Our favourite wine bar in the Northern Quarter

One of the perks of living in the Northern Quarter (or any other cool neighbourhood in a city) is having lots of options when it comes to places to eat or drink. Back in the days, G and I used to be really boring and kept it safe when it came to our eating/drinking out spots. Once we found something that we liked, we sticked with it for months (or even years!), but not anymore.

Less than a year ago I decided that I wanted to start my own food blog and that forced me to get a bit out of my comfort zone and explore different things to share with everyone. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy trying new places before, it’s just that I didn’t really take the time to do it this often. This decision has been amazing to both of us, and we now enjoy trying different restaurants on a weekly basis. However, being someone that literally needs to go out and find something new every so often (so I don’t bore you all with the same two spots every time), this means that when we decide that we like a place so much that we’re going to revisit, things got real.

And that was precisely the case with Bakerie.

The bar at Bakerie

Honouring their name when you first come in.

How can anyone not love this place? The atmosphere is so nice and cozy when you first step in, and the whole restaurant seems to be inviting you to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Or at least that’s what happened to me!

We were greeted by Alex, and every encounter we had with her or someone else from the staff was lovely. You can tell how much effort they put into making your whole experience a pleasant one, and to me that means the most when I visit a place like this.

After giving us some brilliant food and drinks recommendations (I’ll get back to that in a second), she was telling me that they started as a wine bar six years ago, but they’re always changing things up and keeping up with the latest trends. They’re even changing their menu soon (which is an amazing excuse for us to go back, yay!).

But I know many of you don’t care about this whole story. You want to know what we had.

Strawberry and basil daiquiri for me, a glass of Alfrocheiro for G.

This is one of the reasons why I love asking the staff for recommendations, they usually go for something that I wouldn’t have tried on my own, and it’s mostly an amazing new thing to try.

This cocktail blew my mind. Not because it was groundbreaking or anything, most of you probably have already had (or heard about) a strawberry daiquiri before, but the fact that they added basil into this mix gave it a 180 degree twist. It felt nice, fresh, different, and you need to try it if you enjoy cocktails.

G enjoyed his red wine as usual. You can’t go wrong with a strong red wine.

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

Seafood board: in house smoked Scottish salmon, king prawns, and smoked sea trout.

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

Seafood board

They offer a nice variety of boards (you can get a meat board, seafood board, cheese board or vegan board) and you can customize them all, which I really liked. They give you six components to choose from so you can build your own board of deliciousness and get whatever you enjoy the most.

In our case, all of the things we had were especially fresh, and we loved the variety and possibility of try different things in just one dish. The king prawns were nice and tender, and everything was seasoned perfectly so it’s a big thumbs up from both of us!

Old Skool rabbit one pot stew: Tender chunks of rabbit slowly cooked with onion, celery, garlic, root veg, smoked streaky bacon, in a lightly spiced honey mead sauce served with your choice of Bakerie bread.

This is what I’m talking about when I say that the staff recommends the best things.

When Alex brought us this rabbit stew, I wasn’t completely convinced but still gave it a try, of course, and it proved me wrong in my first try. It was so delightful and tasty, we finished the whole pot in less than five minutes.

The rabbit was super flavourful as well, and it was so nice and tender, I just can’t describe with words how much I enjoyed it!

Also, this is probably going to sound super lame but their bread is so amazing and fresh. Every loaf we had, we loved! (I know, that’s probably because they’re called “bakerie” but I still had to say it).

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

French fizz cooler: Chambord, lemon, sugar and prosecco, the ultimate berry bonanza.

By this point I had already finished my daiquiri, so I asked Alex to surprise me with another cocktail. She said “it’s going to be hard to give you something that you like as much as the daiquiri, but I’ll try my best”.

This drink was super refreshing and I can definitely picture myself having some on the warmer days (when we’re lucky enough to have them we gotta get out and make the best out of them, right?).

I really liked the citrusy flavour I got from the lemon combined with the sweet base, this is definitely a must-have for the summertime.

I do have to say that Alex was right, the strawberry and basil daiquiri is still my favourite.

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

Cheese board: Reblochon, Port Salute, Gorgonzola, Manchego, served with a basket of artisan bread, a smooth fruity quince jelly and maple roasted walnuts.

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

Cheese board

Of course we weren’t done with just two dishes, you know we’re always pushing everything to the limit and trying out more dishes than what a normal human being can probably eat in one sitting.

Once again, I loved the fact that you can customize your cheese board and pick between their finest artisan cheeses. They even have some daily specials that aren’t regularly on the menu (and I’d advise you to try those if you’re in for something nice and different!), and they pair everything with jelly and walnuts to give you a variety of choices and combinations to make the whole thing even more interesting.

Alex surprised us with a nice mix of bland and strong cheeses, but again, you can create your own depending on what you’re craving.

It’s nice to mix the jelly with some cheese, and I’m sure I’m not the first one doing it (even though G was looking at me like I was a weirdo when I did it) so I’d definitely advise you to try it!

Combining cheese with their walnut bread or even with the maple roasted walnuts is also a great idea if you love mixing different textures just like I do.

We loved every cheese. I can’t pick a favourite, they all stole my heart. You need to go and try them yourself, and then you’ll understand.

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

Dark chocolate and chilli tart

Our favourite wine bar in Manchester

Time for dessert

Of course we still had room for dessert!

The combination of all the components here was incredible. The spice in the chilli brought the best out of the dark chocolate, and both of them combined with the caramel bed between the filling and the tart itself made this a perfect balance between sweet and spice.

This, as well, has two thumbs up on our side, just like everything else we had.


Overall, we fell in love with Bakerie and we’re already planning to go back. The atmosphere was inviting and cozy, all the food we had was exciting and interesting, and the drinks were the perfect complement to a lovely Saturday afternoon.

I cannot stress enough how much you guys are missing out if you haven’t been here.

If you love a good wine, some nice food and a great space to chat, this is for you.


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Enough talking. Time for some wine.

Michelle’s out.