The brunch addiction continues

I don’t even think this is a problem. I just started eating brunch some months ago and know that  I get why people love it so much, I can’t stop brunching.

No one can blame me for my love of eating breakfast food late enough for me to sleep a little more on the weekends, right?

That’s what brought me to this moment.

Every single morning I walk by 19 Cafe Bar, but this was the first time that I said to myself “okay, you really should get in and see what they’re all about”.

Let me tell you something, folks. Don’t be fooled by the exterior, which isn’t bad but doesn’t reflect the real atmosphere by any means. Once you step inside, you’ll find the coziest place to sit down and have some brunch!

I was surprised (in the best way possible) by how nice and cute it was. I think the sun reflecting on the glass doesn’t let you see the style and the decor when you’re walking by. That or maybe it’s just me. G would probably say that it’s because I’m never paying attention to anything because there’s like 300 things going through my mind at all times. Which might be a little bit true, tbh.

Their playlist out me in the best mood ever, and got me ready to enjoy the rest of my Sunday, so that was another big plus.

If you need a stronger boost, they’ve got booze for your brunch, but we went down the boring lane and ordered some coffee and breakfast tea for ourselves (I know, we might be the worst millennials on earth).

Open bagel with cream cheese, bacon, smashed avocado, and topped with poached eggs. 

Poached egg perfection.

This was G’s choice, but you know I had to get a bite of it (I also shared mine, okay? Don’t judge me!).

It had a citrusy touch that combined perfectly with the avocado, and of course you know I love anything that involves avocado for breakfast/brunch, so this was an absolute win in my book.

The bacon was nice and crispy, and the poached eggs were absolutely perfect.

I really loved the avocado toast concept over a toasted bagel. This one is absolutely recommended!

Eggs Benedict: parma ham, two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, on a muffin.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t go for an avocado toast this time! And I don’t regret my decision for a second.

Not that G’s open bagel wasn’t good, it’s just that I was definitely more in an egg’s Benedict kinda mood this day.

The muffin was toasted and had some butter, as you can see on the pictures, and the salty parma ham paired greatly with the egg’s and the creamy hollandaise sauce.

It’s an amazing way to get your morning (or afternoon) going, that’s for sure. This one also has two thumbs up from me! 

And that’s pretty much it. We came, we brunched, we left with a big smile on our faces.

I hope you enjoyed this brunch foodventure, and I’d love to know what’s your favorite brunch spot or your dish of choice. You can leave me a comment here, send me pictures of your brunch on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), or just tag me next time you see something yummy! And don’t forget to subscribe (by filling the box at the right end of this page) to be the first one to know about my upcoming foodventures!


I hope to have you back next week.

Michelle’s out!