Finally, found some dogs!

Or as G would say because of a movie that he watched idk how long ago: “some dawgss”. Don’t ask me what he’s talking about because I have no idea, that’s just something between him and Drew. He even wanted me to put dawgs on the title of this article. 

Anyway, the thing is that coming from the states, we used to eat hot dogs every once in a while. And to be fairly honest, G was starting to panic day after day because he ate his last hot dog four months ago (yes, we’ve been here for four months already!), so when I saw The Waldorf on Instagram with some incredibly looking hot dogs, I knew I had to take him there and see what their dogs were all about.

Hot dogs in Manchester

Inside the Waldorf

This is how it works.

This pub is –you guessed it right– two minutes away from our flat, and you can bet that we’ll be coming back for their dog deals (one MASSIVE hot dog, fries and a drink for £10), or for their prosecco (a bottle of prosecco with three fruits for only £15!).

We got in and talked to Becky at the bar. You know how we roll: “just recommend us what you like the most” and she did.

They have sets of hot dogs and burgers that share the same toppings, so you can decide if you want it with a sausage or a patty, depending on your mood, which I found to be really cool. Whatever you decide to have, I bet it’ll be really different to other hot dogs/burgers you’ve had before. I know I was surprised after every combination I read, and I’m guessing I cannot be the only one.

We tried pretty much everything that sounded either really cool, different, or both, and this is our story:

Smokey polish dog in Manchester

Smokey Polish dog: Bockwust, hot horseradish, sauerkraut, sweet mustard and crispy shallots.

Smokey polish hot dog

We started with the Smokey Polish dog and I need to warn you all: this dog was especially hot and spicy so beware before ordering it if you’re like me and cannot really tolerate spice that much. G, on the other hand, loved that, so it depends on your preference and how you like your food.

I did enjoy the sausage itself, and if you like sauerkraut, you’ll get tons of it with this dog (or burger, if you go that way) so this could be a great one to order. Also, I don’t really trust that mustard being sweet because to me it was hot! But again, if you’re into spicy food, you’ll love it.

One of my favorite Hot Dogs in Manchester

Coney Island Chili Dog: Bockwurst smothered with a hot and spicy chili beef, cheese, fine chopped onion and mustard.

Then came one of our favorites for the whole day: the Coney Island Chili Dog.

Boy, this is serious. This hot dog is a classic but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get it right. Good news is these guys did!

I was hesitating at first, specially because of the ‘hot and spicy’ description for the chili (you need to understand that I had just tried the Smokey Polish dog!) but I still gave it a go, and I’m so happy I did. We both really enjoyed the chili and the way it paired with the sausage in the hot dog. It was a bit spicy but completely tolerable, and that spice wasn’t overpowering by any means, it just brought out the best of all flavours.

Also, the mix of textures was wonderful. And if you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that means a lot to me when trying out new food.

Hot dog heaven in Manchester

Ranch dog: Bockwurst topped with BBQ pulled pork and lashings of hand cut appleslaw.

Another one of our favourites: the ranch dog.

This might sound like too much to some, but to us it was absolute perfection. I would have never imagine having a hot dog with pulled pork but now that I’ve tried it, it makes complete sense to me (and my taste buds).

The pulled pork surely killed me. Every bite was enjoyable, to the point that I almost dreaded sharing half of it with G.

Once again, the textures on this one were also a key part of me enjoying it so much. Two thumbs up!

Korean burger: 5oz beef patty, pickled kimchi, Gochujang mayo, salad and shallots.

G kept repeating again and again how much he liked the kimchi (no, seriously. He said it after every single bite) so if you’re a fan, this one (or a Korean hot dog) is for you.

There’s a great balance between the burger/beef base and the strong flavour of the kimchi, and I’m glad to say it wasn’t as spicy as the polish dog (because otherwise, I don’t think I would be here telling you this).

After we finished with these, we were trying to decide on a favourite, and it was really hard. We both gave it some thoughts, and I can say that I’m still between the Coney Island Chilli Dog and the Ranch Dog, because it depends on what kind of mood you’re in, or what flavours do you enjoy the most.

If you’re in for the chilli and something a bit spicy, of course go for the Coney Island, but if you’re looking to try something new, then maybe the Ranch is the right one for you.

G’s favourite was the Coney Island “hands down” (his words, not mine), in case you’re interested.

The Londoner Bangers & Mash: A gold medal winning classic British pork sausage with fresh herbs and spices.

Another view of The Londoner.

Of course we just couldn’t leave this place without a good set of bangers and mash.

This is an all-time classic, but again, doesn’t mean you’ll get it right.

The onion rings were nice and crispy, kinda reminded me of the ones we had at the Crafty Pig, and that was a great introduction. I’m sorry guys, you know I can’t help it. 

The sausage was nicely cooked, but the star of this show was the red wine gravy.

I know what you might be thinking “oh, gravy. How good could it be?”. Mate, you haven’t tried a gravy like this one before. It was so flavourful and then the wine touch at the end. Made the best complement to a super nice and creamy mash with crispy shallots mixed inside.


Overall, it was a great finding and we’ll definitely be coming back, specially for the dawgs. I’m excited to see what else is hiding in their menu, but I’ll probably order again one of my favourites, because I liked them too much.

What about you? Are you guys big fans of hot dogs/sausages or are you more of a burger person? Leave me a comment or let me know on Instagram. I need to know if G is the only one that feels this passionate about dogs.

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That’s it for today. Thanks for reading me. I’ll talk to you on Thursday again.

Michelle’s out.