Waffle Wednesday + Chocolate madness

Yes, guys. Waffle Wednesday is a thing. And to be completely honest with you, I’m not even mad about it.

I’m all in for this trend of dedicating a specific day of the week to a particular dish/food group. The only downside in my mind is that there are no days that begin with P, so I’m guessing that means that there won’t be a pizza day. Although, if you really think about it, any day is pizza day, right?

Am I too obsessed with pizza? Maybe. Is it a healthy obsession? I don’t know. Do I need to stop? Don’t even think about it.

Now, let’s get this waffle party started.

Waffle Wednesday madness at Sugar Rays, Manchester.

Jessica and Dan’s waffles: Fairground Ride (front), and Strawberry Splits, respectively.

We live two minutes away from Sugar Rays, and ever since I found them on Instagram and found out about their Waffle Wednesday, I knew I needed to try them. The bad thing is that being a weekday, I needed a good excuse to cheat my ‘healthy lifestyle’ that I’m trying to live by on weekdays (not that I really need an important excuse, tbh), so when I talked to Jessica (@mcrfoodie) and decided that we were going to get some treats and catch up, I found the perfect excuse to try this sweet deal (hey, it’s two waffles for £10).

Waffle Wednesday madness at Sugar Rays, Manchester.

Strawberry Splits waffles, with tons of Nutella, strawberries and banana pieces.

We sat down and, without even talking to each other, we ordered one of each, so this is the first sign that they have something for everyone! As long as you enjoy extra sugary treats.

I know what you might be thinking, did you guys actually eat all of those waffles? oh, yes we did. In case you can’t tell, G and I are really into this Instagram trend of massive desserts filled with sugar and goodness, hence our frequent visits to Black Milk for their amazing and massive freakshakes, and my newest love for Bobotea’s bubble waffles. If you haven’t tried any of those, you’re missing out.

Waffle Wednesday madness at Sugar Rays, Manchester.

PB & Jelly waffles.

I usually try to share some of my food with G, so we can both try more dishes on the menu. In this case, you’ll have to trust Jessica’s and Dan’s opinions because I didn’t eat their waffles, but they really enjoyed their treats. If you’re not into that sugar rush feeling afterwards, you might want to skip the Fairground Ride waffles. But if you have a sweet tooth like Jessica does, then go for it!

G’s waffles I did try, and I was surprised by how much I liked the PB & jelly combination on them. At first it seemed kinda odd, because I usually go for pb & jelly sandwiches, but that’s pretty much it. When I had the first bite, everything made sense to me. It was an amazing combination, and if you love PB & jelly sandwiches, you won’t be disappointed.

Waffle Wednesday madness at Sugar Rays, Manchester.

Cookies n’ cream waffles

But the real star of the night were my waffles. These babies stole the show because they were even better than what they look (and in my mind, they look AMAZING, even though light wasn’t really helping the case).

Yes, those are actual cookies in between my waffles.

Beware, I have a sweet tooth so these are not for someone that doesn’t enjoy super sweet treats. And on a normal day, I’d probably have a stack like this for dessert and I’ll share it with G. So that would be my recommendation for you. Unless you want to go all in and eat waffles for dinners (as we did), I wouldn’t dare to judge anyone based on their food choices! (unless it’s pineapple on pizza, but let’s try to avoid that debate here).

The waffles were great on their own, because they weren’t too sweet, so they paired greatly with the toppings. I loved filling some of my waffle squares with ice cream, and that would be my only complaint. I wish they had given us a bit more of ice cream, but I know that I’m probably the only one asking for more after looking at that tower of waffles.

The cookies between the waffles were perfect as well, because they were kinda crispy on the outside and yet somehow chewy on the inside, specially when dripped with the chocolate that came on top of everything.

Overall, we loved it and we might do it again (if anyone wants to give me a good excuse!). I’d say that it’s a thing you gotta do every once in a while, specially when we’re talking about a great deal like two waffles for £10!

What about you? Have you had any massive waffles like these? Where? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment or send me a DM over Instagram or Twitter.


That’s it for today, guys. Mark your calendars, because tomorrow it’ll be waffle Wednesday again. 

Michelle’s out!