Our amazing Dim Sum experience

One of the things I’ve loved the most about being a food blogger (besides trying out tons of amazing places and dishes, duh!) is meeting other people that are also passionate about going on foodventures, or even restaurant owners. I like the fact that we all share a love for food and yummy things and that brings us together. That’s how this foodventure got started!

A couple of weeks ago I posted on Instagram a photo of our Thai foodventure and Jessica (@mcrfoodie) commented if I’ve ever tried Dim Sum. One thing led to another, and we ended up meeting for a foodie date at a Chinese restaurant called Glamorous.

It was our first time going to this place, and also, our first time trying Dim Sum, so we were really excited but didn’t know what to expect from this whole experience (spoiler alert: we’ve already been there again, and even took some of our friends with us!).

Glamorous is actually on top of a Chinese super market called Wing Yip, and if you’ve ever had to pick up a package from the post office, you’ve probably walked past it a couple of times before.

The most interesting thing for us was that, on Sundays, they have a traditional trolley service (once again, thanks to Jessica for sharing all of this information!), so you can actually see people pushing carts around the restaurant and offering different dishes, and you just get whatever you want to eat at that time.

This is both exciting and dangerous, because everything smelled really good, so it’s easy to get carried away by all the possibilities, but we loved it because we were able to experiment with different things to share between the four of us, and we could always stop when we felt stuffed.

The first time we went, Jessica ordered for us, and everything she brought to the table was absolutely amazing. On our second visit, we were just seeing what sounded (and smelled) good to us, and went with the flow. Either way, it’s an amazing experience so don’t feel intimidated by the whole situation.

Now, let’s start with the food!

Char Sui Bun: roast pork bun steam version (叉燒包)

These buns were absolutely amazing. It was definitely one of our favorites (although, tbh, we loved pretty much everything). The pork was incredibly tasty and well seasoned, and the steamed bun was nice and soft, so you feel like you could eat the whole serving to yourself in no time. If you’re here, you definitely need to get one of these!

Xiao long bao: Pork soup dumplings ( 小籠包)

Yes! These had soup inside, and it sounds a little messier than it actually was (believe me, I’m the messiest person on earth and I didn’t have any trouble having these).

I loved the pork on these dumplings as well, but my favorite part was the fact that it was mixed into the soup. To someone that has never tried anything apart from ‘regular’ dumplings, this was pretty amazing.

Dan Ta: Egg Tart ( 蛋撻)

To quote Ellie (one of the friends we brought with us the second time) this was like “dessert in the middle of our meal, and I’m into it”.

I was actually surprised when I had my first bite. To be fair, I didn’t know what I was expecting, but these tarts had a sweet taste to them, which I really enjoyed. It’s just that, between all the salty and savory foods, you probably wouldn’t expect something that tastes like dessert in the middle of your meal, but I really liked them (hence, we ordered them on round two!).

They were nice and creamy, and the tart part of them was really yummy as well.

Lo Bat So: Chinese Radish (aka mooli) Cake (蘿蔔酥)

If I had to name my absolute favorite thing from Glamorous, this would be it.

If you guys ever decide to go for this dim sum foodventure (trust me, you won’t regret it), you can’t leave the place without trying these!

They’re the best pastries I’ve ever tried.

These cakes are kinda sweet, but not in a dessert kinda way. I know all of these descriptions sound kinda weird, but this whole experience was completely different from anything I’ve tried before, so it’s hard to put it into words.

Conclusion: do yourself a favor and get these babies. You can thank me later.

Har gau: prawn dumplings with bamboo shoots ( 蝦餃)

I’m a fan of pretty much anything that has prawn in it, and this was no exception.

Just like with the pork soup dumplings, these were full of flavor and were the perfect bite size (actually, two bites) to make the whole situation really easy to manage, specially for someone as clumsy as myself.

You should have seen G’s face when I was trying to grab these with my chopsticks. You could definitely tell how scared he was of me dropping everything on the table and making a mess, but it was fine. I survived! 

Beef and Spring onions ball dumplings with Worcestershire sauce (牛肉球)

I know what you guys must be thinking: “How much did you eat, guys?”, and the answer is A LOT. But we enjoyed every single bite we took, so it’s okay, right?

That’s the magic of the trolley service, food just keeps coming your way, and you never know what the next trolley is going to bring!

But back to the food, these were like extra savory meatballs and we really enjoyed them. I liked how they were seasoned, and the sauce they had made them even better.

Deepfried calamari (魷魚蘇)

And of course you can’t go wrong with deep-fried calamari!

These were extra crunchy and the sauce was kinda sweet, so I just kept eating them anytime the plate was near my seat. I genuinely think I ate half of the dish, so believe me when I say these were amazing as well.

Overall, we had amazing experiences both times, and I’d encourage anyone to try Dim Sum at least once! You get to share with the rest of the people at your table, so there’s no need to commit to just one dish, and if you go to Glamorous, you definitely need to go on a Sunday so you can get trolley service and tell me your thoughts on it.

That’s it for today, mate. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on these dishes, and please share your recommendations if you know any other places we should visit next time! We’re always up for a nice foodventure.

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If you’re still with me, thanks for reading!

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