Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!

And we’re not talking about champagne! Although I’m in to get some glasses if anyone wants to join me

We’re beginning this foodventure in a really unexpected place, at least for me, because I never thought I’d be food blogging about at place I found in Arndale, but Bobotea always has called my name, not only because of their pretty stand, or because of the amount of people that are always walking around with their teas, but because of the bubble teas themselves!

I might be the only food blogger that hasn’t tried these yet, and I decided to jump into this trend and see what the fuzz was about.

Lychee iced tea with strawberry bubbles.

I need to say this: everyone was right. Bubble teas are delicious!

It’s really hard to explain, but I love the feeling of actually getting these bubbles sort of ‘exploding’ in my mouth and mixing themselves with the rest of my tea.

I’m a big iced tea fan, and even though I’ve never had Lychee tea before, the mix of colors on this drink definitely called my name. What can I say? I live for the pretty drinks/food/pictures! Sorry not sorry

But back to the tea: it was really refreshing, and perfect for a walk around when checking some stores, or just as a refreshment on these warm days that we’ve been getting lately. Now I know where to go whenever it’s hot outside!

While I was drinking my tea, I got the chance to chat with some other regular customers and they also recommended me the blueberry bubble tea, so next time I might get that one! Have you had bubble tea before? Am I crazy for liking the bubble’s feeling? I just love saying bubbles a lot, as you can already tell.

They’re now serving bubble waffles!

And just to continue with the bubble theme, I had some bubble waffles as well!

They have a lot of flavours and combinations to choose from, and it was hard having to pick between the unicorn waffle and a chocolate madness one but, as you can probably already tell from the photo at the beginning of this post, I went for the later one, and I don’t regret it for a second.

The Kinder: Nutella, Kinder Bueno, Kinder choc, Vanilla Ice cream, and chocolate sauce.

The ice cream was incredibly nice and creamy, and since the bubble waffle is made to order, it was warm so it softened the ice cream a bit, which I consider ideal when it comes to eating my cold treats (please tell me I’m not the only one!).

You can’t go wrong when pairing Kinder Bueno and Nutella, specially when you throw vanilla ice cream in the mix as well. The nicest part is that the ice cream on this one wasn’t as sweet as a regular vanilla ice cream, so it paired perfectly with the other treats.

Also, if you feel like this is too overwhelming and you’re going to drop it everywhere, trust me when I say that it’s easier to eat than what it looks like. I’m a really messy eater and had absolutely no trouble eating this, so it getsΒ two thumbs up on my side!

While I was eating this I got the chance to talk to Jacqui about how she got to this point, and surprisingly enough she told me that this business had been going on for almost six years now! As to why she decided to start it? She just loved bubble tea! (And who wouldn’t?)

Her team works in perfect synergy, even during their busiest times. And my favorite part (apart from the treats, of course!) was getting to see how much attention to details they all put in order to deliver the best quality to every customer.

Bubble teas are their newest addition to the menu, and they even have some matcha soft serve to go with them, which is incredibly nice and yummy as well, specially if you’re a big matcha lover!

I loved how they bring this asian food trends all the way to Manchester, and how amazing their flavors and combinations are. Next time you’re checking some stores at Arndale, make sure to pay them a visit! I promise you won’t regret it πŸ˜‰

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I hope you come back for Thursday’s foodventure, because it’s a yummy one!

Michelle’s out.