This is getting cheesy

This one is going to be a short one, because it’s just a complement to the post I made on Thursday. If you read that one, then you already know how we got to Grub, and if you didn’t, please go check it out by clicking here!

The thing is, I got some really nice ice cream sandwiches, but then G decided it was time for lunch (because this didn’t feel like brunch but it was definitely his first meal of the day), so we went and took a walk around trying to find something yummy for us to eat. And boy, we found the cheesiest place we could imagine (in the best way possible)!

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone here that we’re¬†big cheese lovers, and we’re always excited to try mac n’ cheese inventions (like Yard and Coop’s mac n’ cheese balls, or this pesto chicken mac n’ cheese), so when we saw a place that was called Mac Daddies and sold ‘gourmet mac & cheese’, we just couldn’t resist.

We’ve already had two ice cream sandwiches by this point, so we decided that one serving will be good enough to share, and of course we picked the chorizo mac n’ cheese because: a) sometimes we’re boring people and we like to stick to what we know we’ll like, and b) G was the one who picked it and it had chorizo and chili so it was perfect for him.

Chorizo mac n’ cheese (and G’s cheese pull abilities showing!)

I love the fact that they make everything to order so you can rest assured that your dish is completely fresh and not reheated from the night before. Also, they do put tons of cheese in it, which is always great, and you can manage an amazing cheese pull just like G did, to show off your abilities for an amazing insta shot (or even a boomerang!).

But now let’s get to the important part: how was it?

It was really good! The chorizo gave it an amazing flavor, of course, and the mixture between this and the cheese is of course delicious. They know how to properly cook mac n’ cheese (which sounds ridiculous but I personally feel that sometimes people overcook it and that ruins the whole experience), and they put enough chilies to make it spicy and savory, and yet not too many to make it completely inedible to someone that doesn’t like spicy food like myself.

This short foodventure has me really excited about Mac Daddies¬†and I’m curious to see what their other inventions taste like.

If you are too, I’d advise you to follow them on Instagram or Twitter (@macdaddiesmcr on both) to see where you can find them next time, as I believe they’re always “bringing cheesy goodness to the streets” according to their twitter bio, and attend different local events every once in a while.

Now tell me about you? Do you like this mac n’ cheese inventions or you’d rather stay with the good old classic? I’d love to know!

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I hope you liked this short and cheesy foodventure. I’ll talk to you again next week.

Michelle’s out!