The best birthday I’ve ever had

I know this is not my usual Saturday post but for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram or just didn’t get a chance to see my stories/post, my birthday was last Monday (March, 20th). Apparently there’s lot of people that share that same birthday so if you do know someone, leave me a comment!

Anyway, I had the best birthday ever and I wanted to share my experience here because I truly enjoy this story telling time, just as much as I enjoy eating great food. If you don’t like to read long stories, this post is not for you (tune in on Tuesday for another #TacoTuesday place!).

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know G gave me what I consider is the best surprise and gift in the entire world: we went for Disney Hollywood Studios for my birthday. And oh boy, what a great day! I got my own personalized “happy birthday” button that I of course wore on my t-shirt for the whole day, and G got one that read “I’m celebrating”. It was really cool because many cast members got out of their way to say happy birthday to me, and goofy told me that I’m getting old when I went and took a picture with him (I turned 24, btw. You guys tell me if that’s old or not in the comments, I’m just glad I’m still closer to the 20s than I am to the 30s and I’ll enjoy this feeling while I can).

Of course I couldn’t miss this great photo opportunity

We actually went to Disney Hollywood Studios because that’s my favorite Disney park. The mix between shows like the Indiana Jones one (which I always enjoy even though I’ve seen it like 5 times), and thrill rides such as Rock n’ Roller coaster and the Hollywood Tower of Terror, makes it the best one to me. And of course we stayed until 9pm to see Fantasmic. If you ever go to DHS, you can’t skip it! It’ll make all the money you pay for the ticket completely worth it.

Side note: can you guys believe G had never seen Fantasmic before? He totally loved it, tho. And he’s not really a big Disney fan just like I am, so that says a lot, right? 

Since we didn’t really get a chance to eat something nice for my birthday (because I’d rather spend that time screaming in the Hollywood Tower of Terror or riding Aerosmith’s limousine), we went to Jade Sushi & New Asian on March 21st. If you’ve read my foodventure of any of my Instagram posts, you know how much I love this place.

Tony Chopper roll: tempura battered seaweed, blue crab, avocado, topped with spicy tuna and lotus chips.

This time we tried the Tony Chopper roll (pictured above), that Stephanie recommended to us, and loved it. Although the black widow is still my favorite compared to this one!

And then I ordered my Wasabi-Crusted Strip Steak and G ordered some Sizzling Evil Ribs (yes, they do sound pretty scary).

Sizzling evil ribs: half baby back ribs, Korean sweet chili, jalapeño, corn, cheesy sauce.

G loved his plate and I loved mine as well, so this foodventure was a total win. For those of you wondering about the evil ribs,  they were really good. They felt super tender and they’re served in a hot plate (as you can see above) so there’s no questioning on how long they’ve been sitting around. At Jade you always get things cooked at the moment, which I truly love.

What I do have to say is that they’re really really spicy, and I tasted them without any additional hot sauce on top. As you probably already know, G is crazy for spicy food and Francis got him an ‘insanity hot sauce’ that totally honored its name. He put the littlest bit on top of his ribs and he was seriously struggling to eat it all. But he did say he enjoyed the taste so if you’re really into that, don’t forget to ask them for either this or their kimchi.

Then, when we thought we were done with our meal, Lewis surprised us one more time. He brought the most amazing and prettiest dessert I’ve ever seen.

Birthday dessert

Inside it had some green tea ice cream, whipped cream, and bits of something that tasted like French toast right under the ice cream. Plus macaroons and the chocolate covered pretzels you can see on top. Needless to say, it blew my mind.

This guy is a true artist when it comes to creating amazing dishes, and this dessert wasn’t an exception. The combination between the super soft ice cream and the crunchiness of the French toast bits was my absolute favorite, but the macaroons were also great.

I’m out of words.

Conclusion: I had an amazing time both on my birthday and the day after, and to this day I’m still feeling the same whenever I see the pictures. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate an special day just like we did, and I want to thank everyone that took even just 10 seconds of their days to say ‘happy birthday’ to me. I don’t think I’ll forget this one, at least not in a long long time.


Bonus: I went with Suzy (@sooziethefoodie) to Jade Sushi & New Asian on Thursday and I took some great pictures that couldn’t go unnoticed, so I’ll squeeze them in here and share them with you guys! 

TNT roll (front) and Lan-Sanity roll (back)

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)


TL;DR: I had the most amazing birthday at Disney Hollywood Studios, and ate the best dessert at Jade Sushi & New Asian to celebrate on the next day.

Thank you all for reading! And please let me know what other places I can’t miss in Orlando!



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