Lunch spot in Notting Hill, London

I just decided to create a new category or section for da blog, and it’s called ‘travel-eats’. Here I want to share with you some of our food ventures in different locations around the globe, so if you’re ever around, you can see what we had and my honest thoughts on everything.

Sounds good, right? I hope you enjoy it. After all, eating around is one of my favourite things to do whenever we visit a new city 😉

This time we visited London again, but with a completely different approach. Last time we were here we came with a really touristic agenda and all we wanted to do was visit absolutely every touristic spot on our list, and even though we had so much fun, it’s not a thing that you do every time (specially because it’s extremely tiring). Last Saturday we didn’t really have many plans, just walk around and enjoy the city.

I don’t think we’re the only couple that enjoys getting lost (to a point), and just letting the city guide you for the day. And that’s just what we did.

The only thing we did plan? Lunch. The team from a really cool spot called Geales in Notting Hill had contacted me a while ago and invited us for a meal next time we were around, and since we loved Notting Hill so much the first time we were here, we thought it was the perfect excuse to come back and enjoy this area a bit more.

You can’t really blame us.

Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

You had me at Prosecco

They greeted us with some sparkling wine and immediately I felt at home (jk, guys. I’m not an alcoholic).

The site looks great from the outside, and once you step in you can definitely feel the seaside vibe that transports you to a whole different era. It all makes you forget that you’re in the middle of a big city for the duration of the meal which, to me, is an amazing quality in a restaurant.

After having the hardest time deciding what we were going to eat (everything sounded amazing!), we decided on some crispy squid and some oysters.

Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

Salt and pepper crispy squid, with sweet and sour sauce.

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

Crispy squid

The crispy squid is definitely the best ones we’ve tried so far, and if you’ve been reading me for a while, you know we’re always ordering crispy seafood. The level of crispiness was absolutely perfect.

It was crunchy, full of flavour, and nice. Everything you’d expect from crispy seafood bits, and then some more.

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

Mersea rock oysters

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

Traditional oysters

Don’t tell anyone, but this was my first time trying oysters and, even though it was a bit scared, I was also super intrigued and decided to go for it.

They were incredibly fresh and perfect for this seafood mood. Another great discovery for the day!

Then it was time for our main courses.

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

Geales Fish and Chips: Peterhead haddock

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

A closeup so you can see the crispiness of this amazing batter.

If you can’t already tell from the photo, the batter was splendid. It was just the right amount of crispiness in every bite.

I mean, we were supposed to share both entrees but G liked this one so much that he decided to have it (almost) all to himself. I hope that tells you something.

To me, batter is what makes or breaks a good dish of fish and chips, and this one definitely makes me put Geales Fish and Chips on top of my list.

I know want to plan another trip to London just so I can have some more.

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

Virgin Mary lobster linguine

Geales. Our favourite restaurant in Notting Hill, London

How gorgeous is the presentation, right?

Since G didn’t want to share the fish and chips with me, I had the pleasure of having all of this lobster linguini for myself. This dish, just like everything else we had, was superb. Every single bite I took was full of tomato flavour, which I loved, with a seafood taste afterwards.

The lobster was outstanding, as anyone would expect from such a nice restaurant, and the tomato pieces made me love the whole pasta dish even more.

Overall, there’s not a thing we didn’t love from this visit.

The restaurant was delightful, the staff was kind and friendly, and incredibly helpful when it came to giving us recommendations, and the food was exceptional.

If you’re ever visiting this amazing city, I’d definitely recommend a walk around Notting Hill and a lunch or dinner here (heck, they even do brunch!). I promise you, you won’t regret it! And also, you’ll get some nice pictures from it 😉

Before I finish, I’d like to thank everyone from Geales for the invitation and the nice attention they provided during our lunch. We couldn’t have asked for more.


Any way, please let me know if you like this whole travel-eats series and if you’d be interested in knowing about our future foodventures in cities other than the one(s) we call home, because I’d love to share them with you whenever we have the chance.

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Thanks for reading me!

Michelle’s out.