We went in for drinks and stayed for dessert

Have you ever been on the look for something in particular, and then you’re able to find not just that but so much more? That’s what happened to us on this foodventure.

We were out walking in the city center, just getting to know a little bit more of Manchester one day at a time, as one can do. And then we decided we wanted to grab some drinks, maybe a beer or a glass of wine. We didn’t really expect much, we just wanted a place that was warm and wasn’t crazy crowded (as most pubs can be on a weekend night).

Somehow we found The Waterhouse, I still don’t know how we got there, and probably wouldn’t be able to get there again without the help of Google Maps or anything similar (probably just with G’s help!), but I’m really glad we did!

Funny story starts here: we didn’t really know how things worked there, so we just did what we’re used on doing: we sat on a table and waited to be served (as one does, right?). After waiting for some too many minutes for a server to come, we decided to call one and tell them we were ready to order. The funny thing is, and now we know that, you have to place the order by the bar and give them your table number so they can bring the food to the table. You can also download the order and pay app, and just pay with Apple Pay through your phone. Which of course G did because he just loves to have an excuse to use Apple Pay.

A couple of beers later, G and I decided we were hungry and we took a look at the menu, and I’m still regretting not taking a picture of it, because I don’t really remember the full names or descriptions, but I’ll do my best to explain the dishes.

Our dishes served

I went for the full cliché and ordered fish and chips. I just think it was fair for me to try this since we’re in the UK and everyone serves fish and chips, so I just had to do it. G, on the other hand, ordered a lamb dish (with a name I don’t even remember).

G’s lamb dish

Since I wasn’t really planning on making a full review on The Waterhouse, I didn’t focus too much on the dish’s name or anything like that, but I can definitely share with you how good it was.

G is surely a big fan of lamb, so this was perfect for him. It was really nice and tender, from what I could taste myself, and the gravy that came with it made it even more flavorful. Some times these kind of dishes can come off as dry but it wasn’t the case for us! It was as tasty and flavorful as it could be, and it came over a big bed of mashed potatoes. I’m okay with that, but G really seemed to like those, so there’s that.

Now, fish and chips is where I get excited.

Classic fish and chips

I don’t really know if English people eat fish and chips on a regular basis, or if it’s just one of those meals that are made just for tourists and visitors, but to me this fish brings me back to my childhood because, for those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a little town by the sea, so I’m really used to eating fish and seafood in general all the time.

My favorite is usually either calamari or shrimp, not because I don’t like fish but because I really hate dealing with fishbones, so I decided that the best way to avoid that was avoiding fish in general. I completely forgot that and just went with it, and I think that’s why G was kinda concerned when I started eating.

Long story short, I’m still alive and that fish didn’t have any bones so it gets extra points for that. It’s also really nice and tasty, as fried fish can be. And thanks to this dish I confirmed that French fries are now chips, and chips are now crisps.

Best dessert I’ve tried

Then it was time for dessert.

And this is definitely the most important part of this foodventure. We’re not usually a pair of monsters that eats way too much in just one sitting (we do it in several seatings, people. We try to jump around and try many restaurants!), but the dessert menu had something for each of us and we just couldn’t pick one to share.

My dessert: cookie dough sandwich with salted caramel filling, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Cookie dough is life. That’s probably why I like Gideon’s cookies so much, because they’re as close as I can get to buying cookie dough that tastes like heaven.

When I read about a dessert that combined cookie dough with salted caramel, I just couldn’t resist. This dessert was everything I expected it to be, and then a little more.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this is what heaven must feel like (and no one is paying me to say this!). However, I must warn you, if you’re not really into super sweet desserts, this might not be for you. The combination between caramel and cookie dough might be too much for some, but definitely not for me.

I shared some of it with G. To this day, I’m still thinking about going back just to eat this.

G’s dessert: apple crumble

What caught G’s attention was the apple crumble. I’m not really a big fan of apple desserts so that’s why we just couldn’t share this one (and thank God, because if not I wouldn’t have tasted my cookie dough heaven). I still got a taste of it and if you’re really into sweet apple flavor, you might like this. The crumble was great but didn’t have a really strong flavor that could overpower the apple, which I think is nice if you’re really in for the apple part. And of course ice cream just makes everything better.

Overall, we came for some beers and ended up eating like pigs, but it was completely worth it. I didn’t really think I’d like pub food but now I know that, at least for The Waterhouse, I do! Have you ever had any similar experiences? I’d love to hear them! You can contact me by leaving a comment here or a PM on Instagram, I’m pretty active on my social media channels (@michellelovestoeat on Insta, @mlovestoeat on Twitter), so follow me on both!

Stay tuned for a London foodventure on this Saturday (and some photos as well!). If you follow me on Instagram, you already know what I’m talking about.


TL;DR: Fish and chips are great (and this fish didn’t come with fishbones!). I had the best and sweetest dessert ever: cookie dough sandwich filled with salted caramel!