Falafel madness and some mazel tots

No, I didn’t come up with the ‘mazel tots’ name. Although I wish I had. But, as usual, you know my foodventures start with some story time so let’s begin with that.

G and I love falafel. We really like arab food in general, and you probably already know that if you read about our foodventure at the International food club (one of my first blog entries!), but falafel has a special place in our hearts. I don’t know if it’s because they’re fried and crispy, but there’s just something about them that makes them addictive, and I know I’ve been using this word since I wrote about Gideon’s, but I truly hope you get what I’m saying.

The thing is, when I saw Natalie’s photo featuring a salad with what seemed to be like a mountain made out of falafel on top, I decided I really needed to visit Hubbly Bubbly. And here we are.

Falafel sandwich

We were greeted by the cutest wall (and great backdrop for my pictures! I just wish I had something more ‘vertical’ to photograph) and an insane amount of options and things to add to whatever dish you decided to order. I was a little overwhelmed by all the things they served (in the best way possible, it’s just that those who know me know that I’m the worst when it comes to making decisions). As usual, we asked one of the employees what was her favorite thing to eat and what her recommendations were, only this time we didn’t get the friendliest (or even a little helpful) response, but we decided to go with whatever looked best and included the most falafel.

Falafel sandwich, mazel tots and pita bread chips.

I went for a falafel sandwich and I’m super glad to say that they put tons of falafel in it. You can’t probably tell from the picture because the lettuce is covering it but my falafel cravings were definitely satisfied after this. Their sauces are really really good! And I decided to add some hummus to my sandwich as well, just to make it feel a little less dry (I think that’s normal when you mix falafel and pita bread, you always need some ‘dressing’!).

Beef, hummus, falafel, tabule and salad.

G ordered something that was like a sample platter and included your choice of protein, some tabule, the salad of your choice, humus, and of course falafel. And I, being the monster that I am, had to try some of it! The hummus was calling my name from the moment he got it!

Their beef wasn’t bad, but I don’t really regret getting falafel only. Their falafel is definitely the best part of what we had! That and the hummus, which was super creamy and flavorful. I seriously ate more than half of G’s chips and his hummus, I couldn’t resist it!

Also, what you see right there in the corner are mazel tots (and yes, that’s their name!). They are extra crispy tater tots tossed with a signature five-spice seasoning, and they were absolutely amazing!

If I had to pick something for my next visit I’d probably get another falafel pocket sandwich, or maybe a hummus bowl, and the mazel tots! They’re super crispy on the outside, which you probably already know I love, and the five-spice seasoning makes them taste different from any other tots I’ve tried before. My only suggestion would be to make them a smaller because they’re a little messier to eat compared to normal tater tots (which I also love!) but overall, big thumbs up for the mazel tots!

We did like the food, specially the falafel, hummus and tots. Customer service wasn’t that good, so I think if we decide to visit them again, we would just preorder on their website or have it to go, but if you’re really craving the falafel, then it’s totally worth it!

After writing all of this, I’m craving some more mazel tots, so let me know if anyone wants to join me on another foodventure! And follow me on Twitter (@mlovestoeat) and Instagram (@michellelovestoeat) to see more of this and give me your suggestions on what other places should I visit next time.


TL;DR: Best falafel (and they put tons of it to whatever you’re having), hummus is super creamy, and their mazel tots are a must!