Burger madness and PIZZA FRIES!

That’s right, folks. You read that correctly. We’re talking about pizza fries today.

Isn’t this the greatest invention after pizza (or fries)? I mean, what’s not to love about this amazing combination?

But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

This foodventure started with G and I running errands, and me having to buy trainers at the junior’s section because my feet are too small for adult shoes (and also because I wanted hi tops and apparently that’s only for boys/men). Of course we got hungry after a while but hey, how convenient is it that we’re always five minutes away from the Northern Quarter? Probably not too convenient if we were trying to eat healthy, but that’s not the case on the weekends.

Now, ever since we tried Almost famous, and Yard and Coop’s loaded fries, we’ve been absolutely loving big burgers and fries with pretty much everything that’s good in life on them, so when I came across Solita’s Instagram account, I knew I needed to pay them a visit ASAP.

Bacon double cheese burger: 2 ounces of melted cheese, crispy bacon, ketchup, held together with a slice of bacon candy. With a side of pizza fries!

I asked for suggestions on Twitter (@mlovestoeat) and had the hardest time of my life deciding on what to order, because everything sounded mouthwatering.

I went with the double bacon burger because anything with double bacon instantly wins a spot in my heart. The bacon was nice and crispy, the meat was full of flavour in every single bite I took, and the amount of cheese was perfect for a cheese lover like myself. The only thing is that next time I’ll probably ask for my burger medium instead of well done, to keep it even juicier.

But let’s talk about what we all came for: pizza fries. They were really nice and cheesy, and the pepperoni was a touch of spice and meatiness that my heart welcomed in every bite.

Manc-Hattan: Manchester meets Manhattan. Oven bottom roll, pastrami, melted Lancashire cheese, panko fried black pudding, Coney Island mustard mayo.

Bacon wrapped onion rings.

And then came G’s burger. This man became the emoji with the heart eyes when he read “panko fried black pudding” because lately he has been having an obsession with black pudding, and he finally had the chance to fulfill his dream.

He’s a meat lover in every kind of food group possible (pizza, burgers, you name it, he’s into it), and he was completely pleased with his choice.

I just had one (and a half) of his onion rings and I can say that they’re as glorious as they look. Absolute heaven.

Crunchy, salty, and bacon-y. All the good things in life.

Overall, we had an amazing experience and can’t wait to go back and try all of the many dishes that everyone recommended me on twitter. We’re now big fans of Solita, and if you’ve been there, I don’t think you can blame us!


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All set. I should stop writing now.

Michelle’s out!