of something a bit stronger. It reminded us of a carbonara pasta in a pizza form, which feels like absolute heaven, if you ask me.

Don’t be surprised if I come back and get the same one (although they offer more pies that sound amazing as well, so it’ll be a hard decision to make!)

And then it was time for dessert.

To be completely honest, we weren’t thinking of getting any, but our server brought the dessert menu and we felt tempted by the options, we just couldn’t say no!

Cocktails and carbs at Laundrette, Manchester

Raspberry screwball and prosecco jelly cheesecake

I would have never thought of getting candy floss on top of my cheesecake, but I can promise you these guys know what they’re doing when they present it this way.

G and I even had to fight for the last bite of candy floss. We both felt like children when we tried it!

As for the cheesecake itself, the crust was thick and had an amazing texture, which is what I’m always looking for when it comes to cheesecake and pies.

The filling was especially creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness in every bit.

It was absolutely gorgeous, just like everything else we had, and it’s definitely another good reason to come back, if you ask me.


Overall, I feel like I already want to go back (and try more pizza and cocktails!) and you definitely should do it too. Their menu is impressive and different, and I promise you’ll find something to enjoy (as long as you like cocktails, carbs, or both!).

Thanks for reading me and joining me on yet another foodventure. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

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Enough carbs and cocktails for me today,

Michelle’s out!