Breakfast and Kronuts!

We’re talking about a really cool-looking spot here today, and chances are that if you’re in Manchester, you’ve probably walked past by and asked yourself “what is that place with tons of pretty flowers and why is everyone excited?”, or you’ve at least seen them on Instagram. If you haven’t, tell me your secret, because I know I’ve seen tons of yummy pictures with amazing backgrounds, and exciting comments from everyone that gets the chance to go to get a table at Albert’s Schloss (yes, you may need to book in advance if you want to reduce your wait time).

We saw an opportunity and decided to jump in for some early brunch (I think we’re supposed to refer to this as breakfast, but it feels weird when I’m talking about morning food in the weekends) and you can probably tell from the title and the photo on top there were cronuts involved, yay!

If you haven’t seen the outside of this restaurant, go take a look, because it really catches your eye. I regret not taking a picture to show you guys here but I promise there must be hundreds of photos online showing you how cool this place looks in real life. G did take a couple of pictures to show you the inside, and these are my favourite two:

The bar at Albert's Schloss

The bar at Albert’s Schloss

Albert's Schloss in Manchester

This place is filled with several interesting spots

But I know you can get photos online. Let’s talk about our food, shall we?

I decided to jump in with something that sounded different and interesting because why not, right? Some days I just wake up feeling adventurous and just say YOLO to justify pretty much every odd decision that I make in that day.

This is what I’m talking about when I say every corner of this place catches your eye!

Breakfast at Albert's Schloss

Crayfish eggs Benedict: Poached eggs, crayfish, spinach, toasted muffin, tarragon hollandaise.

G was kinda mad at me for picking this (because this meant that he had to try something else so we could share) but I just couldn’t resist it!

The crayfish made the whole eggs Benedict dish taste completely different to what I’m used to. Sometimes with eggs Benedict (or pretty much any other breakfast/brunch dish) you feel like if you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all, but that was definitely not the case with this one.

If you’re not adventurous, this might not be for you; but if you want to give your taste buds something to surprise them, go for it!

Broke’n English sandwich: broken egg yolk, treacle cured bacon, cheddar, avocado, topped with red chilli jam on a soft roll.

So yes, G was sad when I picked the eggs Benedict for myself but recovered immediately after reading about a sandwich that had a bit of all the things he likes for breakfast (bacon, cheddar and chilli!).

I took a couple of bites and it was really nice. Safer than the crayfish, if you’re not feeling that daring, but yet full of flavour in every bite. Liked the avocado in it (which not all places get!) and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the chilli jam wasn’t spicy by any means.

Finally, the star of this show.

Cronut at Albert's Schloss.

White chocolate and raspberry cronut.

I’ve seen people on Instagram going crazy about this latest food trend that combines other sweet breakfast elements with croissant textures. I’ve heard about Kronuts (croissant + donut), and cruffins (croissant + muffin), and at Albert’s Schloss they serve both!

They offer different topping/flavour combinations and change them every so often so you can have excuses to go back and try something else! Also, I loved the fact that they’re baked fresh every morning, double win!

My favourite part was the texture provided by the croissant part of this mix, and although we couldn’t really feel the white chocolate as much as I’d wanted (chocoholic here!), we still enjoyed the sweetness combined with the raspberry flavour. This was definitely my favourite part of the meal.

Overall, we liked the vibe and the look of the place, and I give them extra points for being different. It’s great to have a nice spot to go when you want to change your everyday coffee/breakfast scenery.

However, taking into consideration that you need to book in advance and sometimes we’re just in the mood for some easy unplanned brunch, maybe you have a better chance of getting a table and food faster at Another heart to feed or at 19 Cafe Bar and food will be just as good!

I love getting brunch no matter where it is, and any excuse is great to try a different restaurant, right?

Let me know what’s your favourite brunch spot in Manchester (or anywhere in the world, tbh!) and if you’ve tried cronuts or cruffins before, and what are your thoughts on them.


Thanks for reading me and joining me for yet another foodventure. I hope the rest of your week is filled with even more yummy dishes! Don’t forget to subscribe here.


Michelle’s out.