Oh, pho!

Anyone else gets excited for noodles and all the possibilities, or is it just me?

I feel like noodles are super versatile and we don’t give them enough credit, but today I’ll try to change that!

Last Friday we went bar hopping (and I believe we’ll go again this Friday so please let me know in the comments or on Instagram if you’d like me to document our journey on my stories!), the thing is, at one point we all got hungry and everything on the Northern Quarter was incredibly crowded, so we decided to head to the Corn Exchange instead.

We ended up having some Brazilian food at a nice place called cabana, but that has nothing to do with the noodles I ate for this post. Why is our Friday story relevant then? Well, when we were in Cabana, I couldn’t stop staring at the sign that read ‘Pho’ and wondering how good their noodles were.

Even though I didn’t have Vietnamese food that day, I knew G and I needed to go to this place ASAP, and here we are! We actually went last night, on one of the warmest nights we’ve had since we arrived here (22C! And today is even warmer!). I don’t know why I felt the need to say that, I’m just surprised that 22C now feels warm, I guess.

Enough with story telling. It’s time for the pho-od. GET IT? PHO-FOOD? NO? Okay. 

We were extra hungry, so we decided to start with some crispy spring rolls that our server recommended (you know I always listen to servers and staff when it comes to what to get), and they were better than what I was expecting.

Crispy spring rolls served with lettuce & herbs to wrap & dip, with peanut sauce.

Crispy spring roll full of deliciousness (and pork)

I actually was kind of reluctant to order these because I kept saying to myself “they’re just spring rolls, how good can they be?” and the answer is oh-my-gawd-so-good.

I don’t know how they make these so extra crispy and crunchy, but you know that these kinds of textures are my absolute favorite when it comes to food (hello, beer battered onion rings or beer battered fish!), so they definitely won my heart at that first bite.

Another thing I loved was the flavour of the filling by itself. It was a perfect mix between veggies and pork, and combined with the peanut sauce (yes, I know it sounds weird but believe me! It was amazing!) I’d dare to say that this was my favorite part of our whole foodventure. But I’ll let you be the judge!

Wok fried flat rice noodles with lemongrass, chili and Asian greens. Served with peanuts.

Chicken and prawn noodles.

After starting with the right foot, I decided to get these noodles. Again, I was super intrigued because they describe them as ‘wok fried’ and I really thought that would give the whole dish a different flavour.

The fact that they made these mixing the greens and chili makes the noodles rich in flavour, specially when you get to the middle of your ‘noodle mountain’. My advise? Even though it might seem weird, make sure to mix everything together and pour some sauce over your noodles. On my case, the accompanying sauce was the perfect complement and really brought out the best of every component.

Bonus points for the crunchiness that these greens and veggies added! I cannot stress enough how much I liked that. The only thing is that I’d have liked to get more chicken and prawn on my dish, I felt like I needed a bit more of that!

Pho is the Vietnamese national dish; an aromatic & delicious rice noodle soup served with a side plate of fresh herbs to add as you please (taken from their menu). G got one with homemade beef meatballs.

That’s right, people. My man can lift!

G loves these kinds of noodles, so he went for the traditional Pho dish, with some meatballs because he’s just like that. He’ll always pick the meatballs (or monkey balls) above everything else!

His dish was also super savory, specially after he spiced it up with some of the sauces we had at our table. It ended up being a little too spicy for me, but I think that’s only because he goes really hard on the hot sauce all the time (but you probably already know that).

The noodles themselves where really good, but the best part was definitely the broth.

We had an interesting experience at Pho, and I’d definitely say that if you like noodles, go for it!

And if you do go, please get the crispy spring rolls.

Also, from my experience, the flavour you get from Vietnamese food will be completely different to the tasty dishes you can find at other types of restaurants. Just don’t go in expecting it to be like Yard and Coop (of course I know you won’t because it’s not fried chicken, but I hope you get what I’m saying), but do expect tons of greens and yummy noodles.

Look at this pretty postcard!     

Finally, I think the little details are what matter the most, and they seriously won my heart (for the second time!) when they brought this postcard as we were about to pay.

I love it when restaurants put their heart into what they do and make sure to give these little touches that make the whole experience feel a little more ‘personal’, if I can even say that.

I know I’ll be keeping this postcard and remembering about our Pho-odventure, for sure!

What about you? Have you ever tried Pho? Also, don’t forget to tell me if you’d like to see me documenting our bar hopping journey for Instagram stories this Friday! Leave me a comment or DM me 😉


As per usual, thanks for dining with me, and try to eat enough greens.