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I need to start this post by saying something loud and clearI love pizza with all my heart. Seriously, I don’t “really really like pizza” like any other normal human being and let’s not get started on people that don’t like pizza. I seriously love it. If I had to eat something for the rest of my life, I’d probably go for pizza. That’s how much I love it. I just think it’s so versatile! And hello, it’s the perfect mix between carbs and cheese, with things you love on top. What’s not to like?

Anyway, when I saw Anthony’s Thornton Park on Instagram and their profile said “Orlando’s BEST pizza”, I just had to go there and decide that by myself. I wasn’t going to take their word for it, I had to go on a foodventure for pizza investigation purposes.

Anthony’s Thornton Park: Authentic NY style pizza in Orlando

You know the kind of food places that you don’t really catch at first but then you take a second look and bam! There they are? That happened to me here. And it has usually happened before with those small restaurants where food is amazing and people that work there are passionate about what they do, so that’s a great sign, right?

They serve many different things that make this place great for lunch time. You can get subs, soups, salads, even Italian entrees, but we weren’t here for that. We came for their pizza!

As usual, I asked our server what’s her favorite pizza and what’s the one that people order the most: extravaganza and Margherita, in that same order, so we obviously got both. Don’t judge me, we had to try them!

They make their dough from scratch, which is always better, if you ask me.

And hey, if you’re a normal person (and don’t want to order two pizzas), they can make your pizza half and half, which I think is awesome if you want to try more than one but don’t want to commit to a whole pizza. Or you could just do two pizzas half and half and try four.

voted best pizza in Orlando

Margherita (right) and Extravaganza (left)

After waiting for a short time (and believe me when I say that while being hungry), it was time for pizza, wohooo!

We started with the extravaganza because who can resist all those toppings trying to seduce you? This was great pizza, and I’ve tried lots of different pizza places. It was just a tiny bit spicy, but not too much, so that’s something I really enjoyed.

When you read all the ingredients, you can totally tell they’re not exaggerating with the ‘extravaganza’ name, but I think you can’t go wrong with meat toppings, mushrooms and extra cheese. Really, the extra cheese was just what my heart needed.

They can also make it a deep dish Sicilian for you, if that’s something that might catch your attention. We believe that all pizza types are beautiful, but NY style is the way to go for these pizza specialists.

Extravaganza: Pepperoni, sausage, sliced meatballs, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and extra cheese.

Extra cheese is real

Now for the Margherita, I don’t know if it was the simplicity of the ingredients, the fact that they were all fresh, or that they put something in it to make me addicted to it, but this one was my definite favorite. No wonder people love it so much. When you visit them, make sure to try this, I promise you won’t regret it.

The tomato gives it a really fresh flavor that truly complements the cheese base, and of course the garlic brings everything together to perfection. Words just aren’t enough, you have to go and grab a slice, or a whole pizza.

Margherita: Mozzarella, plum tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh garlic.

If I got you in the mood for some yummy NY style pizza, they do take out and their wait time is not too long, so it’s definitely worth it. Their prices are also really great, you can get a 16″ Margherita for $16.99 which is not bad at all, or you could do half and half to try two different pizzas, and I bet you wouldn’t spend much.

Don’t take my word for granted and go try it yourself. It is that good.

And I’m not the only one saying this. They actually have a wall full of awards from food critics, magazines and different ‘committees’ that voted this as Orlando’s best pizza. Some of them are a “Best pizza” award from Local Eats (2016), and “Excellence in customer satisfaction” from The Talk Awards (2016). Most of them are “best of Orlando” kind of awards, which is nice. But hey, you can go and decide if they’ll be awarded “best pizza” in your heart, because in the end that’s all that matters.

We really liked it. I’ll definitely be coming back for more (still have my eye in a pesto pizza I saw on the menu), and you should grab a slice and tell me your thoughts.

TL;DR: they do serve amazing and authentic NY style pizza. Margherita is a must. And if you want to try more than one, just order half and half!


Are there any other pizza places you think I should try? I’m always excited for some pizza investigation! Please let me know in the comments or contact me on Instagram (@michellelovestoeat), I’m always posting pictures of yummy food over there!

See you this weekend for an easy recipe that I do on a weekly basis. Stay tuned 😉


Anthony’s Thornton Park

100 N Summerlin Ave,
Orlando, FL

+1 (407) 648 0009


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