(not a) poké bowl

Well, it’s definitely not a bowl. But before we get into food details, you know I need to tell you how the whole foodventure started:

My curiosity came a while ago, actually, when we first visited Pieminister and had one of their amazing pies for dinner, and then walked by this pretty logo with even prettier colors that, being the girly girl that I am, caught my eye immediately, so I made G promise me that we were coming back in the near future.

Oke Poké from the outside

Many days have passed since that foodventure, and here we are!

I’ve always wanted to have a poké bowl, and I have to confess that it’s partly because of the yummy ingredients, and also because of how pretty they look (but it’s mostly because of the food, I promise!), so this foodventure had me excited from the moment we left our home (which is 5 minutes away from Oke Poké).

Our Poké “bowls”

I have to say something important guys, these weren’t literal bowls, which kinda disappointed me a little, but not enough to keep me from eating my dish because it still looked super yummy, so let’s keep going.

There are two ways to order here: get a pre-made bowl or pokérito (which is like a sushi burrito!), or build your own. I was way too excited to not build my own. I need to go back to try one of their special combinations for a pokérito.

My salmon poke ‘bowl’, and G’s tuna poké ‘bowl’ behind.

I know I’m putting a little too much emphasis on the bowl thing but guys, I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THE BOWLS. But on the other hand, that was the only disappointment here, so you can already tell we had an amazing experience.

I do think that serving them on a bowl would help the mixing process a little better since, as I was telling Natalie the day we tried these, they felt like ‘deconstructed sushi’, which sounds super fancy I know 😉 so my favorite way to have mine was trying to mix the ingredients together so I could get each of them in almost every bite.

I’ll stop calling them ‘bowls’. Let’s just call these poké boats, shall we?

My poké boat: Sushi rice, salmon, carrot, avocado, wake, topped with chia seeds and classic sauce (soy, ginger, and garlic).

Chia seeds were an amazing decision, because they added a little crunchiness to the whole dish.

Saying that I love salmon would definitely be an understatement. So of course that was my choice of protein for this boat (they also have tofu, and even free-range chicken, so there’s something for everyone -yes, Nat. Even for you!). I also added the sushi rice in order to add to that whole ‘deconstructed sushi’ concept-idea I had in my mind for this lunch. And then to complement it I picked wakame, because I’m a big fan of it, some carrot for extra texture and crunchiness, and avocado. I don’t think I need to explain that one, right?

Another thing I loved, besides the freshness of their ingredients, is how they guide you through the whole process. They definitely asses you when you need to pick the ingredients telling you how many you need to add to make a good bowl, and how many are too many, so flavors don’t get lost. So when they told me I could garnish my boat with some seeds (or ginger!), I went with my all-time favorites: chia seeds!

They gave the dish a whole different texture, which was completely amazing, and came great with the ‘softness’ of the raw salmon.

My only comment (besides the ‘bowl’ thing, I’M NOT GOING TO REPEAT THAT I PROMISE) would be that next time I don’t think I’ll add avocado to my boat, since I felt like the avocado we had wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. It needed a couple more days to increase it deliciousness and be like the avocado from our latest foodventure. But that would be it!

G’s boat: Tuna, Sushi rice, Wakame, Cucumber, Avocado, Ginger, Ikiki sauce (hot hot hot)

This man definitely loves ginger, and anything that makes his dishes spicier.

G ordered something similar, but more spicy because that’s just his deal. I doesn’t matter where we’re eating, he’ll find a way to order something spicy from the menu (and sometimes he doesn’t even realize it!).

His boat was as fresh as mine, so it tasted amazing as well. I believe adding some raw vegetables can add an extra crunchiness that mixes really well with the rest of the ingredients. In his case, it was cucumber, and I think it gave the whole dish a refreshing feeling.

The ikiki sauce was spicy but not as spicy as other dishes we’ve tried (yes, Jade’s spicy food wins in ‘spiciness’). I mean this in the best way possible, because it was spicy enough for me to feel it, but it didn’t overpower the flavours of the whole dish by any means. If you’re into that, I’d say go for it!

Overall, we had a really nice experience, and I’m curious to try the pokérito. Do you guys think I should do it? Let me know either on the comments or over Instagram! I’d love to know if any of you have ever tried sushiritos or would like me to try them first.

fun fact: Did you guys actually know that poké bowls are a staple in the Hawaiian islands? I definitely shouldn’t be naming them deconstructed sushi but it was just my first thought when I ordered mine! 

That’s it for today! Thank you for joining me on my food missions, and I’ll keep reporting from this side of the world on Thursday. In the meanwhile, you can always find me (and some yummy food pics) on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat).


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