Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Yes mate, we’re talking about brunch again.

I can’t help it. Manchester has some really amazing places to eat, and brunch is one of the most convenient meals since it offers me the possibility of getting some sleep on the weekends, while still enjoying the perks of a late breakfast.

I’ve always loved breakfast. I feel like I’m the only one because G doesn’t really care that much about eating breakfast (he eats a bowl of cereal or a single pop tart and he’s good until lunch, can you guys believe it?), so back in the States I was the only one really taking the time to make pancakes, toast, savoury oatmeal, or anything else that crossed my mind after my morning cardio.

And if you read my story about our first brunch experience in Manchester, then you know why we didn’t eat brunch back in Orlando.

That’s in the past. Now we’re compulsive brunch eaters. And I couldn’t be happier.

This time we took a longer walk to our destination (we usually stay around the Northern Quarter because that’s where we live and there’s a ton of yummy places in this area), and we had an amazing reason to do so.

I found Another Heart to Feed on Instagram and fell completely in love with their plates, aesthetics and how everything sounded/looked. I cannot be the only one that judges places based on their social media presence, right? I’m really visual, so if your pictures catch my eye, you can bet I’ll be paying you a visit sooner than later!

You might feel like all the places I visit are ‘Instagram worthy’ but I promise it’s not on purpose. It’s the best coincidence that the places and their food not only look good, but taste amazing, so I want to share all these discoveries with my fellow food eaters on our little corner of the internet.

Anyone else would love to have something like this on their wall?

Textures, pretty jars and decors greet you when you step inside.

The whole place is filled with little details that make your experience feel a bit more ‘personal’ than just going to a random chain food place.

When we first got there I immediately realized this is the kind of places I love to visit the most. Not only because of how pretty it was or how yummy everything smelled (for real, tho), but because of the whole feeling it transmits. I love supporting local businesses were people feel really passionate about what they do. Another heart to feed is definitely one of these. 

Everyone we encountered during this whole foodventure made sure to make us feel happy and ‘at home’ if you might even say that. You could tell from their faces and attitude that they were being truly nice to every single customer, and that they really love what they do, which made us feel even more comfortable.

Nicola was extra nice to us and recommended us her favorite things from the menu so we could make our brunch decision (and believe me, it was a hard one!). Everything sounded really yummy, so you can bet we’ll be coming back for more!

She also gave us some ‘hacks’ on how to improve the dishes even more (like adding bacon to take the avocado toast to a whole other level, or getting banana bread for dessert, but more on that later!), so my first advice is don’t be afraid to ask her or anyone else for recommendations. I bet they’ll be more than glad to give you their opinion on what’s the best tea for your taste, or what to get if you have a strong sweet tooth.

Smashed avo with feta, poached egg, seeds, dukkah, beetroot hummus, and fresh lime on sourdough. Added bacon as an extra.

So pretty I almost didn’t eat it! Jk, you know I can’t resist a good avocado toast.

The first thing I need to say is thank you Nicola for suggesting the bacon! It smelled absolutely amazing.

I’m serious, you could smell the bacon even before they brought the plate to our table, and to me that’s the best sign.

Again, if you read my last brunch post, then you know how much I loved poached eggs. I don’t even know why! I just love the texture of a runny yolk and the way it complements my avocado toast.

And since we’re talking about the avocado toast itself, let me tell you this avocado was absolute perfection, which is really really hard to find in Manchester (believe me, I’ve tried!), so I got extra excited and happy after I took my first bite.

Finally, I’ve never tried beetroot hummus before but I was definitely curious when I first saw its color. I wouldn’t have thought of mixing this with avocado toast but I’m glad they did because it paired greatly with the rest of the dish. Big thumbs up! 

Pulled pork slow cooked with apple juice and maple syrup, served with chili jam and slaw on bagel.

Colourful dishes make the prettiest pictures, right?

When I first saw this on the menu, I immediately knew this was going to be G’s choice. And I was completely right!

The pulled pork was incredibly savory, and I believe the apple juice and maple syrup involved in the cooking process had lots to do with that. The mixture between the sweetness of these components, with the chili jam and the pulled pork itself were unbelievably good, and that’s a complete understatement but I just cannot seem to find words to describe how good this dish tasted.

I believe everyone should cook pulled pork this way.

G, if you’re reading this, please ask for their recipe! 

Toasted banana bread with maple syrup, mixed berries, walnuts, vanilla mascarpone, raspberry coulis and violet sugar. 

You can’t go wrong with a good banana bread. But guys, this wasn’t your regular banana bread.

The mixture between the mascarpone, the sweetness of the maple syrup, the banana bread as a base, and the flavour of the berries cannot be described with any words I know. I treasured every single bite and I’m already planning my next visit just to get some more.

Also, the banana bread was soft and moist on the inside, but ‘crispy’ on the outside WHICH IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD at least when it comes to banana bread. So naturally, I saved a corner for my last bite with some mascarpone, tons of berries and maple syrup (yes, it was a HUGE last bite. No, I don’t regret it for a second).


Overall, we had the most amazing brunch experience and we can’t wait to go back. I’m already recommending this place to my friends here in Manchester, including all of you reading this story with me!

I really loved how nice everyone was, and how genuine the whole experience felt. Specially when you can really tell that every member of the team puts some passion into what they do. That’s the key to providing an amazing eating experience, in my own honest opinion.

If you’re ever in Manchester, make sure to pay them a visit. It’s a 15 minutes walk away from Northern Quarter and you won’t regret it!


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Thanks for reading me on this foodventure!