What are we doing in the UK?


Yes, I learned that here. That, and calling regular (non-sparkling) water “still water”.

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, you should!) you have probably seen one of my many insta stories featuring Manchester (and even London, yesterday!), and you’re probably thinking we’re here on vacations, but G and I are actually planning to stay here for a little longer than that.

We’re really adventurous (that’s why I called our restaurant review section foodventuresduh!) and we love every chance we can get to meet new places, cultures and people in general. Manchester seems to be a great place for that, for those who don’t know this amazing city.

This is actually our first time here! Not only in Manchester, but in the UK as well. And so far we can totally say that we’ve been loving this country! Again, check my Instagram stories and I’m sure you’ll love it too! 

We’re incredibly excited for this adventure and all it implies. Just imagine all the foodventures we’ll have! I seriously don’t think I can put into words my feeling at this moment. And being in Europe makes it a lot easier for us to travel to other countries as well, so I’m very excited about that too! Any food/trip recommendations are welcome! Leave a comment or even DM me on Insta.

I know this is not food related content, and many of you that come to this blog for the foodventures or the recipes are kinda disappointed with today’s post. But I love sharing exciting news and great things with you! I thought this blog was the perfect way to let you know what we’re up to at this moment. I promise next week I’ll bring more foodventures and yummy pictures of food! (Again, my insta is full of those!)

Today I want to take the opportunity to share some cool (and really amateur) shots I got from our days walking around the city centre. And if you want more food related content, come back on Tuesday! I promise I’ll have some great food waiting for you.

Thanks for reading me! And once again, don’t hesitate to leave me your recommendations (for Manchester, the UK or even Europe in general!) either as a comment or on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat).