Let’s get pie!

Hey, I’m not the one saying you should go grab a piece of pie. It’s them! That’s (literally) how they got me.

Okay, pieminister!

As with most of our foodventures since we arrived Manchester, this one starts with us walking around city center and enjoying the view, the buildings and everything in between.

I’m sorry guys, I’m really in love with this city! 

Anyway, we were getting hungry (and you know how bad things get when I get hungry) so we decided to look for a place to fill our tummies with something nice, and then pieminister presented itself in the form of a pretty poster with a cute little bird. That’s all it took to convince me (I’m too easy, I know).

We went in and really liked how comfy and nice the place looked on the inside. You couldn’t really tell when walking by, but it’s warm and cozy, perfect for these cold days (EVEN THOUGH WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF SPRING, APPARENTLY).

I can’t believe it took me this long to mention that I died immediately when I read the name. Guys, it’s PIEMINISTER! How cute is that? I love food puns, I can’t help it. I’m sorry. Back to the foodventure.

Let me tell you this, when I think of pie, dessert is the only thing that comes to my mind. Please tell me I’m not the only one! But that wasn’t the case here. Apparently, pies can also be served as a meal, and I don’t mean dessert for dinner (although I’m also in for that, in case anyone wants to invite me some ice cream for dinner later!), I mean real dinner.

Anyway, reading their pie list, the matador called my name. Yes guys, it had chorizo in it.

I promise I’ll stop it with the chorizo, or at least I’ll try to stop it. I know chorizo isn’t the only good thing in life but it’s so good! I can’t resist it!

Anyway, you could get your pie with two sides for less than 8 GBP, so we both ordered ours with Mac and cheese, and coleslaw.

Mac n cheese, and pies.

The pies came out quickly and were served really hot. And the sides are big enough for you to end up regretting your decision (but still have some room for dessert, do you feel me?).

Apart from the two plates with the sides and the pie, our server also brought some gravy to complement our choices, and boy, what a great idea!

You might already infer this from their name, but these guys surely know how to bake a good pie.

Matador: A British beef steak, chorizo, olive, and butter bean pie.

The matador pie was filled with steak, chorizo, olive, and butter bean. Each ingredient was so rich in flavor and yet not overpowering, you could feel how they all complemented each other on every bite. Which is the other thing I really enjoyed. Pies were big enough for you to end up full, but they were also pretty easy to manage (being a messy/clumsy eater, I truly appreciate that), so you got a little bit of each ingredient with every bite you took.

The gravy was really amazing as well, and even though it might not look that good on pictures, made the pie taste even better.

The Mac n’ cheese wasn’t really my favorite, but the coleslaw was really good! Still, I wasn’t there for the sides. We came for the pies! And had an amazing experience in that sense.

I’d definitely recommend pieminister to anyone wanting to try a good piece of pie (except for dessert, because they don’t serve those here. This is definitely not the place to get some apple pie). They have an amazing variety of pies and such interesting combinations, I might be coming back for more!

Thank you so much for reading me, and please make sure to leave me some recommendations on food and places I should try next time! I’d love to hear from you either on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat) or Twitter (@mlovestoeat).


TL;DR: these pies aren’t for dessert. Chorizo is life. Gravy is also life. Just go and get some pies!