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Peterbrooke: a chocolate lover’s paradise

If you’re ever near Winter Park, you need to go to Peterbrooke chocolatier. I seriously mean this. You might just enter to take a look around, but once you step a food inside, the smell of chocolate will seduce you and make you want to buy practically everything there is. Fortunately, we had the chance to taste many of their best sellers (special thanks to Jami for this opportunity!) and I’ll be giving you my opinion on each so you know what you absolutely cannot miss. Keep reading for that!

First, some fun facts on this amazing chocolatier: it’s called Peterbrooke because of the founder’s children (Peter + Brooke, how adorable is that?), and their location on Winter Park is their #1 store (another reason to pay them a visit!).

Inside Peterbrooke chocolatier

They make every sweet treat with Swiss chocolate using the founder’s recipe, which differentiates their products from other chocolate goodies you might find. I’m not exaggerating when I say some of these are actually addictive. I promise you won’t be able to stop until you’ve stuffed your face with everything.

Jami and Kevin, the current owners, bought this store in 2009. They met at their previous restaurant jobs, and both have many years of experience in the food industry. But after some years, they wanted something different, so they quit and got this once in a lifetime opportunity and fulfilled Jami’s childhood dream. Now they have their own incredibly successful chocolatier.

They make pretty much everything you can imagine. Even if you’re thinking about something crazy, they probably can do it for you! Also, they do custom orders, labels, decals, even your own custom truffles for an special events. They can work with company’s logos, wedding monograms, or just any image you’d like to have printed in your treats to make your event feel even more special. I promise they didn’t pay me to say all of this, it’s just that I love when stores give you the option to customize your orders and provide your guests with something that you really like.

But hey, I’m talking way too much as usual. Let’s get started on the chocolate treats we had!

Just give me one of each, please!

Small dark turtles: Dark chocolate, caramel, pecans.

When Jami was preparing our goodie bag, she asked me what kind of chocolate was my favorite, and if you know me you already know what I answered: of course it’s dark chocolate!

She still gave us some milk chocolate and white chocolate treats so there’s something for everyone here, and many of these also come in different presentations so you can just get the one that you like the most.

The small dark turtles (pictured above) are little bite-sized treats that mix the richness of the dark chocolate with the sweetness of the caramel, while including some crunchy texture with the walnuts. I think dark chocolate is ideal for these because it creates an interesting contrast with the caramel, making them sweet but not too sweet. These come in a big bag with many little turtles to share, but I’d keep them all to myself! I really enjoyed these 🙂

Chocolate covered oreos (white, milk, and dark chocolate)

Chocolate covered oreos (front), and milk chocolate covered popcorn (back).

These were SO GOOD. I swear I almost ate them all by myself. If you like oreos or have a sweet tooth just like me, these are a must. You can’t leave Peterbrooke chocolatier without a bag of chocolate covered oreos. You’ll thank me later.

I loved them all equally, I just can’t decide on one chocolate type for these! I’m sorry! They’re just for different chocolate moods: the white chocolate ones are obviously the sweetest (and I’m saying this in the best way possible). If you’re a normal person, you can eat one and share the other one with a friend. If you’re like me, you’ll probably eat two in a sitting (and have someone take the rest from you so you don’t eat them all).

The milk chocolate ones are still sweet, but not as sweet as the white chocolate ones. These are pretty traditional when it comes to chocolate covered sweets, but they’re still worth trying!

The dark chocolate ones are definitely different from your regular chocolate treats, and because the dark chocolate has such a rich and characteristic flavor, you’ll find the combination between this and the sweetness of the oreo filling absolutely amazing. If I had to pick just two, I’d go for the extremes: white chocolate and dark chocolate oreos. Just don’t skip these.

Clockwise: milk chocolate covered popcorn, sea salted caramel, dark chili and pistachio bar, chocolate dipped biscoff, chocolate covered oreos, and dark chocolate spiced toffee bar in the center.

Believe it or not, we had more than what’s pictured above, and I still remember the flavors! They were so good! But let’s keep the chocolate reviews coming.

The dark chocolate dipped biscoff (down left corner) were super crunchy on the inside, because they’re basically a chocolate filled with a cinnamon and brown sugar cookie. They’re not the sweetest of the bunch because of the dark chocolate, but if you’re not into really sweet treats, these are probably not for you. They also offer white chocolate and milk chocolate options, so it depends on what you like.

Now let’s go for another favorite: the sea salted caramel (down right corner). If there’s something I love more than just dark chocolate, is the combination between sea salt and dark chocolate. I just find that adding that little touch of sea salt brings out the dark chocolate flavor even more, and what could be better than extra yummy and rich dark chocolate? Nothing! Well, except if you add to this mix some caramel, then you have an absolute winner. I ate one and a half, and that’s because G really really wanted a bite when he saw my face when I first tried them. Conclusion: you need these in your life.

Dark chocolate grahams, and dark chocolate spiced toffee bar (front), chocolate covered oreos and chocolate covered popcorn (back)

Now, there’s probably something that has been catching your attention in the back of my pictures and I’m going to address it now: chocolate covered popcorn is a thing, and it’s and AMAZING THING. I’ll start by being completely honest and say that I was intrigued but also kind of confused when Jami talked to me about this. It’s an all time favorite, everyone loves it. And I was like “huh, popcorn and chocolate? I don’t know about this”, but you know how serious I take my food investigations so I decided to give it a go.

Boy, if you haven’t tried this, you’re missing something great. It sounds super crazy but I promise once you get a big chunk in your mouth, it all makes sense! Also, the sweetness from the chocolate goes great with the saltiness of the popcorn so there’s no way to go wrong. I could have eaten the whole bag in one sitting but thankfully, G stopped me, so we had chocolate covered popcorn for some days, and each one of those days I had a piece of happiness for dessert. Please don’t take my word for this and try it.

Another favorite (I know I’ve had like ten favorites so far but this chocolate is too good!) was the milk chocolate potato chips. Just like with the popcorn, the combination between the milk chocolate and the saltiness of the potato chips is a match made in heaven. G loved these as well. The crunchiness from the potato chips is a plus, and if I had to pick just one between these and the popcorn I’d probably kill myself, I’d go for the chocolate covered potato chips.

Dark chocolate spiced toffee bar (top), dark chocolate graham and milk chocolate graham.

Dark chocolate grahams, and dark chocolate spiced toffee bar.

These just photograph amazingly so you can’t blame me for including them in almost every single shot. But let’s start with the dark chocolate spiced toffee bar: the spicy take is an interesting surprise. We definitely haven’t tried anything similar before. There’s a sweet flavor on the inside and if you’re curious about trying new things, you should get your hands on this. Just keep in mind that it’s spicy and, personally, I wasn’t able to finish the whole bar in one sitting. If you want something spicy but not that spicy, you could just go for the dark chili and pistachio bar. I called this the G chocolate bar because it mixes two of his favorite things (chili and pistachio). The chili definitely kicks in, but it’s not as spicy as the dark chocolate spiced toffee bar.

Finally, the graham crackers are everything you’d expect them to be, and then a little bit more. The graham cracker makes them crunchy, which you might already have figured out is something that I like, and the milk chocolate is super sweet, which I really enjoyed. This is the only time that I liked better the milk chocolate version than the dark chocolate version, but I think it’s amazing to have options for everyone.

Yes, now we’re done. It took me a long time to write this review because I really wanted to get a taste of everything before deciding if I liked it or not. But if you want to know my conclusion: Peterbrooke chocolatier has something for everyone and you definitely need to pay them a visit. I’m sure you’ll find something to try and love, and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Also, since yesterday it was my birthday, I wanted to make this super long chocolate special post today, to give you some ideas on what a chocolate love like myself likes, because I think this could be a great gift for someone you love (G, take note on this!). But yes, these make a great small gift or a complement to a bigger gift for someone special, or a perfect ‘just because’ treat for any day of the week. And I can only imagine what guests would say if you had a big table filled with Peterbrooke customized goodies on your next event, so take note on that.

I hope you enjoyed this foodventure, and please let me know if there are any other chocolate places I need to try ASAP. I’m always in for some chocolate investigation. Also, let me know if you’ve tried any of these and which one was your favorite!

TL; DR: favorites list goes like this: milk chocolate potato chips, chocolate covered popcorn, sea salted caramel, and chocolate covered oreos (white chocolate and dark chocolate are a must). Don’t take my word for these, just go and try them yourself.


Peterbrooke Chocolatier

300 S Park Ave,
Winter Park, FL

+1 (407) 644 3200



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