Our first official meal in Manchester

Hi, mate! If you don’t know why am I greeting you like this, you should probably read my last post.

If you do, then it’s time for me to start sharing our foodventures in the UK. We arrived last Monday and we’ve had the chance to try many different (and really good) places so far, but today I’m starting with our first official meal in Manchester.

G and I have never been to Manchester (or even the United Kingdom) before, so we had no idea on where to look for great food, cafes, restaurants, or anything similar, to be honest. So we just did what we like to do anytime we visit a new city, walk around and get lost, and just try whatever catches your eye in the journey.

We took the tram to Piccadilly Gardens, which is in the ‘city zone’ and then started walking around the city. Got a chance to see the architecture, which is really cool because it’s a mixture between many styles and eras in architecture. And then we got hungry.

I’m going to be completely honest, we went for the super cliché and wanted to get fish and chips just to see what was the fuzz about. So we looked on Yelp and found the nearest fish and chips place (with decent reviews) and headed that way. Unfortunately, when we found it, the place looked anything but nice and smelled too much like frying oil and fish, and we didn’t really fancy the idea of smelling like fried food for the rest of our day, so we decided to skip that and find somewhere else to go.

That’s when we went with our guts and really started wandering around trying to look for a place that could catch our attention. And that’s how we found Evelyn’s!

From the outside I got huge Pinterest/Instagram worthy vibes, and once we stepped inside, we could see that was totally the case with this café. The decor was really nice and cute, and it feel super cozy. You could even see the kitchen from the table, which to me is really cool and makes the whole place feel even more interesting. But hey, enough talking about the place and the city! We’re getting hungry, right?

At least I know I was at that moment, so everything on the menu sounded good to me. Their lunch menu is really fresh, and makes me want to try their dinner menu in the future. It keeps things interesting so you feel the need to come back for more!

I ordered pasta, and G apparently was missing the US already, so he ordered a burger.

My dish: Bucatini pasta, gorgonzola, parmesan, brown bread crumbs

I’m going to be fully honest with you. I ordered this because it sounded super cheesy and flavorful, and I wasn’t disappointed! If you’re a cheese lover, just like we are, then you’ll love this dish!

The pasta sauce was super rich in flavor and creamy, and the breadcrumbs added an amazing texture to it. I wouldn’t have really thought of adding breadcrumbs to pasta but now I know it can turn out really great!

G’s dish: Crab and shrimp burger, basil alioli, chilli, fennl, chips.

So yea, G ordered a burger but, in his defense, it wasn’t a regular beef burger. This was a special crab and shrimp burger and you guys, this takes burger to a whole other level (just like the Reuben takes sandwiches to a whole other level!). Shrimp and crab are obviously an amazing match, but having them mixed into a patty is a whole other story. It’s good if you don’t want to go too far away from your comfort zone.

Also, this might be a good moment to let my American friends know that French fries are called chips here in England! And regular (non-sparkling) water is called still water. What we usually know as chips, here are called crisps. And probably most of you already knew this but again, this is my first time in the UK! So we’re learning new things on a daily basis. Which is the best thing in the world, to be honest.

Let me know if you want me to share these discoveries whenever I get the chance (maybe Twitter could be a good place to do so? Follow me! I’m @mlovestoeat), or maybe it’s just a lame idea. Just chat me your comments! Or DM me over Instagram, that also works! (@michellelovestoeat)

Anyway, I deviated too much from my original intention while writing this post, but I want to say that we really enjoyed Evelyn’s and can’t wait to be back to try their dinner menu. I bet it’s just as interesting as the lunch menu!

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If you, or anyone you know, has any recommendations on food to eat, places to go and things to do in the UK, chat me! I’d love to hear from you 🙂


TL;DR: there’s a cool cafe called Evelyn’s and their pasta is really good. The crab and shrimp burger is also worth trying! Can’t wait to try their dinner menu. Also, it’s great for food pictures!




G18 – Smithfield Building, N Orange Ave,
Tib Street, Manchester M4 1NB

+44 0161 834 3303