Tasty Saturday findings (that we didn’t really expect)

It might be hard to believe, but foodies and food bloggers aren’t always looking for Instagram-worthy places to go and tasty food to photograph and review. Many times, we’re just running errands and busy with our lives and we just want to find somewhere to grab a quick bite. I thought that was the case on Saturday, but The Crafty Pig surely surprised me!

We’ve been having some really busy days with the moving and getting out new place ready, so this weekend was full of trips to IKEA (way more than what G would like, if you ask him) and constant walks around the city center looking for things to cross of our ‘to buy’ lists. That being said, being the normal human beings that we are (at least when it comes to our basic human needs!) we get hungry, and this time we weren’t really in the mood for a fancy place or anything too special. We just wanted a place that wasn’t crowded and had decent food.

We walked past a place we’ve seen many times before called ‘The Crafty Pig’ and G said “do you fancy trying this place, my love?” (speaking like might be just a phase or might be the way he is right now, I’ll keep you posted on that) and of course I said yes because:

a) I was starting to get HANGRY.

b) The place looked nice from the outside and not as crowded as a fast food place.

I have to say I was super impressed with what I found, because the whole scene was way nicer than I expected it to be. They have high tables and a bar, for those wishing to grab a beer and probably share some small plates; and booths for those of us looking for a full meal. Also, they played the whole soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy (one of our favorite movies, and we haven’t had the chance to watch the second one!) plus some other great tunes. I was feeling hopeful and happy with every minute that passed.

Peri peri chicken: char-grilled chicken breast fillet with tomato and fresh basil salad, chunky chips and peri peri dipping sauce.

Closeup on my peri peri chicken, plus the salad.

I ordered the peri peri chicken, and I didn’t really know what to expect since I’ve never heard of ‘peri peri dipping sauce’ before, but, as with the whole place, I was pleasantly surprised.

The chicken was perfect, because, even though it was grilled, it wasn’t dry by any means. I hate it when grilled chicken breast comes out really dry, and I’m glad to say that wasn’t the case. The peri peri dipping sauce was really good as well. I’d say it was really spicy (for me, not for G. But hey, nothing is too spicy for him except Jade’s insanity hot sauce!) but yet you could really feel some citrusy flavor and some pepper as well. Paired with the chicken and a good glass of water, I was able to enjoy it!

The tomato salad was a really nice complement, since it was super fresh and well seasoned. I really love tomatoes and I don’t think you can go wrong with them!

Lincolnshire sausage with creamy mash, beer-battered onion rings, garden peas and onion gravy.

Closeup on G’s Lincolnshire sausage

G is all about trying new things, so he ordered a plate that, once again, I didn’t really expect much from.

I know I might be saying this too much for a single post but I’m being completely honest, we didn’t really expect The Crafty Pig to be as good as it ended up being! 

When I first saw this, I instantly thought of Sausage’s Shack Bangers and Mash! Only this time we had it served on a big plate and with some amazing onion rings.

This sausage was really nice and tasty, not spicy or anything. Just rich in flavor. Also, I love how they batter everything with beer in the UK because it makes the food taste so much better, and all the fried food (like fish, scampi, and of course onion rings) ends up being crunchier. Now I can’t imagine anyone battering things any other way.

Salted caramel chocolate fudge cake: Layers of chocolate brownie, sponge, chocolate fudge, and salted caramel sauce served with ice cream.

Well, if you read the description (and have also read about our Waterhouse foodventure) you know I was in after ‘salted caramel chocolate’ because there’s no way something with both salted caramel and chocolate could go wrong.

The first layer (closer to the ice cream) was the brownie, then the salted caramel, and then the chocolate cake.

It was nice and moist, which to me is key when it comes to any kind of cakes (I can’t be the only one that hates dry pieces of cake!), and the chocolate sauce gave it a really rich dark chocolate flavor.

Since I’m super obsessed with sweets and desserts overall, the part I enjoyed the most was the top of the cake, where the salted caramel, brownie and chocolate cake came together into a bite full of sweetness and perfection. If I could change one thing would be repeating one layer of that brownie + salted caramel duo in the middle of the chocolate cake just to make it even better. But that might be just because I would like to avoid more fights with G for the top of the cake (jk, he always lets me win that).

Overall, we had an amazing (and really unexpected) foodventure at The Crafty Pig and we might be coming back for more! Specially since it’s like a 5 minute walk away from our flat now.


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TL;DR: We went to The Crafty Pig and didn’t expect food to be as good as it was. Also, we now love beer-battered everything. And salted caramel pairs great with brownie.