Bring on the ice cream!

I mean, I’ve never heard about a bad story that involved ice cream, so this one should be good.

If you’re following my foodventures on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), you already know we went to Grub, a really nice food fair at Mayfield, and tried some yummy food (duh!).

The first thing I liked about Grub is the location, because it’s fairly close to where we live, and then the possibility to support local businesses and get a different taste of the city.

I’m all for supporting local initiatives, and finding a fair that does the same, and alternates vendors on a weekly basis to give everyone a chance, and offer some variety to everyone that wants to visit, was definitely exciting.

After spending a night out at Slug and Lettuce, and then some other bars in the city center (and then some wine at our friend’s place until like 4 am in the morning), I woke up hungry and absolutely not ready to cook, so we decided to head out to Mayfield.

What actually brought us to this place was a brand called Scoop Up that serves amazing ice cream sandwiches using local resources, tons of creativity, and a smile on their faces with every scoop.

This time they decided to offer a vegan alternative for their cookies and ice cream!

They have something for everyone: from vegan cookies, and regular chocolate chips, to sugary meringue with fruity flavors.

We came really early, so they still had all their flavors available (but they sell out pretty fast!), and since people were just starting to come in, I got the chance to talk to them and learn more about their stories, the behind the scenes, and how they got started with this great business.

The first thing that surprised me is that they make absolutely every single thing that they serve (including ice cream, of course!) because they want to provide the best quality in their products and want to give everyone a creative take on this classic treat.

For every bumblebee macaron sandwich that they sold, they donate some of their earnings to help and support victims of the devastating attack that Manchester suffered a couple of weeks ago.

Of course they have classic cookies as well! I just couldn’t skip these.


They’re definitely passionate about everything they do, and I was really excited to see how their brainstorming process works when no one is around (yes, my stalker side is showing here!). I even got the chance to hear about their ideas for the future, some ‘themes’ they want to incorporate to their flavor list, and what they’re planning on inventing next, which sounded really promising (and I cannot share for obvious reasons). If you want to know firsthand about this launches, make sure to follow them!

They change their flavors for every event so you can be sure that you’ll find something different on every scoop (no pun intended) and a reason to come back for the next event.

They also cater for private events, which to me sounds like the coolest thing in the world! Who wouldn’t want to have an ice cream sandwich stand at their party with their favorite flavors?

Anyway, I’m talking too much and I haven’t even gotten started on the actual sandwiches, so let’s feast!

Bumblebee macs filled with honeycomb ice cream.

How can someone skip these macaron sandwiches? They’re not only cute (and perfect for Insta shots!) but also support an amazing initiative. In case you need more reasons to get your hands on these bumblebees, the ice cream was nice and creamy (which I know sounds ridiculous but I’ve tried my fair share of ice creams that aren’t really creamy), and they put some big chunks of chocolate inside, which made it even better.

For each of these bumblebee sandwiches sold, they made a donation to the Manchester fund to help the victims of the Manchester Arena attack.

The honeycomb flavor was there, but it didn’t feel overpowering or too sweet by any means. For someone that usually goes with more ‘chocolat-y’ flavors, I was nicely surprised when I realized that my tastebuds were happy with this ice cream sandwich.

You won’t get something like this anywhere else, I can tell you that for sure!

Cookies n’ cream ice cream sandwich, literally.

Oreo ice cream is always a good idea, and the big chunks of oreo cookies made this whole sandwich even better.Β I feel likeΒ I’m repeating this too much, but textures are important to me, and certainly to them as well, since they love adding chunks or pieces of ‘hard’ food to their creations in order to give it a certain crunchiness.

You definitely can’t go wrong with a cookies n’ cream sandwich, and if you’re into classics (or maybe scared of trying something too different) then you should get this one. But if you’re looking for something new, their macaron creations are a great way to get started! Just make sure to check on their insta and see what they’re doing for their next event!

We had an amazing time at Grub, and we’ll be definitely following them closely (specially on this warmer days) to pay them another visit soon. And if you want to know what other yummy brands were involved, make sure to come back on Thursday to see what else we had! (hint: it was really cheesy!).


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Talk to you again on Thursday.


Michelle’s out!