Let’s make this a good night, shall we?

I mean, we started with some prosecco so you can already tell it was an amazing night out, right?

G and I have been together for almost three years, and we’ve been trying to keep at least one or two date nights a week where we can grab a drink, catch a movie, eat some dinner out, or just get some time for us to talk about things other than “we need to buy some bread” or “did you pay the electricity bill?”, so today I’m talking to you about a spot we really enjoyed for some drinks and food after hours, shall we get started?

Slug and lettuce seems to be everywhere, but we decided to give the one in Spinningfields a go because we’ve heard great things about that side of the city, and people seem to really enjoy the overall vibe. They were completely right.

This place is right next to a canal and the view is really cool. Also, you can decide if you want to sit inside or outside, and the latter seems to be an amazing alternative for warm days. I really enjoy when restaurants give everyone a choice depending on what they like. That was an amazing start (and also the prosecco, duh!).

The prosecco was G’s favorite.

Above you can see two of our favorite things from the evening: the terrace and the prosecco. Both chill, light, and yet amazing for our date night.

Can you guys believe this skinny fizz has 75% less sugar than regular prosecco, which means around 70 calories per glass?

When Charlotte told us about the reduced calories in this drink, she definitely caught our attention. I would have thought that less calories would mean a different taste, but it tasted just as good if not even better than the usual prosecco. Great for a night out!

Strawberry Bellini.

After that, we had “Tapas ‘tails”, which is a sample of four mini cocktails: woo woo (yes, that’s the real name!), strawberry Bellini, mojito, and French martini.

I really loved the opportunity to sample some different cocktails instead of just sticking to one, because I’m terrible when it comes to making decisions, and I’m always scared to order something I won’t like. This was perfect to try something different and decide what I wanted to drink later that night.

The French martini was good, although it doesn’t taste like your regular martini by any means. It’s not too sweet, neither too strong, which is good if you’re not in for something too crazy and don’t want to get into sugary cocktails.

The Strawberry Bellini was also on that side of ‘not too sugary’ drinks, although it did taste stronger than the french martini. The alcohol taste gives it a punch but it’s not a strong drink by any means, it’s just stronger than the rest of the cocktails we tried! Also, love the taste of strawberry in my drink 🙂


Now, let’s get serious.

The mojito is my safe drink. The cocktail I always get when I don’t know what to order because I know it won’t disappoint me. I think it takes a lot to screw a mojito (although I’ve had my fair share of bad mojitos, tbh) so to me this is definitely in my comfort zone.

It wasn’t too strong, but did have a punch at the end. It’s the good kind of strong, when it comes to cocktails. 

Definitely passed my mojito test. Not too sweet, not too strong. Thumbs up!

Woo woo: Smirnoff red vodka, archers peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.

Yes guys, this drink is literally called ‘woo woo’ and that was enough motivation for me to order another round.

No, but being completely honest, I did love this cocktail and I don’t think I’ve tried it before (but I’m not the biggest drinker and I definitely haven’t tried every single bar in the world).

It was sweet, fruity and tangy. 

It shares the level of alcohol, which is not too strong but definitely there, and that’s how I enjoy my cocktails! It’s also a really good choice if you’re just getting started (or you might as well start with prosecco as we did!).

The woo woo is a fresh drink that I feel is what we all need in these summery days, or just after a week of hard work, tbh. Any excuse is good when it comes to having a good time, right?

Another thing I really liked is that, at least in this location, they have 2 for 1 on cocktails, which makes it perfect to invite your friends a drink, or just drink twice the cocktails for half the price I’m not judging you, that’s what we did.

But hey, this is a food blog so let’s talk about food.

Meat board: Mini burger sliders, wings, sausages, chicken goujons, ham croquettes, cured meats, ciabatta, fries, dips.

The meaty part of our meat board.

They have plenty of sharing boards that are ideal for drinks after hours with your friends or coworkers (or with your partner, if you eat as much as we do!). They have veggie options, a fish board, and of course the meat board, which is what we had.

It was a nice variety of meats, so there’s something for pretty much everyone on your table!

Our table full of delicious food!

Let’s start with the obvious and the first thing that comes to you when you see the picture above: the ham croquettes.

These guys won my heart with the crispy outside of these babies. I mean, you guys know how obsessed I am with everything crunchy or crispy (like these amazing onion petals!), so this is no surprise to any of you.

They’re made to order so they’re nice and fresh when they get to your table and were definitely one of my top picks from this board.

My second favorite: the chicken goujons.

I mean, I know I might sound like a kid right now because these are basically well seasoned chicken tenders, but what’s not to like about that? They had an amazing flavor and felt juicy at every bite (I hate dry chicken!). I ate three out of the four we got, and that’s just because G ate one while I was taking photos!

The sausage was great. Not spicy (and you know that everything with the tiniest bit of spice seems spicy to me) and yet full of flavor. It’s your classic English sausage, which is good.

Cured meats with pickle and shaved cheese.

When it comes to the cured meats, I don’t think you can go wrong with these. Just pair them with ciabatta bread and you’re good to go.

The wings were also really juicy and full of flavor, with a little spice at the end (but in the best way possible!). I seriously don’t know how they manage to get their chicken to be like these and not get dry, but they have an amazing secret at their kitchen for sure.


Cutest burgers ever.

The burgers were incredibly cute, and I know that doesn’t have anything to do with taste but I just needed to mention it. They were easy to eat, which is a great compliment taking into consideration that I’m the messiest eater, but some of them came a little overcooked for our taste. It depends on how you like your meat, tho.

Overall, we had a really fun time at Slug and Lettuce in Spinningfields and would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the area. The place is nice, the vibe is really cool and chill, and the drinks are amazing!

You can bet that we’ll be coming back for more. I’m just trying to find an excuse to say ‘woo woo’ again! 

What about you? What’s your favorite place to go for drinks in the afternoon or chill during the weekends with some cocktails or wine? I’d love to know!

Chat me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat) or leave me a comment here and tell me your recommendations! I’m always open for suggestions on places to try, cocktails to drink, or food trends to include on my instadiet.


That’s it for today, folks. I feel like this is the longest post I’ve written in my life.

Michelle’s out!