The pizza mission continues

Yes, we’re still on our pizza investigation! I’m the biggest pizza lover so I’m always excited to try new pizza places and see what they have to offer (even when it comes to trying weird hummus pizzas), so when we were walking around the Northern Quarter and saw a place that sold pizza by the slice, we knew we had to try it.

Slice, as you can probably imagine, sells pizza by the slice, and they have pizzas for every taste.

These pizzas were definitely calling my name 

You can’t really tell from the outside, but Slice is quite big and has many tables, both inside and outside, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling or how kind is the weather for the day. It was freezing that night, so we decided to eat our pizza inside, since it was warm and cozy.

I just couldn’t bring myself to order salad on a pizza place. I’m sorry. But they still look good.

We might have to come another day for dessert

I promise to come back on the summer (or on a warmer day) for some gelato, because these look yummy!

Now, let the pizza investigation begin:

Of course I couldn’t make up my mind (you know how hard it is for me to make a decision, specially when it involves pizza!), so we picked our top four and went with it.

Fortunately for us, they cut each slice in half, so it was ideal for us to share and each get a bite of every pizza piece. That was one of my favorite things here: being able to try different kinds of pizza (while still having the choice to pick just one if you have a favorite!).

Wild mushroom pizza, potato and goat’s cheese, sausage and, of course, chorizo and peppers.

I FAILED YOU. I couldn’t pick just one favorite! Surprisingly enough, they were all really good (yes, even the potato pizza!). And if you’re wondering how did I ended up eating potato pizza, it’s a short story: I did what I always do, ask our server what’s her favorite dish. She told me I wouldn’t regret the potato slice, so I went for it!

Potato and goat’s cheese slice.

Final verdict? Potato pizza is better than what you’re imagining, specially since they slice the potato so thin that it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Also, just putting extra cheese (and specially goat’s cheese) can make anything even better (not to the level of chorizo, but it’s still good), so I did like that pizza and I would definitely eat it again. Potatoes and cheese are always a great pair, even in this context.

The mushroom pizza wasn’t your regular mushroom pizza because these, somehow, had even more flavor in them. I believe they were wild mushrooms (although I sincerely have no idea on why that changes the flavor, I just like eating) and they impregnated the whole slice with an amazing mushroom smell that gave you strong hints of the taste even before your first bite. A definite thumbs up on this one as well!

Sausage slice

Now for our meat-y pizzas, these are classics and you just can’t go wrong with meat on pizza (except if you’re doing something weird like a Philly cheesesteak pizza. Please don’t do that), but when it comes to sausage or chorizo, we always know what to expect, and these two definitely delivered.

Just be advised that the chorizo slice is going to be a little spicy, at least to me.

Keep the slices coming!

Overall we had a pretty amazing experience at slices and I think we’ll be coming back for more (specially since it’s less than a 5 minute walk from our home). Can’t wait to see what other cheesy pies they’ll prepare for us, pizza lovers.

In the meanwhile, let me know what other pizza places I can’t miss in Manchester! Or just general restaurants, coffee shops, places for dessert, or even for brunch (stay tuned for Thursday!), I’m always looking for amazing new places to try, and tasty food to eat (and photograph. Let’s not forget the photos, please). You can leave me a comment, DM or tag me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat) or tweet me (@mlovestoeat).

Talk to you on my next foodventure!


TL;DR: potato pizza is a thing and it’s better than you would imagine. We ate lots of pizza for less than 15 GBP (total for 2 people). I need to come back for more pizza.