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Gideon’s Bakehouse: Where your cookie addiction begins

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m addicted to cookies.

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been super into anything with chocolate chips, I’m even adding chocolate chunks to my oatmeal some mornings. And thanks to Suzy, one of my foodie friends, I found Gideon’s (AKA chocolate chip heaven) and now I have a bigger problem: guys, I can’t stop eating these cookies.

If you don’t know about Gideon’s or haven’t been checking my Instagram lately, they’re located in East End Market. Yes, the same place were you can find the best Mac n’ cheese (do yourself a favor and check those super cheesy pictures). So it’s basically calorie heaven and definitely a good place to visit if you’re into really great food (and don’t mind the carbs, sugar, cheese, and all great things in life).

Classic chocolate chip cookies

First time G and I visited them, we each got ourselves a chocolate chip cookie since they were the only ones they had (Steve told us they usually sell out pretty quick but it wasn’t the case for our second visit on a Saturday afternoon so not all hope is lost). Let me tell you something, these cookies are HUGE.

I’m not complaining about size in any way, I appreciate how big and chunky they are. I’m just stating it so you can prepare yourself (and your stomach) for all its goodness. If you’re like us and you got Mac n’ cheese before, you’ll probably want to share one and then decide if you’re in for another one.

As I said before, on our first visit we didn’t really get a chance to pick one specific cookie flavor, but on our second visit (on a Saturday afternoon) they had pistachio, cookies n’ cream, chocolate chip and triple chocolate chip cookies. If you know me at all, then you already know I went for the last one.

Pistachio cookies aren’t really my thing, actually pistachio itself isn’t my thing at all, and the cookies n’ cream cookies sounded great but didn’t look as good as the ones I picked, so we decided to go for the chocolate madness instead.

Triple chocolate cookies

The chocolate flavor is, of course, super strong. So if you’re not really into that, I’d probably skip it. This was my favorite compared to the original chocolate chip cookie, but they’re both really amazing. It’s a matter of what you like the most.

My favorite thing, and you can probably tell from the picture, is that they put some salt in their cookies, which makes the sweet flavor come out even more. If you checked my foodventure with Peterbrooke Chocolatier then you know combining sweet and salty makes it a winning recipe in my book, so this just made the whole cookie experience even better.

Another big plus is that, since they’re so big, the center is kind of soft, sort of like you were eating cookie dough instead, and I’m a big cookie dough fan. The amount of chocolate chips they put into these cookies is insane, so that’s another reason to get them.

Overall, big thumbs up for Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies.

They also have red velvet cake and cookie bites as well, and maybe we’ll try those next time we visit them. In the meanwhile, has anyone been to Gideon’s? And if so, what was your favorite part of their baked goods? Leave me a comment or let me know over Instagram (@michellelovestoeat) or Twitter (@mlovestoeato), I’m pretty active in both!

TL;DR: amazing and huge chocolate chip cookies. The triple chocolate ones are my favorite. It’s like a mixture between regular cookies and raw cookie dough.





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