Okay, fine. I joined the dark side.

Yes, I know I’ve said before that I’m not really a sandwich person, but the Reuben and the Saltimbocca Sandwich made me change my mind so I’ve been more open minded when it comes to trying sandwiches when eating out. I cannot longer say that I’m not a sandwich person.

Of course that doesn’t mean I’m into all kinds of sandwiches, but I’m definitely willing to try them when I see one that sounds really good. But enough with the sandwich talk, let’s talk about this foodventure.

On the weekends, we really enjoy sleeping late, which translates into late breakfast, and even later lunch (or even some brunch, depending on our mood). Last Saturday wasn’t any different, and although we didn’t really feel like leaving our flat to grab some breakfast (thank God for Aldi’s sausage rolls and G’s scrambled eggs!), by 4pm we were getting hungry and neither of us felt like cooking or even walking too far (Don’t judge us. We all need some lazy weekends).

Fortunately, Alabama’s All American Eatery is just two minutes away from where we live and had some really yummy looking pictures on Instagram, so I was completely sold.

We got there and got seated in less than 5 minutes, and then decision time came.

Unlike out Thai foodventure, I wasn’t hangry yet, so I took the time to read almost everything on the menu. I was tempted by their pancake stacks but realized that 4pm was maybe a little too late for pancakes (who am I kidding? it’s never too late for pancakes!), so I decided to go for their po’ boys served with skinny fries, specially because of the skinny fries part of the deal.

Crab popcorn po’ boy: Crab cakes, lettuce, tomato, and lemon and garlic aioli, with fried onion petals.

Crunchy onion petals, aka the best thing I’ve tried.

Whenever I’m thinking of getting a sandwich, I really want to get one that surprises me or makes me say “oh okay, this is not just a sandwich”, so that’s why I went for the Crab Popcorn Po’ Boy. Also, onion petals sounded like something I needed to try, so there’s that.

This sandwich did not disappoint, and my favorite part is that they really filled the sub roll with tons of crab, so you could feel like you’re getting a good bang for your buck. The lemon and garlic aioli was also a really good complement to it, specially because of the lemon part.

But my absolute favorite part were the onion petals. I know I might be too basic for saying this but guys, you know how much I love crunchy food, so I seriously couldn’t resist these! I ate some on my sandwich, also ate some on their own, and by the end I felt like taking a huge bag of onion petals back home.

The skinny fries were also amazing because of their crunchiness (yeah, what a surprise).

I need to step up my game when it comes to looking for textures in my dishes, but I cannot resist a good crunch (unless we’re talking about exercise, those I can avoid).

Philly Cheese Steak Po’ Boy: Rump steak served medium or well done with caramelized peppers and onion, grilled provolone cheese, soft cheese mouse, and gherkins.

Really cheesy Philly cheese steak.

G ordered the Philly cheese steak po’ boy, because he’s obsessed with Philly Cheese Steak (and don’t ask me why), but I personally think this wasn’t your usual Philly Cheese Steak (although I’m not a sandwich connoisseur so don’t trust me on this one).

I really enjoyed the grilled provolone on top of the steak, and I also loved the fact that you get to choose if you want your steak medium or well done, because we both believe that steak shouldn’t be eaten well done, but we can understand that other people might want their meat fully cooked, so it’s good to have that option.

Finally, on the bites I took I didn’t really get the chance to taste the caramelized peppers or onions, but G did say that they were really good and matched perfectly the rest of his Po’ Boy, so I trust him on that one. This man was really happy with his sandwich, absolutely no complaints on his side.

Overall, we enjoyed our foodventure here and we’ll definitely be coming back to try those pancakes stacks (seriously guys, their Instagram photos look INSANE. I cannot miss those!). If you’re in for the crunchiness and the skinny fries, you might want to take a look at their sandwich menu (and order anything with onion petals, of course), and if you’re not convinced about that one, then maybe take a look at those amazing pancakes stacks (I’ll sacrifice myself and go for a second time just to give you a fair review 😉 but it’s not because they look amazing, not at all!).

And yes, I’m a sandwich eater now.


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That’s it. I’ll stop writing now.

Michelle’s out.